– [Voiceover] Previously,
on Escape the Night. To recover the second artifact, we had to commune with the dead. – I am here. – [Voiceover] Unearth a coffin and bury one of the group alive. – I’ve had enough of this. – What’ll we do now? – It won’t be much
longer, children. I promise. I am a perfectionist Henry,
of the most sincere type. And what I’m doing
tonight will make this ugly world a little more
refined and dignified. Oh they are so lovely. It is hard to imagine that
they could be improved upon. But I will try. Ugh. This is how a perfect
act can last forever. – Your heart holds no equal. – You should see what I’ve done with the decorations upstairs. (suspenseful music) – Guys, I mean, we’ve
just killed Justine. We buried her alive. – We buried Justine,
but you were acting like you were just so
sad and I just don’t believe that you
were really so sad. I didn’t buy the
act at all Joey. – You didn’t buy the act? – No not at all you were,
aw, you know, this my friend. – She was my friend. – I don’t believe that. I don’t believe it at all. – You know my intuition
now is telling me that Joey has got
to be in on this. – What is wrong with you? – What is wrong with you? – We can argue about
this as much as possible and accuse
everyone but– – No I’m just
accusing him, Joey. – Why are you accusing me? – No words from
you Joey, I don’t want to hear anything from you. – She’s being so– – Dat dat dat da. – [Matthew] Can we just
figure out the box? – Okay, let’s
figure out the box. – We have killed so
many people already. – Technically we’ve
only killed two. – Well, there’s three dead. I just buried one of my friends
alive in his grave and now we have really nothing to show for it except for
this black box. My only question is what
is going on in here? – I have no idea. – It’s just a piece of wood. Literally nothing in it. – I’ve gone through
so much tonight. I just want to smash something. I want to get my
anger out so I pick this block up, smash
it on the table. – [Glozell] Oh, oh my god. – [Oli] Inside the cube was
this paper that said idle. – [Joey] Idle? – [Oli] Idle? – Idle? – [Glozell] Idol? Like a singing competition. I Justine is gone. – No, that’s I-D-O-L,
this is I-D-L-E. – Oh. – So, maybe we need to
turn something off of idle? – Is there letters on the– – Well maybe we need to turn it back on so it’s up and running. It might be idle right now. – Or maybe they’re
just letters to a code. – Let’s just kill somebody. – All right. I still think this peacock
flower is gonna come in handy. – [Joey] Wait wait wait
wait wait wait wait. – What is this, mean anything? – [Woman on left] Letters become numbers and numbers,
that’s weird. – I’m not really
sure what this means. – [Glozell] Letters
become numbers and numbers become letters. – The time is stopped
because it’s idle. The time is idle. – Joey you are a genius. – Or he could be the demon. – Or he knew. – There are so many
knobs, what are those? – [Glozell] Can you put
each hand on a letter? – The clock itself
actually had four hands. So that meant
I-D-L-E, four letters, clock four hands, and it
clicks all of a sudden. Well let’s count
it in the alphabet. What’s, I is? A b c d e f g h i, I is nine. – Yeah and we have four hands. – So set it to that time. D is four, and then L is
twelve, and then E is five. So four and five. – Oh what did you do? – [Glozell] Oh lord I
think I peed on myself. – [Matthew] We need a key now? – We’re looking at this
keyhole but no one has a key. So where is this key? – [Sierra] What’s on the ground? Did something fall? What’s that? – Staircase. – We should go out
there and look. – Yeah let’s go look right now
and see if there is anything
different. – [Tim] Hey wait
wait wait, Sierra. – [Sierra] What? – [Tim] Look, what’s that. – And all of a
sudden Tim grabs me. And I’m like, Tim what are
you doing, don’t talk to me. Like, why are you
talking to me Tim? – I don’t know if
I’m tripping or not, but I feel like I
see a car outside. Look, look right there. There’s a car right there. All I’m thinking is, here’s
my chance to get out of here. Maybe we should check it out. – I don’t think we
should separate. It’s never a good idea to
separate, I’m just saying. – I mean, let’s let
them look for the key and then we just go
check it out real quick. – So the group kind of
breaks off and then Tim kind of lures me
outside, kind of sketchy. – Let’s go check it out. – [Sierra] I don’t
know why he chose me. Ugh, god. – I’m still a little paranoid so I grab Sierra to come with me. I trust Sierra and
she’s kinda cute. – We have this
photo of the foyer so we went out to the foyer and we compared what the photo was
and how it actually looked. – [Matthew] Come on, can I
see the picture real quickly? – Maybe we can feel for like,
trap doors of something. – [Lele] It’s so black. I mean, why is this? – I couldn’t see
anything, but Joey did. – [Joey] I’ve been looking
at it long and hard. – [Lele] There’s no, oh my god. – And inside was the key. – He must know more
than what he’s leading on to. – [Eva] I’m scared, I
don’t want to do this. – [in unison] Oh no, oh my gosh. – What the hell? – There’s a secret room? I can’t believe that I’m
actually looking into a room that I had no idea
existed previously and I’ve been in
this room all night. – [Glozell] Aha, oh oh. – Oh my god. – Sketchy mannequins. Sketchy mannequins everywhere. – [Matthew] What
happened to Tim? – [Joey] What? – [Glozell] Tim? Tim is with that
other chick, Sierra. – First it was Shane
and Ava wondering off and now Sierra and Tim. What are they doing? Are they with the evil? – I just feel like
maybe, maybe– – Don’t get too close
it might explode. – What if this is like the key
to getting us home right now? Oh shit. – It’s locked, are
you kidding me? – Oh, okay here we go. – [Sierra] Open it, open it. What the hell. Do we get in? Like, we can’t leave them. – Do you really like them? – I like some of them. – Here just get in,
just get in real quick. – Ow, my crown. – Be careful, careful. – [Matthew] We
have another clue. My dear employer, how grateful I am for your generosity
in seeking out my work. This place is
almost complete and I will be calling
it dinner for five. I’m sure with some
careful examination you will see how to
finalize the details. – Whoever this Calvin guy
is, he’s sick in the head. – Obviously he’s got
time on his hands. – The need inside me requires
that I feed it regularly. Do we have to feed
the mannequins? – It says something
inside right? Do you think that
something is in here? – [Joey] You could
give it a peek. – [Oli] Yes. – [Joey] Ew, what is that. – [Matthew] . Good idea. Is that a thumb? – [Eva] Ew, Oli– – Ugh. – Yeah, I’m never gonna
eat cherry pie again. – Is it a mannequin
thumb or a human thumb? – [Oli] It’s a
mannequin’s thumb. – [Ava] Is he missing a thumb? – Is he missing a thumb? – [Ava] Check his
hand, I bet he is. – [Oli] No he’s not. – [Matthew] Maybe
it’s not a thumb. – Or a toe, a toe. – [Oli] A big toe. – [Ava] A toe. – [Matthew] Take the shoes off. – [Lele] No I’m not taking, no. – Is there like a
symbol here somewhere? Or uh, glove compartment.
– [Sierra] Glove compartment. Wait. – [Tim] Oh. – Slow down, wait. – Oh it’s the symbol. – Wait, what does this mean? – Wait, what is all this stuff? – [Sierra] What is all this? – [Tim] Who is this guy? He’s creepy looking. – We find a note
that says slow down. – [Tim] Slow down. – [Sierra] Oh my god. – [Tim] What does that mean? – [Sierra] I don’t know. Slow down? – I’m thinking slow
down, in a car, I start pumping the brakes. That doesn’t work. But I’m reaching around
down there and I find a key. – [Sierra] Oh my god. – [Tim] Yo. – [Sierra] I don’t
think it’s gonna work. – It has to, it’s
part of the clue. Well maybe there’s
a clue in the trunk. – I’m scared, I don’t
want to look in the trunk. – I found it,
found it, found it. I thought my wife
was a saint and then Calvin showed me
the hole in her soul before I pried a
lung from her chest. – Oh my goodness. Inside the mom’s chesticles
there is a hole and a note. Like, who does that? This Calvin guy is
demented and sick. I hope I never meet him. – Mothers should know
what’s in a child’s head. Then he cut one open to show me. I can never look at
my children again. – Take her hair off. Okay wait, repeat it again. – Wait, this is open. Was this always open? – [Lele] No. – [Oli] Look inside. – [Joey] There’s a picture. – [Ava] Oh no, a family maybe? – [Glozell] Let me see. – [Joey] There’s five there. – [Lele] It’s a girl. – Then where is she? – Oh my god. – Oh, whoa, shit. – [Sierra] Is that
actually the girl? – [Tim] No. It’s like, a mannequin lady. All right. We should tell the others. I’m gonna grab her. – [Sierra] What? Why? – So they believe us. – Oh my god, are you serious? – [Tim] Yeah. – We’re at a dead end. We have no other clues. And then Tim and
Sierra come running in and there it is. There is the fifth mannequin
that we’re missing. – [Tim] We found
some crazy shit. – [Oli] Yeah we found
some crazy shit. – We’ve been looking
for the girl. – She was tied up
in the car outside. – So the note says, all my
life I wanted to go to a dance. Nothing fancy, I just
wanted a boy to ask me. Then Calvin came along. Only it turns out dancing isn’t
what he had in mind at all. – Okay, Calvin is some sort of psychopath who set
this whole room up. That’s who Calvin is. Okay, so wait, what
do we have to do? – We realized, like
we need to put her at the dinner table so
that we can complete Calvin’s vision and have
the dinner for five. – Everyone at the dinner table
is in the wrong position. So we start to move them
into the right position. – She looks like The
Grudge or something. – [Matthew] Wait,
what’s on her face. – [Joey] Look at here
she’s, oh my god, no. – All right, let’s focus up. Do we have the picture correct? – [Sierra] It’s right. – [Matthew] Is it in
the correct order? – Another clue, guys. My employer, I have hidden
the artifact given to me as you requested in my new art installation on
the second floor. I’m afraid it can
only be experienced with two guests
selected by a vote. They should be prepared to play. – Perverse games. – I mean, everything’s
already been perverted and twisted
so I’m think that it’s going to a whole ‘nother
level of gross and sickening. – Every time we vote
something bad happens, man. – [Glozell] And we finally
got dessert with a toe in it. – Ladies and gentlemen,
we’ve decided to put it to a vote to see who will go upstairs and
play a perverse game. – I’m thinking of like,
the most perverted person I can think of and
I’m like, Lele. – I don’t mind perverse games. I don’t mind them. – Are these games gonna be fun? – [Matthew] Four
guys, four girls. – [Sierra] Wait, what? – [Oli] I’m gonna stay here. – Matt has been acting strange. – Lele is killing people off. She needs to go away. – I am down. – Everyone is putting Lele in
to play the perverse games. Maybe I should put myself
in so I can play with Lele and like, because she’s hot. – I don’t trust her. I know she doesn’t trust
me, but she needs to go. – They’re talking crap
about us right now. – [Oli] Ava do some
detective work. – She got, what she
got coming to her. She’s got Ava over here trying
to sneak around with it. – She’s gonna fall behind. Let’s go, knuckle bumps. – Lele. You may go first. – Matt. – Ooh. – [Matthew] That’s fine. – I hope that you’re
still not thinking– – It’s your house. You have to know
what your servants– – Remember what I said? – Who you getting loud with? – Because I’ve already told
you I don’t own this house. Glozell keeps coming
at me with this accusation that I have something to do with everything
that’s going on and I’m honestly getting
sick and tired of it. Just to squash this right now, do you all blame me for
everything that’s going on? – [Glozell] Yes.
– [Matthew] No, not a chance. – So it’s just you? You’re the only that thinks
that I am at fault for all this. – Glozell is acting like
she knows something. And when a soulful woman knows something, she
probably is right. – Joey, it’s your turn. – You better not write my name. – Well, somebody is working
with the evil, I think it’s her. I’ve said it from the start. – You know I can’t
wait to see you die. – I understand. – It’s Joey. – What? – Oh my god. – Who put me in there? – Ahh, sorry boo. – Lele. – What? Again? – Then all I can
do is hope that she is the one that dies
throughout this process. – Joey and Lele, if I can
have you both come with me. – [Matthew] Good luck Joey. – [Glozell] Bye Lele. – [Butler] Please come this way. – [Oli] Who voted for Joey? – Oh my god, it
was her wasn’t it? – [Glozell] I voted for Joey. – Have fun. – What the? – I’m expecting, you
know, male strippers and I come in and it’s
just these mannequins. Not even alive and I don’t
have to talk to them. I don’t know, it’s just weird. – Wait, there’s a
clue right here. – [in unison] Start
the part with a spin – [Joey] of the bottle, and swap spit with your plastic friends. Kiss them enough and
you will get a number – [in unison] from
under the door. – I think we’re about to
have orgy, with mannequins. – The last time I played
spin the bottle was when I was like,
eighth grade and we wanted to get our
first kiss over with. All right. So you have to kiss her? – You have to kiss her. – I have to kiss her. So I turned lesbian, basically. And I just started making
out with this girl. I have to like, tongue kiss it? – Give her a good old kiss. – Okay, okay, okay. – Lele is just
like, going for it. Oh my god. Okay, okay, all
right, all right. – It’s literally the first time
making out with a mannequin. But I think I’m
pretty good at it. – Ah. – No yeah, I’m not
a mannequin though. – Okay. – Did it say that it
has to be a mannequin? – I don’t know. – Yeah, it said that. – Okay. – Do you want me to read it? – Someone doesn’t
want to kiss me. – No I, I’m just saying
that it said a mannequin. – Oh sure, okay. – No I’m not kidding. – That’s fine I’ll spin again. Okay fine, I’ll kiss her. That was very nice. – [in unison] Four. – What does that mean? – [Lele] I don’t know. – If we wanna get out of here, we want to get another artifact, the one person we should
sacrifice is Lele. – You just don’t like her. I’ll be surprised if
she doesn’t come back. I’ll be really shocked. – Or maybe he likes her. – Yeah, the Stockholm. – One of you move to the bed and complete the menage a trois. Count to ten while
giving it all you can. – [Lele] What is menage a trois? – A threesome. – Okay, good luck. – That’s all you girl. Take your coat off. Come on, you need
to get into it. – Joey is enjoying
this too much. – Aw. – I literally tried to avoid
being with both of them so I just like, started
touching the boy mannequin and then just started making
out with the girl mannequin. It was just really weird. – Five, six, seven,
eight, nine, ten. Okay. Number seven. – Yes. Okay, now you’re next. – It’s his house. He had to know what’s going on. So I picked him. Sorry. – It seems odd. Like, why would
you invite a bunch of people over
here if you didn’t know anything about the house? – I’ve heard it’s true. – So it’s like, he’s not dying. Maybe he’s just
getting, like you know, hit with some ghost dicks. – What? – The next one is then
find the lone woman leaning on the chair who could
use some help from behind. Bang away until, no. No. So, uh, the last
thing is I have to get behind a mannequin
and basically, uh. Woo-hoo. Yeah, all righty cowboy. How long do I have
to do this for? – Until the final
number appears. – [Joey] Come on. – I’ll wait. – Okay, woo. Yeah. – Joey is going for it. He’s just banging the girl
I guess as if he was never gay. – Okay, knock knock, thank god. – Two. – Wait is that a lock? Oh there’s a lock here. Which one did we get first? – [Lele] Four, seven, two. – Four, seven, two, okay. Okay. What is in there? What is this? This is a murder journal. The person’s name you
write on the next page will die in a horrible death. What? Now I’m just like,
freaking out because Lele and I have to decide
who’s gonna die next. – I know you’re
friends with Matt, but I honestly think
Matt should die. – But he helps us. – He wants me dead, okay. Okay this is about survival. He wants me dead. So either way he
wants me dead and he’s gonna do whatever he
needs to get me dead. – Okay, listen. After this I feel
like we’re so bonded I will vouch for you
that you’re good. And I’ll make sure that
Matt never votes for you. – All right, all right. You know what, I’m not gonna
have blood on my hands. – You know who I think? – [Lele] Wait, who? – Glozell. – Glozell? – [Joey] Yeah. – Why? – I bet you she’s the one
who put me in this room. She wants me dead. – Let’s spin the
bottle and whichever gets it we will
just put that name– – No, I don’t want to. Lele really wants to
write Matt’s name down but I have to take it
into my own hands, so. I’m sorry I’m
putting Glozell down. – Well it is your house, so. – It’s not my house. Oh god. It was either her or me. – She wouldn’t even
let me play the game. And guess what? We didn’t get the
key, Shane got it. – [Ava] Oh no, oh no. Ah, no, no, oh my god. – Oh my god. – [Lele] Oh my god. – [Tim] Glozell are you okay? – [Oli] I need help. – [Ava] Oh my god. – She’s twerk dying. – I don’t want them to know that we put her name in the book. – Just say that we
unlocked something and then it just said that
one of them was gonna die. – [Ava] Oh no, she’s dead. – Oh my god, holy crap. Yes, it’s another artifiact. – [Lele] Okay. – Are you okay? She’s dead. – Now don’t say anything. – I won’t say anything. – Promise? – I know. – You guys, Glozell’s died. – It was exactly like
happened with Shane. She choked. – [Matthew] But longer. – I have no idea why Glozell
is dead and they are alive. You guys have the artifact. – We got the artifact. – [Sierra] What happened? – Wait, what happened upstairs with the perverse games,
what did you guys do? – There was mannequins. We had to do things
that I don’t– – [Lele] Yeah, it
was perverted, so. – No look, they got
another artifact so someone else had to die. – It’s my party and I can
kill whoever I want to. – You went upstairs and
your name was called because Glozell put you
up there, so Glozell died. – She put my name in there? – [Ava] Yes. – That is very true. – All I’m saying is,
Glozell voted for you– – [Lele] We were playing
spin the bottle and kissing mannequins so I don’t think
we were focusing on who– – Exactly. – [Lele] we wanted to kill. – Listen I, to be
honest with you, I don’t want to
hear anything that you have to say because every
single time that you’re– – Matt, no she’s good. – Every single time that
she goes to play a game or goes in the hat
she doesn’t die. This implicates so much
of what I’ve already been trying to explain
to everybody else. Lele has everything to do with all the deaths that’s
going on in this house. She’s working with
the evil spirit. – Okay you know
what, let’s just, you know what, it’s
the truth, okay. We thought, Joey wanted
her to die, and that’s it. – Lele. – It’s the truth. I can’t say anything
because you know what, I’m tired of him
blaming it on me. – [Matthew] You voted for her? – We had to vote for
someone, so anyone. Everybody, I don’t
know who would die. – But you don’t understand the conversation that we
had out in the foyer. – No, listen. There was a journal, a
death journal upstairs and whatever name we
put in the journal died. – What? – Glozell was going in at Joey and now Joey’s killed Glozell. Why? – Yeah, definitely have
my eye on Joey right now. – So you went up there with
Joey and got here killed. – Actually it was
either you or her. And he saved you. – [Tim] Oh, okay. – He saved you so
shut up and sit down. – Well in that
case, thanks guys. – Let’s just take the artifact, let’s bring it over there, and let’s get the hell out of here. – So it sucks
Glozell is dead but at least we have
our third artifact. One step closer to
getting home to my cat. – Only one artifact left. (deep roar) – [in unison] What was that? – [Ava] It sounded
like an animal. – The evil of this house knows someone is trying
to imprison it. It’s unleashed its guardian to make sure that doesn’t happen. – What guardian?