[Music]>>Mary: Well it’s a shoot of cook up a feast
and a paperback. And we’ve made an enormous meringue that’s
in the book, lots of layers of strawberries and raspberries and it’s been fun.>>Lucy: It’s been great fun.>>Mary: We’ve just got the top to put on. We couldn’t really put the top on because
it would cover our faces in the picture. [Laughter]>>Mary: And also I had the brilliant idea
of getting a book and putting it in the floor so that I’m not so short. So there you are.>>Lucy: She’s a little shrimp>>Mary: So if you notice on the cover I’m
a little bit taller because I’m standing on a book.>>Lucy: It’s for people at home that want
to entertain. Not fancy entertaining just they want to have
friends over or family over and they think actually you know, there’s 15 of us at the
weekend or something. We’re all going to be sitting on the stairs,
sitting on the sofa but we need food that’s going to, you now, appeal to everyone from
different ages. And so, in the book we try to cover all of
that kind of food that’s for parties as well as for a smart dinner party or just a lasagne,
family at home.>>Mary: Kitchen supper>>Lucy: Kitchen supper.>>Mary: Many books are just done in seasons,
and things like that. We always do books as your brain thinks, what
are we having as the first course, and the next course and the next course and so forth. We try and do everything logically, and also
we do a lot of things that are for the family, you know, that everyone is going to like. Not just the grown-ups. [Music]>>Mary: When we’re writing a book we like
to think that we’re holding the hand of the person who’s reading it and just telling them
when it gets to a tricky bit how to do it and I think we given even more detail now.>>Lucy: It’s all about tips now isn’t it?>>Mary: Tips and hints and variations and
also, we don’t use many ingredients. You know, the chefs often use many ingredients
that you’ve got to go out specially to get so we try and use the same ingredients again
with a little bit of a twist.>>Lucy: We don’t order anything in specially. If we can’t get it in the supermarket we don’t
put it in. Everyone can relate to the recipes, they’re
all very very foolproof, we hope because we’ve given as much information as we can and all
the ingredients are out there.>>Mary: The book’s different because we have
done recipes for six and recipes for twelve because when you start to step up and you’re
having a party you’re a bit nervous, you don’t do it correctly and it isn’t a help. So on one side of the page we’ve got six and
on the other side we’ve got twelve. I think that helps when you’re cooking up
a feast. [Music]