Hi, guys welcome back to cheat day today We’re going to try some McDonald’s desert hacks that are going to change your life forever Would you say that they are two pie for Lily Sure, Lauren. Ok the Ice cream is melting. Let’s go!! Okay, so this first one you saw online It’s trending on Twitter! okay, and it’s not very revolutionary It’s kind of like No, shit you guys should try this but. I think it’s awesome it blew my mind! Okay. Do you want to introduce it? Yeah ok! My little purse. Guys apparently they have a deal that you can get 13 cookie for like $3. This is why America is fat. True Okay. So this hack, you have oatmeal cookies. Yes, and I have chocolate chip guys.Guys we are going to make McDonald’s ice cream sandwiches McFLurry Ice Cream Sandwiches McFlurry? McFlurry like a flurry. What am I saying?I don’t really know. Fast and the flurious!!!!! We I don’t think you can ask them to assemble it for you So we’re going to assemble our own ice cream sandwiches. It’s nice and warm. I’m gonna go with an oatmeal raisin cookie and Oreos I’m just mixing all the cookies okay. I’m going to be a little more traditional and do chocolate chip with M&MS I guess I’m just Gonna This is a gourmet. I’m so excited. Oh, you’re such a shot. You know why am I not like? That is beautiful like we can instagram that and people would be like oh my God. We’re in La did you buy it? I’m gonna be like it was from McDonalds. I went through the drive-thru And Go. Well Are you gonna be ok? This is revolutionary. I feel like I should leave you alone Yeah can you leave? No, but everyone knows the McFlurries are amazing! and everyone knows Well not everyone knows actually I feel like it’s a well kept secret. That the cookies at McDonalds are so good and when you get them like this. They give them to you hot. Drop it like its hot. I know from experience Only problem is their little melty right now. Oh well. Drip. I’m dripping. Oh Wow It’s so good. It’s worth it i could bathe in this. Mhmm. Should we do a full body ice cream bath? On Joslyn. OK. Why do you like oatmeal cookies so much? Doesn’t seem like that’s not something that I would like yeah because it sounds healthy. well first of all I don’t think that’s true at all it has raisins in it that doesn’t make good healthy raisins are grapes Grapes are fruit fruit is wine Also, ours is very melty if you did it like in the car. Because we had to do ten takes of that intro I have another one that’s going to be a little less messy okay, and I invented it myself you guys What is it we’re going to take McDonald’s ice cream? And then we’re going to take apple pies and we’re going to crush them up in the ice cream So you get like an apple pie McFlurry? Oh my God oh pie God! I can’t bring you anywhere. I would also like to point out that McDonald’s has really changed the um Technique. Oh make it. That’s like a lattice pie like they’re fancy now wow but I’ve always loved McDonald’s apple pies They’re really really good. I don’t think I’ve ever had one you want to have a bite without ice cream Walk me through this. Ok Mcdonalds ice cream is amazing and so you just ask for the cup put the cone in the cup and then we are going to break up Is that what this is for? Oh? Yeah? This is a really small dose and what we’re actually gonna do oh Transfer to a cup at home, and then we’re going to use really fancy silverware. Should we do two pies? Yeah! Cause like how many oreos. Like 100? Ummm I don’t know about that Stop eating it. I can’t help it That’s why you had the cookies in my room yesterday had to put them behind me so that I could not see them okay guys Like it doesn’t look that appetizing. but if we like decorated this with some whipped cream and put a little like piece of pie on top. I feel like people would really love it It’s getting really melty. but I’m just gonna take a large bit. Guys. Oh yeah. It’s so good Mmm-Hmm, I think it’s um my biggest accomplishment to date After meeting Katy Perry probably again if the ice cream weren’t so melty it would be perfect it’s kinda like apple pie milk Which I’m not against I’m going to go on a limb and say that even though they won’t necessarily make this for you This is the best McFlurry that they have to offer Yeah, I would say if this ice cream were more McFlurry. I just want to commend McDonald’s in General on Having a very vast Desert oh do you? New options because they build a lot of fast food places don’t have that many options Thye have cookies they have ice cream they have pie. They use to have those cinnamon roll things So they took those off the menu I was very upset about it I really don’t eat at McDonalds that much. I do. I know Well weren’t you dumb to realize this but jill just told us that part of the reason the ice cream melted was because we used Hot apple pies, so we have frozen the apple pies first. Oh too much work, okay? Think that’s it for today’s episode, and it might have seemed a little short, but also you might have noticed that This was a bonus episode because we just really wanted to eat McDonald’s dessert And we thought why not just give you an extra one that might be happening more often now. I think I’m lactose intolerant. That’s Very dangerous like I don’t live with you over bathroom also when you subscribe You should also hit the bell because that’s something youtube makes you do know. It’s a lot of work I know, we’re asked a lot, but like please do it. Oh bow yeah, Lauren will sometimes be here, so if you like puns pun Day Sunday pun day Goodbye click the left to check out our brand new show true showmance all about the Bachelorette or click to the right to see last week’s cheat day all about fried chicken replacing bread