Hey there! I’m Christina from the blog
Dessert For Two. I make dessert recipes that serve just two people. Cakes,
cupcakes, cookies, everything serves just two. How do I make a pie that serves just
two people? I’ll show you today. I scale down a basic pie crust recipe and I bake
them in these little mini mason jar lids. They’re so cute and portable I can’t get
enough of them. Let’s get started. First, we’re gonna start with my favorite
all butter pie crust recipe. I have this recipe memorized, it never lets me down,
but the technique is just as important as the ingredient list, so I’m really
excited to be able to show you my technique today. In this bowl I have 3/4
a cup of flour, I’m adding 1/4 teaspoon of kosher salt. Just mix those together
really quick and then I’m using cold butter this is right out of the fridge,
keep it cold that’s crucial. I need 3 tablespoons today. Once you cut it off
your stick you want to cut the 3 tablespoons into about 12 pieces, you
want little butter cubes going all through your dough. Okay, now we need to
incorporate the butter into the flour. Some people do this with a pastry
blender or two knives. I like to use my fingers I think it’s the most efficient
way to do it. The way you want to incorporate the butter is like you’re
making the “pay up” sign in a gangster movie. You want to squish the butter
between your fingertips. You’re gonna smear it all throughout the
flour. This is a little bit of a process, it’s gonna take you a few minutes, but
just relax and enjoy it, you’re making pie crust, it’s fun. I’ll show you what it
looks like when we’re done, it’s gonna start to clump together on its own and
the flour is gonna have a little bit of a yellow color from all of the butter. Okay
we’re there. The mixture is starting to clump together on its own, that’s what
you’re looking for. Next we need to add the water and the vinegar. The vinegar is
for tenderness it relaxes the gluten and the wheat flour. I just add a quarter
teaspoon of vinegar, this is apple cider vinegar, and then now, it’s time for the
water. So this pie crust recipe calls for two to three tablespoons of water. Always
start out on the lowest level start with two tablespoons, stir it together, if
there’s any dry patches, if there’s dry flour at the bottom of
the bowl, go ahead and increase it to three tablespoons. It really just depends
on the type of flour that you’re using and it also depends on the weather, if
it’s a really humid day you might not need the water.
Some days I need it some days I don’t. I am gonna add it today because there’s
some dry clumps at the bottom, so this is three tablespoons of water. All right
once this dough comes together, you want to wrap it in plastic wrap, press it flat
into a disc, and store it in the fridge for at least thirty minutes to relax the
dough before you proceed. Now I’m going to mix up the fruit
filling for these pies. Today I’m using peaches, but you could really use
whatever fruit you would like to use. If you’re gonna use something really juicy
like strawberries just amp up the flour a little bit. This is one large peach
that should be good for two little mini pies. To this I’m gonna add some spices.
I’m gonna do a quarter teaspoon of cinnamon, and a quarter teaspoon of
ground ginger. So we need to sweeten it up just a little bit, I’m gonna do that
by adding a tablespoon of regular granulated sugar. Now as a thickener
while the peaches bake in the oven, we need a little bit of flour, two teaspoons
should be perfect. The last thing you’re gonna add is a
teaspoon of lemon juice. Squeeze it cut side up to leave out all the seeds.
Perfect. So just stir this together and set it aside while we roll out our pie
crust. So this is my pie crust after it chilled for 30 minutes in the fridge. I’m
gonna roll it out. First sprinkle your surface pretty liberally with flour. Sprinkle the top too, and then roll. You
want to roll this out to be about enough room for four mason jar lids, because
we’re doing double crust pies. That looks about the right size I have
enough room to do four of these, even though we’re only making two little
mason jar lids. So the first thing you want to do is flip this upside down. You
want the rubber ring down when you’re baking the pies, so it touches only the
metal. So use this as a guide for how big to cut out your pie crust. Cut about a
half-inch around and do it twice for each pie crust. Put your lid back in. Just be gentle, don’t overstretch pie crust.
When you stretch it, it will always shrink back, so it’s better to be a
little generous and roll it a little too big than too small. All right now it’s
time to fill with the peach filling. Just divide this between both pies. Cut out little circles for the top of
your mason jars. Drape it gently over the top and then
you want to pinch the bottom and the top pie crust together. Go all the way around
the edges, just make sure you get a good seal. We’re gonna cut a slit in the top
so some juices escape, but we don’t want the juices escaping from the sides. Okay
cut a little slit in the top just to give the steam somewhere to go. Finally
before baking we need to brush these with something so
that they get that characteristic shiny, brown, beautiful crust. In my free time
I’ve experimented a lot with pie crust toppings. Egg yolk is the only way to go.
Cream is useless, as is milk. Egg white will eventually brown but only at
temperatures above 400 degrees. So, I pretty much use egg yolk, and if you make
a lot of desserts for two, you have leftover portions of egg all the time. Before you slide it into the oven you
can sprinkle it with this sparkling sanding sugar. It’s totally optional, I
just think it’s really pretty so I always like to do it. I’ve preheated my oven to 400 degrees
and these are gonna bake for about 35 to 37 minutes. You’re gonna know they’re
done when the top is nice and golden brown and some of the fruit is bubbling
out of the little slit that you made. Whenever you’re ready to serve, you need
to pop them out of the mason jar ring. All you have to do is push up and they
come right out. See aren’t they cute?! Let’s cut into one. Get all that peach filling with all the
spices. If you’re eating these right out of the oven, be careful they’re pretty
hot, but I can’t resist I’m gonna take a bite. Mmm, these are so good, I love this
recipe because I get to eat an entire pie all to myself!