(electronic music) (dramatic music) – I bake. And I’m sad. (crying) (dramatic music) My great great grandparents started the Drigione Cafe many many moons ago. They had one pot and one pan and one oven. Not like me, I had so many customers. They used old authentic Sicilian baking techniques, no modern technologies. They grow a wheat, they raise
a chicken, they milk a cow. They un-shell a nut, all by hand. And when they passed the business on to my great great grandma she say Mama, Papa, there are many new advancements in cooking,
maybe we try some. And then they shook her and say no, whatever you do, do
not let our tradition die. You can cut your own arm off, you can in your pants everyday
for the rest of your life. But above all else do not
let our tradition die. Then they spit in her hair and told her never to read a book. – The Greco family was revolutionary – They changed the game – What you gotta understand is that no one was doing this at the time. It was the wild west out there. There were no rules, there
was no script, we were just flying by the seat of our pants. – The Greco’s are legends
in the pastry world. They took what you think
of as a simple dessert and they kept it simple by way of a ludicrously complex and
outdated baking process. (soft music) – His family was full of culinary geniuses and he’d be a fool to
disobey their wishes. – They changed the pastry game, and now its up to Giuseppe to stay in it. – I am the oldest man in the world So I’ve seen it go through changes. I remember the first time we
saw refrigerator at the store. But it was a fun day. I also see trains that come and go. When I first inherit this business. I mean sorry the uh what’s the word? When I first forced into this business I remember the big trend desserts. (speaking in Italian) All the magazines talk about
is these crazy fun new ideas that sound so interesting,
but then I think of my great grandpa spinning
around in his grave like a rotisserie chicken screaming don’t you dare, this dessert
sounds like gibberish! Which was the name of his
least favorite Sicilian dish. But then I see something in a shop called the Tiramisu cupcake. I thought this is not
so far from tradition. Please, I just needed to do
something different one time. (upbeat music) – That Tiramisu cupcake. – No one could believe
it came from Giuseppe. (upbeat music) – It was a disaster, he strayed from tradition and people hated it. – The press had a field day. People hadn’t tasted anything
like it, and this time in a bad way really set Drigione back. I mean we all know that new
and different is always bad. – Loyal customers where up in arms. They said why do you
need to change tiramisu? You are a monkey so you’ll
dance like a monkey. Now dance monkey, dance, I wanna see you grind up on that pole
you stupid sexy monkey. Yeah work for me baby, work it hard. You’re my little sugar
pig, oink oink piggy piggy. Lap me up some pastry like
the little bitch you are. (hip hop music) – Believe it or not, that’s
just as taste of Gods Of Food. To watch the rest of the series go to dropout.tv and sign up
for your free trial today. Drop out, period, tv, what’s a tv? I only take on vacation in my life. It was in 2001 to see Legally
Blonde in the movie theater.