Hey folks it is Barry here welcome to my virgin
kitchen today we are making another giant food it is a mini big mac today lots of you
have been requesting this one through the mini food playlist and I just love and I just
love the play on words of mini big mac I guess because it is a mini big mac you know when
you go in mcdonalds and order a big mac and it comes out a quarter of the size and all
messy and stuff, this is kind of a role reversal of this so it could turn out enormous, but
before we get started I want to just show you for those of you that follow me on social
media you may have seen that I smashed the wall down yesterday that separates the living
room to the virgin kitchen so I have knocked that down because what we are going to be
doing is ripping out the studio kitchen lots of you have been asking what is happening
with that we have decided to rip the kitchen out of here and install the studio kitchen
in here because it was just sat there gathering dust for like five days a week so we are going
to use it in here as our family kitchen and it should look by the time the work is done
exactly the same, anyhow lets make a big, no, mini big mac.
Ok folks so a mini big mac needs beef mince this is just a tablespoon of beef from the
supermarket in that little worm vibe thing it has going on so I am just going to squish
it together first of all and make two patties out of it first of all. Ok so I am going to
cut it in half with my mini tool, I think it is a nail file never been used but do not
think it envisaged being used as a big mac mini slicer thing. So I am just going to roll
these up into a circle and a tap down like so, right so that patties are done on a princess
plate very important to use one of those, put it in the fridge for just a minute. Now
we are going to segregate our buns which sounds very kinky. These are a pair of little buns
I got my local baker to make for me so basically we need to halve one of them to make that
mini bun so we will go for this one for the big mac middle bit.
Alright I could do with a small bread knife really to be honest to cut this but this is
the smallest knife I have so I am sticking with it. So I am just going to cut a disc
shape out of our bun, here we go, there it is. And for the other bun I have just sliced
it in half there we go buns are ready, lets toast them. Guys I just remembered the tops
of these buns have some sesame seed on so I just got a little bit of melted butter and
some sesame seeds and all of this should create our sesame seed lid, yeah.
Ok folks this pan is starting to get hot its not too hot do not want to scorch the buns
placing down one and reach in here to get the middle section in terms of turning them
I have my tweezers ready baby Lets have a little look, nearly there, see that toasted
edge, toast it a little longer, now turn this one over, oh it is getting there too, any
minute now, in fact lets jump to the toast buns now.
There we go then folks toasted buns, lets get the veg prepared before cooking up our
patties. Lets not forget the cheese I have given this tool a wash I am just going to
slice down oh this is perfect for it so maybe two squares like this and a little bonus piece.
So for the sliced onion I only need a little bit so am just going to grate up the onion
it will get a bit wet but hopefully on the back of it there should be yes, our diced
onion. I will let the diced onion sit there and dry
out for the moment, this is a baby gherkin it actually exists and I think it is like
a toenail thing that I am just going to get a little slice of gherkin, every body loves
gherkin right in mcdonalds. *Boston makes a noise* whoah, Do not know if you heard that
it was Boston, what you choking on boy? What is the matter? Just chilling out ok cool.
Sorry about that I think Boston was dreaming about mini big macs he always sits by my feet
if you are wondering guys when I am doing videos I do not always show him. But I am
using this tool again, I am actually in love with this thing so I will just slice the lettuce
by going back and forth quite sharp I am loving this never been used just like that kit I
am using with the tweezers never been used on feet or anything like that this is purely
for mini food. The last step before building it guys is to cook our patties I will use
some of that leftover butter to lubricate the pan now we will get the patties in there.
Alright so now they go in there I will give it a cheeky seasoning with black pepper on
top too then flip it and do the same. This would actually make amazing little party food
I reckon, alright cheeky flip with the princess spoon then the tweezers were not gripping
it that is 20 seconds and this will not be medium rare.
I have got to say the smell in here right now is incredible that is those burgers done
they are just going to soak into that kitchen towel a little bit lets build a mini big mac.
There goes our base, the first thing that goes on it is big mac special sauce which
I have made before but basically it is just a flashy thousand island dressing. Now just
put down some of our onions, some lettuce, slice of cheese, our first patty, the middle
bun, some more of that sauce on it, little bit more onion and lettuce, then the gherkins
alright, the other beef patty and last but not least our lid, now I do not know about
you but that is a pretty big mini big mac. It is fair to say this little big mac has
turned out a right little stonker and placing an orange next to it really does it some justice
you can wedge a bamboo skewer through it if you want to I am now going to do the mcdonalds
slow mo thing, but here we go, hmmm! Yeah guys that was very nearly an R Kelly moment
it tastes just like the real thing. It is super super good, if you have missed my last
video you can check it out here if you have a request for another mini food let me know
down below or email me a video message on your phone something like that [email protected]
email it there and I will embed it in the video. So that is it then guys hope you enjoyed
the video, bye