[Ray D’Alessio]
Well, I hope you brought your appetite because this month on Meals from the Field, we have
got some tasty blueberry recipes courtesy of Café de Marcia, also known as Marcia Crowley. Yes, welcome to another edition of Meals from
the Field. Joining me as always, my good friend and partner
in crime, Marcia Crowley. As always Marcia good to see you again. [Marcia]
Good to see you, Ray. [Ray]
You can never go wrong with blueberries. Of course, blueberries are in season and-
[Marcia] And they’re so sweet this year for some reason. I don’t know if weather has anything to do
with that, but they’re extra sweet this year. [Ray]
Yes, and the crop is looking pretty good so far. And so. we’ve got some chicken breast out
here today, we’ve got some desserts, we’ve got some healthy salads. I’m gonna let you take over and you tell me
what we’re doing. [Marcia]
The first thing we’re gonna do, this is a really cool way to cook chicken. We’re browning it in the- Here we go. I left this back here, sorry. All you do is you’re gonna marinate it, and
I’m gonna do the marinade while that’s cooking a little bit. [Ray]
Okay. [Marcia]
This is the juice of two lemons, which is about a quarter of a cup. [Ray]
Okay. [Marcia]
Half a cup of olive oil. A quarter of a cup of loosely packed fresh
oregano and four cloves of garlic. A little bit of salt and pepper, that’s in
there. You mix that up and you need to marinate this
at least six hours, overnight preferably, and you know me and marinating in bags. [Ray]
Yes [Marcia]
You’re gonna marinate in here. Always refrigerate it. There we go. Let’s see if I can move this without spilling
anything. [Ray]
Do I need to be flipping the chicken while you’re doing that or anything? [Marcia]
No, we’re getting to that. [Ray]
Okay. [Marcia]
Alright, while that is cooking, you’re basically just browning the skin side down of any piece
of a chicken, but it needs to be skin-on, bone-in. Okay, you’re just browning that for about
three minutes. That hadn’t been there three minutes, but
you get the general idea. [Ray]
Alright. [Marcia]
You flip it over. [Ray]
Carefully. [Marcia]
Carefully. At least I didn’t send it across the room. [Ray]
No. [Marcia]
You’re gonna turn it off and you’re gonna put this whole pan in the oven. [Ray]
Oh, okay. [Marcia]
For like 30 minutes or internal temperature of 160. I love the way this chicken is cooked. [Ray]
So you start on the stove top and then you transfer it to the oven
[Marcia] Transfer it to the oven. Yes, very nice. When it comes out of the oven, you can sprinkle
feta cheese on top, fresh oregano, and it’s really, really good with this blueberry sauce
that we’re getting ready to make. [Ray]
You know what our motto is, right? Everything’s betta with feta! [Marcia]
That’s exactly right, or in Metter. Alright, this is one cup of fresh Georgia
blueberries. I’m not gonna turn this burner on cause we’re
gonna need this space here in a minute. Two tablespoons of Georgia honey. Lots of Georgia products here today. A tablespoon of balsamic vinegar. And four tablespoons of water with a little
bit of salt in there. You’re just gonna simmer this for about 30
minutes ’til it starts to become thick and it’s great with this chicken. It’s great with pork. It’s really good. Alright, I’m gonna move that ’cause we need
this room right here. Alright, this you’re gonna love. Blueberry cobbler. [Ray]
Nice. [Marcia]
This is two pints of Georgia blueberries. And I was down in South Georgia a couple of
weeks ago and I cannot believe the new blueberry plants that are going in. [Ray]
Oh Yeah [Marcia]
Alright, this is two pints of fresh blueberries and I’m gonna mix it with a quarter of a cup
of sugar. This is really…I wouldn’t call this your
traditional blueberry cobbler because it doesn’t have a lot of dough on the top of it, but
it’s still very good. [Ray]
Right. [Marcia]
Okay, this is sugar, flour, baking powder. I’m gonna add a teaspoon of vanilla to that. I’m gonna add two beaten eggs and move my
notes. It’s a little bit different of a cobbler but
I think you’ll like it. It’s got a ton of blueberries in it. Alright, that’s two eggs beaten. Then you’re gonna cut in, which it’s not real
fun to do on TV so we’re gonna pretend, a stick of butter. [Ray]
Okay. [Marcia]
Okay. Basically just mixing all that up together. [Ray]
Just mush it down? [Marcia]
Just kinda of mush it down, or if you’ve got two knives or a pastry cutter, works really
well. The reason I really like this cobbler is it’s
not too sweet. You can always add more sugar to the blueberries
if you want to. And you’re just gonna spread this evenly,
as evenly as possible, over the top. Let’s see, that’s probably good enough. [Ray]
Don’t wanna use a mixer cause a mixer would take it all over the place. [Marcia]
The mixer would take it all over the place. You really kinda want that lumpy consistency. [Ray]
Yeah. [Marcia]
The cobbler’s not perfect like a pie. [Ray]:
Right. [Marcia]
There can be blemishes in a cobbler. [Ray]
Ok [Marcia]
You’re gonna evenly spread that over the top of this. Let’s see if I can get that so you can see
it. [Ray]
It smells good. [Marcia]
It is good, and like I said it’s not too sweet. I like sweets, but not in-your-face sugar
buzz, you know? [Ray]
You’re just mixing all that together? [Marcia]
You mix all that together and you evenly spread it as best you can on top of this and you
bake it at 350 for about 20 minutes and you really have to watch it because it will burn. [Ray]
Yeah, I mean, here’s the finished product here. You see, very nice. Got some garnishes on there, little blueberries
on top. Very nice. We’ve got the chicken finished product, over
here, as well. Some blueberries just went missing. [Marcia]
That’s alright. [Ray]
And you can… you made a side salad over here. You can mix it… [Marcia]
I made a side salad and the salad dressing will be on the website. I’m glad you said that. It’s just a basic vinaigrette. The salad’s got Georgia pecans, Vidalia onions,
Georgia apples, feta cheese again, and whatever kind of greens that you like, or you can serve
it with your favorite salad dressing but this will be on there. It’s really good. [Ray]
Okay, and of course that website you can go to is Farm-Monitor.com. Everything is there for you in detail. In fact, all the recipes dating all the way
back to when Marcia and I first started this- [Marcia]
Five years ago. [Ray]
Are on this. Yeah. Almost five and-a-half… five years ago. Unbelievable. Marcia, as always, good to see you. [Marcia]
Thank you, Ray. [Ray]
Thank you so much for everything. And we’ll see you guys next month.