(cheerful music) – [Narrator] One very talented
chef is behind all of these amazing ice creams. Meet Silvia Gaetta, the gelato
chef of Snowflake in London. Her creations have racked
up millions of views across social media. From an avocado ice cream
served in the real avocado shell to a £99 ice cream filled
with luxury goodies as well as a pumpkin ice cream
served in a real pumpkin. She’s behind them all. – I like the idea to give a
shape to these [innovative] ideas, so I like to transform the idea in something that
is good, something that has an absolutely amazing taste
and something that people really like. And I like
the fact that people take pictures with these
[innovative] ideas. – [Narrator] Silvia’s love
for ice cream started at 15, after a summer job at an
ice cream shop in Italy. As well as working as gelato
chef at Snowflake, she also runs a shop in her hometown
in Italy with her sisters. “La Neve Nel Bicchiere”. The shop swears by three principles: organic milk, natural ingredients,
and seasonal products. The same principles can be found
in her ice cream in London. Take the Avolato, for
example. It’s completely vegan and is made with only three ingredients. Fresh avocado, grape sugar, and lemon juice. – Choosing the finest quality ingredients is just a natural choice.
Because if you want a nice product, a nice gelato,
you just need to choose the best ingredients that
you have in the market. And we think that the costumer chooses the gelato because it’s good, not only because
it’s Instagrammable or because it’s nice to share. So for us the combination
of these two things is very important. It’s not
only about take pictures. – [Narrator] But while ice
cream in her Italian shop is served in regular cups
and cones, things in the UK started to get a little more experimental. – [Silvia] These ideas
are just showstoppers. They basically, make people say “wow”. So this “wow” effect is the
most important thing for us. Especially in London, that has an amazing market, exciting market. Customers are very demanding and in London we don’t just want to sell
a nice product, obviously our gelato has to be top
quality product and the flavor is never compromised. It’s not only about making a
nice gelato, it’s also about selling something with a very nice appeal. – [Narrator] So how do you
create a viral ice cream? Easy, take the most
millennial food on the planet, turn it into ice cream, then, take it back to its original shape. The result? 46 million
views and counting and over 20 thousand Avolatos
sold since the launch. Not to fan of avocados?
If you’ve got a spare £99, ($126), you can give the Billionaire Soft Serve a go. This luxury ice cream takes
almost five hours to make and contains 24-carat gold
leaf and edible diamonds. The most surprising thing about
the ice cream? The original idea was to make a 99p ice
cream, but that soon got scrapped after Silvia
fell in love with the Persian blue salt and the
single-origin chocolate from Madagascar, and decided
to experiment with them. – [Silvia] This project
is good when is shareable. We know that people like
to take pictures with our creations but we know that people enjoy the whole experience when
they try, they take a picture, they share it and in this case
it’s a part of the project. This is one of the reasons why our innovation is made. A lot of costumers,
actually, came back and tried more than one [£99 ice cream].
So that was the confirmation that, at the end, it’s not
only about visual appeal but the product has also a great taste. – [Narrator] Her latest
idea? The Vegelato, a line of ice cream flavors where the
main ingredient is a vegetable. Think beetroot, pepper, kale,
sweet potatoes, spinach, thyme and many more. – [Silvia] We think that
this is the future of gelato, obviously the regular
gelato will be always there. Sundaes, regular cups and cones but the fact that we give
to the costumers also this experience to share and to enjoy gives a plus to our product
and this is the definitely for us, the future. – [Narrator] Let us know in
the comments which one you’d like to try or if you have any
ideas for future ice creams that she could make. (cheerful music)