Hi, I’m Xanthe Clay, and I’m going to show you
how to make a Mars Bar Cake with only three ingredients:
Mars bars, eggs, and flour. Here’s how you do it. Put all but two of those Mars bars
into a microwave-proof bowl, and microwave them for about a minute
in 20-second bursts until their more or less melted and then give them a stir
to complete the process. Beat in the eggs and the flour,
give it some whirling to get rid of as many lumps as possible. Take a 20-centimeter round tin and line it with baking parchment and scrape that mixture into the tin. Pop it in the oven
at 180 degrees centigrade, that’s 160 fahren for about 35 minutes until it’s springy to the touch. Melt the last two Mars bars
and spread them over the top to make your icing. So that’s a chocolaty,
malty Mars bar cake with just three ingredients. And you can double the quantities
to make a super-impressive celebration layer cake.