Hey folks it is Barry here welcome to my virgin
kitchen you are looking gorgeous today it is the turn of another mini food, kind of
like the opposite of the giant food we do, it is the mini food, if you have missed the
playlist you can click on the suggested thing right here, the budget for mini food has increased
becaue you guys like it so much we have invested in a new set of tools how cool is that, and
today it is the turn of a mini s�more. The ingredients are down there, small s�more.
Alright feast your eyes on this first up is our fake winnie the pooh plate, which is normally
used for scale on the mini foods, hopefully it will be smaller than that today. These
are some mini marshmallows you can get in the baking aisle of most supermarkets, this
is a small thing Cadbury chocolate bar I like the planet on that one, I was going to use
chocolate chips but it did not feel very s�more ish so we will not use those there is the
tool kit thing and this is a graham cracker. So s�mores use graham crackers, digestive
biscuits are a good alternative, these are actually from my wedding, we found a sealed
box from last year that is still in date, and the kids have munched on them there is
none left, this is the very last one so I said �nooooo give it to me� so we are
making a proper s�more today, alright so this is probably the most important step in
the video, if this fails I have no graham crackers left so the video is over, this tool
I just picked this out there is a selection of different toenail extracting things I am
going for this one as it has the blade on it and I am going to try and cut a small graham
cracker piece we need two of those so here we go.
Oh my it is working what I have been doing is scoring it very gently because these biscuits
can snap so easy so let me score away and hopefully we will have some mini cracker things.
Alright check this out we have 2 mini squares and I have to say this tool has been amazing
not sure if you can see it there but it has an amazingly sharp blade on it which has worked
a charm so if you are trying this patience is the key.
We are using our sharp friend on the chocolate it is a bit risky I am not so bothered about
the chocolate oh there we go that piece will do lets just double check, oh yes.
So I am looking at the marshmallow and I am thinking it may be a little big so all I am
doing is getting my scissors giving it a little trim little haircut and hopefully that is
a little more manageable and now we just have to figure out how to toast it. I do not know
if this is going to work but I have a bamboo skewer and have threaded the mini marshmallow
on to it. Give me some flames, ok flames will turn that right down, oh my gosh check that
out we have just toasted the marshmallow the microwave was the backup plan so it is working
it is going to fall off so I need to move fast.
Alright so we are ready to build it we have the base the chocolate the toasted marshmallow
I just did I actually ate it because I wanted to experience it and it was amazing, so I
will quickly toast this one and finish it off. Here we go, come on, yes! Gotta give
it a bit of a push to get the marshmallow out, oh my gosh.
So there are 4 teeny s�mores I have done they are the smallest I have done so far,
even the plate is looking huge against it, another thing for scale that is a two pence
coin right there there we go, mini smores. Lets see what they taste like.
Alrighty so I have just whacked it into a shot glass in true yeah I am a butch man style
lets have a shot of mini s�mores. Shiver me timbers they were stonking and just
like the other mini foods as I say if you have missed the mini food playlist do not
forget to check it out some of you have been asking for things and your request may have
been done someone asked for mini pizza recently and I have already done it check out my last
two videos, here and here let me know down below what you want to see next and I will
see you next time, I am going to toast some more mini marshmallows, yeah! Bye