Sharon Schael is from Venezuela. She satisfies Berliners’ hunger with arepas
— filled cornmeal cakes. “Arepas is something that every Venezuelan
knows how to make it at home. You make it since you are very young. Because it is actually like a playground thing,
when you are a kid, like playing with the hands. It is what you get when you are going to school
in your lunch. You have Arepas all the time at home.” Every Sunday Sharon Schael serves up arepas
at the flea market right next to the Mauerpark in Prenzlauer Berg. Her cornmeal cakes are filled with chicken,
beans or beef that she’s prepared herself. The flea market attracts Berliners and tourists
alike. It represents the Berlin that Sharon loves. “What I love about living in Berlin is you
have the feeling that you are in a small town, but at the same time, you are in a big city. Many things are happening, but at them same
time you can have a very quiet life. There is a lot of green, a lot of nature,
a lot of young people, people from everywhere and I love that.” Sharon Schael was born in the Venezuelan capital,
Caracas. Early on she developed a passion for electronic
music and started to DJ. Due to the unstable political situation she
decided to leave her homeland when she was 16. She went to Mexico, then to Spain and made
a name for herself as a DJ. A decade ago she came to Berlin — and stayed. “I start from zero in my life five times,
including Berlin. And I really enjoy this vertigo. To jump in the emptiness and you don’t know,
what to expect.” Treptower Park in eastern Berlin is Sharon
Schael’s oasis. She comes here to go for walks and relax. In the German capital she switched professions
and has no desire to return to her former life as a DJ. “It’s never easy when you take what you love
the most in life and you make it as your job, because the way you pay your bills. And sometimes you are not feeling like you
wanna play and you have to do it. Sometimes you feel that you don’t want to
travel, but you have to do it. You have to give your best. At some point I wanted to stop working in
the nightlife.” Luckily, Berliners can’t get enough of Sharon’s
arepas. So now she also sells them on weekdays, at
a kiosk in Berlin’s Treptow district. But her stand at the Mauerpark flea market
has a special place in her heart, because it was here that her new life began. “Before as a DJ I also had an interaction,
but through music. I was concentrated playing and with the technique
and what music I’m gonna play next, what track. But here I got to interact more with people. It’s amazing, because I give many people their
first Arepa. For me this is awesome!” Sharon Schael from Venezuela can imagine staying
in Berlin for good , and introducing many more people to this part of her culture.