Heather Nicholds: Hey guys this is Heather
from healthy eating starts here. Okay, earlier this week I was talking about foods that are
rich in three minerals; calcium, potassium and magnesium and how those minerals can help
with muscle cramps. So what I want us to do today was take some
of those foods that are super rich in those minerals and make a delicious recipe so that
you can have some cupcakes to help ease your muscle cramps. Alright, so what we are going to do is start
with something thatÕs very rich in potassium that probably a lot of you are familiar with.
Bananas! Okay, so I am going to take three bananas because thatÕs going to be my sweetness
in this recipe and I am going to put them in a blender with all of the wet ingredients
that I am going to use for my cupcakes. Hey, so to my bananas I am going to add some
almond milk which is enriched but is a good source of calcium and I am going to add some
molasses which is a lovely source of magnesium along with some almond butter which is high
in calcium and magnesium as well. And then a couple of things just to help my
cupcakes bake which is some apple cider vinegar to help it rise and some vanilla for the lovely
flavor. Okay, then I am going to put a lid on this.
Take it over to the blender; blend it up till it’s smooth. Alright, so it’s going to come
out pretty thick, it’s going to smell pretty awesome. This will actually make a fantastic
smoothie. Okay next step is to get the dry ingredients
going which I am going to mix in a bowl and I am actually going to get my oven pre-heated
at the moment which, I am actually going to use my toaster oven and I have these really
awesome silicon muffin cups that I am putting on my toaster oven tray so then it fits in
the small toaster oven, so rather than heating up a whole oven, using toaster oven. And it’s great if you want to do smaller batches,
if you want to halve this batch it works really, really well and just put six in the toaster
oven. Alright, and I am going at the classic 350 Fahrenheit and then I am going to get
some flour in the bowl, this is spelt flour, use some kind of whole grain flour. You could
use gluten free if you like, like brown rice or coconut flour but youÕll probably need
an extra binder. What we are going to do next is put some baking
soda in here and some baking powder. And then I am going to add some cocoa which is quite
rich in magnesium believe it or not. Some rolled oats which are also very rich in magnesium,
some sesame seeds for a nice rich hit of calcium. They also have magnesium in them. Nice thing
about plant foods, they often do double duty. And finish it off with just a pinch of sea
salt. Okay, I want to mix these dry ingredients
altogether before I add the wet to them. Now, I am not adding any sugar to this recipe,
I am relying purely on the sweetness of the bananas. But, I am used to lower sweetness
kind of things, using just the natural sweetness of fruits. So if you want a higher sweetness
level, just add some unrefined sugar like sucanat or coconut sugar or you can add some
dates, just puree them in with your banana mixture and youÕll have some really nice
sweetness. I probably would do that if I had some dates at home, I just don’t have any.
I am missing out. Okay. So then you want to just pour your wet
mixture into your dry and mix as little as possible to bring things together. I didnÕt
know that at first when I was younger and making cupcakes, I would always try to mix
it as smooth as possible, thatÕs a good. You want to mix it as little as possible and
then you get the fluffy soft texture that you are looking for. Alright, so as I said mix as little as possible
and if you want to add some sugar, now is the time. You can take a little taste of the
batter as you mix it to see if it’s sweet enough or not. One extra little thing I am going to add thatÕs
going to up the sweetness level of my cupcakes, some dark chocolate chips, so you could do
that as well. Oh you know what I am going to do, I just decided I can make half the
batch with no sugar and half the batch with some added sugar and have a little taste test
with my roommates later. Only thing as I am going to have to remember
which one is which. So I am going to put this star cookie cutter in the middle of the non-sugar
ones. Alright, so take them out. They have been cooling, but they are still quite warm
and they are very moist. So, be careful when you are taking them out because they will
have a tendency to be a little bit mushy until they cool completely. But, in the spirit of
taking a test bite for you, I am going to take the top off. ThatÕs really good and
thatÕs the non-sugar one. One thing I really like about these, I havenÕt
made them with the sesame seeds before which I have put in for extra calcium. But they
have — they make a little crunch in the cupcake, really like it. Alright so, not only are these delicious,
they give you nutrients. Okay so, I calculate it for you and I really do this for my meal
plans but I thought for these, they are special, IÕll calculate out the calcium, magnesium
and potassium levels. So with one cupcake which is about 200 calories
in the non-sugar ones, you get 11% of your daily calcium needs, almost 30% of your daily
magnesium needs for girls and 23% for guys. Guys have a slightly higher need for magnesium
than girls and 8% of your potassium, mostly from those bananas. So, I hope you enjoy them. They are super
delicious, so give them a try and if you are suffering from muscle cramps so you can use
some of those foods that I listed last time to make something delicious for yourself in
these cupcakes or something else that you might enjoy. Okay. Bye!
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