mango sorbet a healthy dessert. here it is with a twist here are the ingredients we need. ingredients & quantities are listed in the description box 200 grams of cubed mango pulp. the cubes have been frozen overnight in the freezer place the mango cubes in a tray without touching each other so that it is easier to blend them later condensed milk, you may increase or decrease the amount as needed lemon juice mint leaves add the frozen mango pieces, condensed milk & mint leaves to a blender jar. roughly tear the mint leaves blend till half done then add the lemon juice & blend till the mixture is smooth the mixture is nice & smooth now. transfer to an airtight container roughly level it and freeze it till it is soft set, about 4 – 5 hours the mango sorbet is ready to be served scoop out and serve do try this and share your feedback. if you like the recipe please share the video & subscribe to our channel. thank you for watching