Hey everybody this is Randy Santel “Atlas” with Atlas & Zeus Promotions and proud owner of foodchallenges.com! Very very excited tonight not only because of this massive just pile of awesomeness sitting in front of me, but it’s my first time in the country of Croatia! We are in the Zagreb, Croatia which is the capital, we are at Milky Whey, there’s two locations we are at the Dubrava location we’re taking on the Milky Whey Challenge! Now this is the only challenge I know of in the whole country of Croatia and if I win today it will be my first win in the country which will be country number 16 for me so very very excited now this is basically just a massive desert they specialize in crepes here and this is just a really dense crepe loaded with all kinds of just awesomeness as you see there’s peanut butter cups on top there ,some I didn’t know what all this is a nice! Some Oreo sprinkle and there’s all kinds of Nutella and fillings inside but about two out of ten people win this challenge I’ve got 30 minutes to finish so if I win I’m going to get the 80 Kunas, I’ve been dealing with a whole bunch of different money, but yeah 80 Kuna so I’ll get the meal for free and I’ll be one of the few people up on the wall of fame so let’s get this challenge started! alright now this thing doesn’t look that big, but it’s frickin dense they say about two kilos really don’t have much of a strategy I’m just going to dig in with my fork and try to get it down I don’t know what the record is but just got to get my first win in Croatia so let’s get it started! One, two, three whoo all right! Wow! under three and a half minutes in they really stuffed this crepe full of just all kinds of Nutella chocolate and sauces and the toppings on here! Let’s get it down get the win before all the sugar sets in! Ten minutes 45 seconds in I didn’t come all the way to Croatia just to leave some on the plate, so let’s get the rest eleven minutes and nine seconds I was worried about this one just because of how bad that desert pancake challenge went in Greece but this one tasted so much better obviously went a lot better too but yeah so thank you to Milky Whey here in the Zagreb, Croatia Loved that thing, don’t have one bad thing to say about it everything on there went really well together I know I tasted some fruits sauces on there so a little bit of help on there but mostly the chocolate and then oh I don’t even know what all it was but it was so good, so if you’re around the area definitely come try to take this thing on because it was excellent and like I said they’ve got two locations! I did it at the Dubrava one but thank you to the Milky Whey for the awesome challenge it was overall went number 437 most importantly it was my first one in the country of Croatia which is country number 16 so the next video will be in the country of Malta so thank you to everybody to stay to watch and thank you guys for watching!