Hello everyone, this is running on empty food review well Hello, ladies and gentlemen and everyone watching and listening And this is running on empty food review. I am your host the report of the week So thank you for checking out this newest Review as you can see right there where I’m trying to figure out where to put the bag It’s a McDonald’s review. You can see with the Kind of golden arches. They’re folded from one sites either confusing you it’s like what is this? This is a yellow stripe and then There you go. Kind of a semi arches. That’s what they call a semi arch, but you know what? I mean? There we go Yeah, yeah new review coming up post Thanksgiving. I know right now I want to just get this out front right now out of the way I know that it’s just, you know around that holiday season We’re doing a lot of shopping and one great way to support the channel helped keep things Going and if you ever want to rep that review brah merch there’s a good deal for you You can check out my merch at teespring com/stores/thereportoftheweek teespring.com/stores/thereportoftheweek and at checkout you can get 30% off by entering the coupon code It says thankyou. That’s it. Thankyou. No space is there thankyou Thank you for me to you 30% off any purchase anywhere all for you goes until Tuesday So that’s where it comes down to and just if you’re interested anyway, alright a new release From McDonald’s put that there for now I know release is out the bacon barbecue burger they’re going back to the the Not exotic. That’s the wrong word for it are the artisan type burgers, but they’re trying to say We’re McDonald’s but we can spice things up a bit if we want to and I’m not in the what you know in the metaphorical sense it kind of Spicing things up. They’re gonna get this burger They’re gonna put you know like the burger equivalent of maybe like a necktie on it make it look a little nicer and Set up a little bit. Perhaps the bacon barbecue burger now. That’s a really You know That’s a confusing name when you look at it because it makes you think that it’s straightforward at first right bacon barbecue burger But then you look what are those three letters in the middle mean? BB q That was a terrible one right there comes with a quarter pound beef patty though You can get two beef patties if you’re feeling really adventurous You can say I want to get that double you’ll get a half pound and you really fill yourself up there also comes with applewood smoked bacon bourbon barbecue sauce crispy fried onion strings on an artisan bun price for that five dollars and 89 cents So it is on the pricier end of the spectrum for fast food and you know 589 for burger might be good though It might be worth worth the price and honestly, it sounds like it’s really good because it reminds me of like those maybe cowboy burgers, you know that you eat while you down at the ranch they’re doing your thing and for all the Cowboys love their cowboy burgers So I honestly like those ones though that have the bacon and the onions strings and the barbecue sauce I’ve always been a fan of those So maybe I have a little bit of cowboy in me, but that’s not what they call it They don’t call what a cowboy burger They just say it’s a bacon barbecue burger because like they said they’re dressing it up a little bit Huh, as you can see here, though. I also do have a a little bit of a Dessert that we’ll try later on. It’s also a new item the it’s a snack size Snickerdoodle McFlurry, so we’ll try that out a little later on that was a dollar 89 so you’re gonna get two reviews for one Right here There it is any famous artisan box All right, what do we have new flavors to love Yeah, loving the flavor. Yes, indeed. Maybe I will be maybe I won’t maybe I’ll be hating the flavor We’ll see. I think I said this a while ago, but I do I gotta say I like that minimalistic design on that I really do I’m a big fan of the box. I like it Yeah It’s a sad-looking burger. No, you know, you can’t judge a book by it’s cover, but boy Look, I open it. And that’s what I’m what I’m greeted with this sad Sad looking burger there. It’s a sad sandwich. That’s all but doesn’t mean that it’s bad again, that’s something that I was really looking forward to and it still might think that but There you have it right there You know and it just is how it is it’s how I got it I’m gonna try to rearrange it, but I you know You can see right there that most of the cheese is kind of hanging off the burger there again, though This isn’t this isn’t the fault of just McDonald’s as a company. It’s like they’re gonna say You know, we’re gonna make this burger as sloppily as possible. This is obviously just comes down to who was making it So that’s one thing but just Presentation is very dry. Very disappointed. But I’m I’m sure many local McDonald’s will do a better job So let’s just reorganize it here though. You can see There’s some of those onion Strings the fried onions will put a little more of those on with some barbecue sauce. Of course you can see there’s the burger patty and some of the sauce seepage right there on my finger and there’s some more about some bacon up there too, you know even a little bit of everything but Let’s try to do some Burger of reorganization here. I really want to We’ll have to take away some of the excess cheese, but I promise I will I’m I’ll bite in where that cheese is, so don’t worry You will get I won’t be biased and I’ll say I took that cheese off and I’m writing to bite it there Doesn’t look much better, but I guess that’s as good as it’s gonna get Yeah, it is how it is, I guess Sorry, you got to sit here and watch me Put this together, lets us try and do something with this Thank you there it might be good but You can see right there I’m really really hoping I don’t drop this thing on the or but And that’s what it looks like I Just disappointed that it was made so sloppily, but you know what I said this before I’ll say it once again You can’t judge a book by its cover. And while the sandwich itself isn’t very well prepared Hey, it might taste really good And of course this isn’t gonna be how it always will be you know it At your place just they didn’t do a good job with this one. But either way we know what’s on it You know what’s on it? We all know what’s on it The bacon barbecue burger might be sloppy but hey, it might taste good too. So let’s try it out. It’s going in. Let me just hold this up for you real quick There you go, you can kind of see it right there there’s a little close-up feel of it I Just wanted to make sure you could see it better. We’ll take one more bite but let me just say you can’t judge a book by it’s cover because It was a sloppy mess But it tastes good So now you got the preview here you’re on the edge of your seats and now we’ll get into it in a minute That’s what the Cowboys do Yeah, I I am I’m impressed I Really like it I gotta say it’s one of those instances where I Saw it at first and I thought oh, no, they did it again a good concept and it got ruined but no Not at all in this case It just happened. It just so happened that mine was a little sloppily Presented but boy does it taste good? There was a sandwich shows released about a year and a half ago or so That was just like this but it had that like a mustard type of sauce on it and it ruined it This is like that sandwich without that and it’s delicious The beef itself. It’s a juicy It’s tender. It’s your standard quarter pound burger, which I like though. They do a good job with it It’s delicious tastes good that barbecue sauce is great because it’s got like this It’s just got this nice little sweetness in addition to the barbecue taste not like honey barbecue. It’s just on the sweeter end It’s not tart or tangy But it’s just it’s on the sweeter and the things I really like that too you get that crispy crunch that these onions provide Which is awesome. I mean, I’m like that also, they’re battered. They’re seasoned very flavorful Mm-hmm and the bacon too Crispy greasy, but all the flavor that we expect it just blends together and it’s just a really flavorful sandwich I gotta say I’m really impressed with it I remember when they took away that original burger that was like this but again with that other sauce, I was really disappointed It’s like they took all the good things from that and made that so it made their own sandwich out of it And I’m really really impressed Yeah, it looked like a mess at first and granted again It’s just how they happen to make this one, but boy, they pulled through because all the ingredients taste good It’s all there and they really they they pulled through and made it a good sandwich. So Yeah out of ten. I mean definitely even if it’s a little pricey It’s definitely you’re getting your money’s worth because I enjoy it really tasty. It’s a good sandwich and I mean, yeah, I gotta give it an eight point six out of ten. They they did a good job there. They did good so good on them and now With that I kind of settled in two for the two for one. This is just the little snack sized Snickerdoodle McFlurry there. So let’s just See how that is. It’s supposed to be like a snickerdoodle cookie. We’ll just try not real real quick Mm-hmm-hmm. Well brain freeze, honestly. Yeah, it’s okay for what it is. I was really looking for that cinnamon sugar Combination Got some caramel there also It does definitely tastes like a Snickerdoodle cookie But now that one’s good too it’s exactly what they say it is Tastes just like a snickerdoodle cookie. Good cinnamon sugar blend has that caramel in there too all ties together nicely with the vanilla as well and Overall the snickerdoodle McFlurry pretty good for what it is, I’d say that’s a little more on the average So nothing bad to say about it. I’ll be around a a six point eight out of ten That’s all that I have for you. Ladies and gentlemen powered through two items here And it was a roller coaster cuz I wasn’t sure how this one was gonna end up I really wasn’t sure at all But I know good on you McDonald’s you really you you hit this one out of the park Did a good job and made a good sandwich at that? That’s all that I have for you Thank you for watching and do take care I’m your host the report of the week checking out the bacon barbecue burger from McDonald’s. Take care, everyone