hey guys and welcome to the family fudge
today I’m sharing my huge back to school haul now I love back-to-school season
and I especially love the prices so when I can find them low I definitely stock
up this year I had three students to buy for us we really needed a lot of stuff
so stay tuned and I will share it all with you now for this school year I’m going to
have a third grader a kindergartner a preschooler and then of course there’s
the baby and we sort of have a different homeschool setup because we belong to a
homeschool Charter so that means four days out of the week the kids are at
home with me and one day they get to attend a sort of more traditional school
setting so hopefully you’re getting the best of both worlds
but that also means I need some of the supplies at home and some they’re going
to take with them to the school and of course I was trying to be budget minded
when gathering all of these supplies I’m hoping that all of these things will
last most of the year if not the whole year we’ll see but because I one of the
best price I shopped around most of these things came from the Dollar Tree
some came from Target some from Walmart and a few things from Costco so here’s
what we got okay guys so I’m going to start with everything from the Dollar
Tree first because most of my things came from there and I have to say I’m
really loving all the bright colors that were available all of these things will
be color coded for my kids things that are pink will belong to
Mackenzie things that are purple will be for Lilly and things that are orange
will be for Jackson I also picked up the green because I really like the green
and it gives us one extra of everything just in case we lose something or
something breaks we have a spare that any of the kids can use first up I have
these guys this is a notebook three-hole punch and it also has a ruler and what I
really like is it actually collects all the little bits of paper in the back
here the hopefully they will be all over my house next up I have our mini
staplers of course I have one in each color one for each child plus a spare
and I really like these mini ones because not only are they just a dollar
but it comes with five hundred staples and hopefully they’ll be leaving my
stapler alone and then we have these guys this is basically like a brightly
colored contact paper so you can use it for covering books or lunchboxes
just like a big sticker I’ve got one of each of these colors and then we have
the index cards I used to use index cards all the time
when I was studying so I definitely wanted to pick up one for Mackenzie and
one for Jackson and I decided to get one for Lily and then it’s there and then
these cute guys I couldn’t resist these are tough oh sharpeners I just
love the happy little face so each child will have their own plus a couple of
spares next up we have the pencil pouches of course I have one of each of
our favorite colors and these are really well made I don’t think they’re going to
fall apart at all and I like what they’re clear so you can tell what’s
inside I also picked up some collapsible storage containers but unfortunately the
store did not have orange so maybe the next couple of days I can go back and
pick up an orange one and I really like these on a bookshelf to corral all kinds
of supplies I also picked up two packages of portfolios now each one of
these packages comes with four and each comes of two colors so this one has our
dreams and our orange and then this one has the purple and the
peak and I really like these ones because it has the three prongs which is
really important to keep your papers inside I also picked up two packages of
these index dividers these ones actually includes the insert right there you can
just write whatever subject and flip it right in next up I have some jumbo
pencil pouches now unlike the other ones these ones are much larger and they do
not have holes so they can’t go in a binder but I like the size they feel
really sturdy unfortunately they did not have an orange but I like to use these
for things like flashcards or math manipulatives like little pieces of
things are perfect in these big bags and are really good for road trips as well
for like a busy bag next we have the binders a lot of binders I picked up
three purple three orange three pink and three green and also four of the white
now these colored ones honestly aren’t the best quality and I’m not sure that
they’re going to last more than a year they do have a pocket in
side here is not a pocket in the front but they do sell these guys and these
are adhesive labels for your binders you can actually slip in a little paper so
you can put the name on the binder or the subject that way now the clear ones
do actually have this front pocket and I picked up four white ones to put things
like manuals and do the things like that so these would be more for the teacher
now I went ahead and got each child three because two are going to hold
subjects and one I’m going to turn into their portfolio which is where we’re
going to store the work that we have to turn into our charter school I also
picked up a package of labels this comes with fifty and of course it has all of
our favorite colors next I picked up an eight pack of the glue sticks and I
really like that now you’re getting eight instead of four but I have to say
I’ve never tried it Dollar Tree glue before so hopefully it’ll work and then
I picked up another package of the Jumbo kid tweezers I think up to last time
because my store only had two but I definitely wanted a third pair because I
have three kids that want to use them or you know it’s always nice to have a
spare and then we have these guys I love their word strips from the Dollar Tree
this one is adjectives and nouns adverbs and verbs and I will actually cut these
in half and laminate them and hopefully they’ll last a lot longer that way oh I
forgot one this one is synonyms next up are the stickers I was really impressed
to find these at my Dollar Tree because these are very similar to ones that you
would find at Michaels for planners look at these you guys they are so cute this
one’s like a washi tape almost so we have this one that sort of owls and
alphabets this one is alphabet
and sort of more primary colors oh yeah very similar to what you’d find at
Michael’s for your players and then this one we have the letters and treats as
hope strawberry one isn’t that pretty I love that for just a dollar and I also
have a package of princess stickers troll stickers this one is sort of outer
space beings and then kitties and puppies now my kids love stickers some
of these will go on their binders to decorate them up and others all save for
rewards now all the things from Walmart I love Walmart’s back-to-school sales
especially for their markers and crayons you cannot beat the price I picked up
some sidewalk chalk for packages of the washable markers these are only 50 cents
a box so I got four hopefully the last all year I got four box of crayons these
are only 25 cents I have Q packages of the colored pencils these will be for my
older kids now sometimes I do like to buy the name brand while other times I
think the store brand or the generic brand are just fine and then we have a
ton of pencils I really like these pre sharpened Ticonderoga pencils they are
definitely my favorite and then this year we’re trying out mechanical pencils
for their first time I’ve never given me to the kids before hopefully and they’ll
do okay with them otherwise they’re going to be all mine and then for my
preschooler I picked up two packages of the larger pencils see they’re perfect
beginner pencils much easier for little hands to hold next up is more glue I
really like the giant sticks of glue I think it’s much faster to spread on a
piece of paper and you’ll notice I didn’t get any liquid glue because we
literally have like nine gallons of liquid glue left over from when we were
making slime and we have my favorite crayons I got four of these sauces
because they were on sale which is about three dollars a box and these are
actually twistable crayons and I like these
because they don’t break as much as the smaller ones the kids can’t roll off the
paper there’s no paper on these and these are actually self sharpening so
these are a little bit more expensive but I really like these better than
these guys so I’ll probably give these ones to Mackenzie and Jackson and I’ll
let Lily have these ones okay just a few more things from Walmart I picked up a
package of the pencil top erasers we go through a lot of erasers in this house
and then I picked up scissors Mackenzie chose these ones it’s kind of
like a waffle on an ice cream with sprinkles so they’re super cute Jackson
picked out these plain red ones but you know what these ones are only 50 Cent’s
I think this one was more like $2 and then these ones I got for Lilly and now
it is a few things from Costco I got this huge pack of construction paper it
comes with 12 different colors a total of 684 sheets that’s a lot of
paper so this is going to last a long time and it was less than $10 and then
we have these guys these are project boxes and it came in a pack of five for
less than $14 which is a really good deal I love these for school projects
and different activities that the kids work on it came with a clear word and
orange one of green one a pink one and purple and now onto the things from
Target now I know these aren’t really school supplies but I needed some new
desk lamps for our school room so I picked up two of these white ones and
there were only about $7.99 each so a pretty good deal now all of these things
came from this dollar spot first upstairs is cute a banner it’s now
alphabet of course it comes on a rope so you could hang it up as a decoration or
you could use an S flash card this was actually three dollars then I have a
package of incentives chart this the 16 charts and the stickers and then
these guys are sold separately but they kind of go together this is the pocket
chart and this is a package of cards and in this package we have a little clock
and then the subject you can definitely map out your schedule with these cards
and then these guys as well are sold separately but they kind of go together
this is a package of calendar cards you have the days of the week the numbers in
the month and they go into this pocket calendar this is a really large pink
calendar with all the little slots to put your days of the week in your
numbers and this was $3 now lastly from Target I picked up some shower caddies
now I know that sounds strange to have shower caddies but I’m going to take
these and put the kids pencils and pens and crayons and scissors in there so
it’s kind of like a pencil box but it will hold more items so each kid will
have one and I will have one for myself and I like that these are bigger than
the ones on the Dollar Tree so they can definitely hold more items okay guys I
hope you enjoyed today’s haul if you did could you please give this video a
thumbs up and let me know in the comments down below where your favorites
back to school supply is I know when I was a kid I liked just about anything
that was from Lisa Frank especially if it had a kitten on it thank you for
watching and I’ll see you next time