Living a minimalist lifestyle definitely has its challenges. It is not always the easiest. And sometimes things can get a little tricky. And it’s like that for me as well Even after almost seven years of minimalist living. And so today in this video I want to share some minimalism things that I still struggle with sometimes, because I feel like it is important to acknowledge the challenges that we face, and talk about them. So that hopefully it can make us better prepared to deal with these challenges as they arise. I am sure that most people who are watching this video right now will have experienced some form of challenges with minimalism as well. And I certainly have myself. And if we only ever pretend that minimalism is super easy then beginner minimalist might feel like they are doing something wrong, or that they are the only ones who are experiencing these challenges. And that is definitely not the case, and I don’t want anyone to become discouraged before they can see for themselves how valuable and meaningful minimalism can be. So I’m gonna share some things that I still struggle with sometimes, that I find difficult. And of course also how I deal with it. So that hopefully it can inspire you to tackle some of your challenges as well. alright So the first thing that I still struggle with sometimes with regards to minimalist living is sentimental items. I’ve gotten pretty good at decluttering them over the years, and I’ve gotten rid of most of these things. And I’ve kept around only the things that are really meaningful to me. I keep them stored in two little boxes that I still look through occasionally. So I’m fine with that. But I do have some things that if I’m being totally honest I would like to declutter, but I just cannot find it in my heart to do so. And the biggest example of that is our stuffed animals. Meet our stuffed animals. I took them out of their storage boxes for this video. Most of them have a name, and together as a group we tend to call them the guys. I know this is totally silly. But I like we’ve transferred some life into these things and for me, they don’t feel like 100 percent like items. I know they’re made up of plush and fabric and thread, but they kind of feel like more of a family or pets or something that has a personality. And Getting rid of them feels like I’m saying to them that I don’t want them anymore Even though of course, I know that this is nonsense. I don’t want them to feel hurt or unwanted if I decide to let them go. I have learned that this is actually pretty common. Stuffed animals are not easy to declutter for a lot of people. They are cute. They have a face. There is memories attached to them, and they feel like more than objects. But to be honest, I don’t feel that great about keeping them around either. We don’t use them. We keep them stored in boxes. So there’s no purpose there. And we tried displaying them in our bedroom for a while. But to be honest, I felt kind of silly about it. It made the room feel more cluttered also which I don’t like. And since I’m also highly allergic to dust, it’s not the best thing to have them around in the room. So we’ve tried several things. We’ve looked into the option of donating them to a charity shop, but here in the Netherlands at least charity shops do not take stuffed animals. Mainly for hygiene reasons and also I’m sure that if they did, they would be overrun with all kinds of old stuffed animals all the time that they cannot sell. So that’s not really an option. And then there’s the option of giving them away to someone that I know personally. But I don’t really know a lot of people with small children and also the people that I do I’m sure that they would not be that keen on getting even more stuffed animals, because kids usually already have a lot of stuffed animals. Throwing them out is out of the question for me. It would feel like I am doing something horrible. So for now, we just decided to keep them around. Even though we’ve looked into these options I have to honestly admit, which is kind of embarrassing but true, that I am just not really ready to let them go. It goes against the minimalism rules but that’s okay for now. And I do feel like there will be a point in time when I am ready to let them go. And I will probably take a bunch more pictures of them before I do, and then give them to someone somewhere who can use them. But for right now I just accept it that I am NOT ready to let them go and I’ll just keep them around until I am. Alright next minimalism thing that I struggle with sometimes is redecorating and wanting to buy new things, new furniture for my house and for their looks. So basically just simple consumption that serves no purpose other than the way that it looks, getting a new look in my home. And this can also apply to your wardrobe. I actually like how my home looks now. I like the rooms itself. I like the furniture I like the plants and how I’ve decorated the place, but sometimes I really feel like changing it up, just for the sake of it. Sometimes I’ll think about getting a new dining room table with new chairs or a new couch or a new whatever and the stuff I have is still perfectly fine It does still spark joy, but I guess I just do feel the urge to buy something new sometimes. Again, I think this is totally norma.l Variety is the spice of life they say. And sometimes we just feel like changing it up. But I guess the nuances are important here. And the reasons behind it. Because I also notice if I’m being totally honest That I tend to want to buy new things more and more strongly when I’m also struggling in other parts of my life. For example, if I’m feeling a bit stressed or unhinged or unsure, I find myself thinking more about new purchases. So I know that it’s kind of an escape, a way to distract myself from what’s going on by pursuing a temporary fix of dopamine by purchasing something new. And I decided that this is not how I want to be a consumer. I don’t think there’s anything wrong with wanting something new or buying something new occasionally. It is about the reasons why. So for now, for me I decided to keep the furniture that I have it’s still perfectly fine. It looks almost new and frankly I don’t feel like spending money on new furniture right now. And my boyfriend and I are probably the least skilled people in DIY projects in the world so taking what I have now and making it look different. I’m sure it would be fun But I also sure that It’s probably doomed to fail. So if I really start to lose interest in my furniture Or if it actually starts to need replacing then I will do it. But if it’s just a way for me to get excited about something new because something else is bothering me, then I choose to deal with that something else instead. So that’s kind of how I deal with it now. Next minimalism thing that I struggle with sometimes is identity items and specifically my digital piano. I have always loved listening to piano music, ever since I was little. And from my childhood I specifically remember dreaming about having a piano in my home and learning how to play it. As we didn’t have a lot of money when I was growing up, we could not afford a new piano or pay for lessons. Until when I was about 13 years old and a friend of my parents gave us their old piano Because they were moving and they didn’t have a place for it anymore. Starting then, I taught myself piano. We still couldn’t afford lessons until I was a little bit older. But you can imagine how over the moon I was that I could finally learn to play piano. And I wasn’t the most talented person in the world. But I just practiced a lot, and because of that I was able to teach myself my favorite songs. A few years ago in this apartment I started to really miss playing and I decided to invest in a digital piano. It wasn’t the best quality But it was still affordable and the sound that it has is quite good for something in its price range. So I was really happy with it. and the first year or so, I really practiced a lot. Lately though with everything that’s going on, with me starting my business and working on this channel and also other projects like studying Japanese and exercising and cleaning the house and everything. I find myself practicing less and less. And instead of it being a very valuable additions in my life It has now become something that every time I look at it I experience a feeling of guilt mixed with nostalgia and it’s not the best feeling in the world. When it comes to minimalism I am a big fan of getting rid of things that make you feel bad or guilty or insecure. With my piano, since I’ve hardly been playing lately, the minimalism rules might say that this is a good thing to get rid of. Because lately it doesn’t spark so much joy, I’m not using it regularly, and I do have to clean and maintain it. But of course I don’t want to get rid of it, because it would mean letting go of my identity as someone who enjoys playing piano. So I’ve just decided that this is the way that it is for now. No, I’m not using it much but yes, I am keeping it. And I’m sure that in the future I will probably pick it up again. Just as I have done so many times before in my life. And until then I will just keep it around, and try not to feel too badly about not practicing. Next minimalism challenge that I face sometimes is when I want to have people over or want to throw a dinner party And I don’t really have enough stuff to really do it justice. Our apartment really is made for two people. And it’s still ok if one or two more people come over, but any more than that and it gets a little tricky. I don’t have enough places for people to sit. And we don’t have enough plates and bowls and glasses for everyone to use, we don’t even own any wine glasses So if you’re really big on throwing dinner parties and having people over all the time then that can be a little tricky. Now for us we don’t really do it that often. So my go-to move is usually just borrowing the things that I need. For example a few weeks ago we had a few friends over, two friends, and I cooked a lot of food. I made starters I made a really big main dish with like six or seven side dishes and I made a really big dessert. So we didn’t own close to the amount of bowls and plates and everything that I had to use and also we had a lot of leftovers that I had to store. So it wouldn’t really have been possible with the stuff that I have in my apartment. If you are someone who likes to have people over all the time, then of course it makes more sense to just buy the things that you need and keep them stored for when you need them. For me, borrowing works best. Last thing that I struggle with and I want to share with you today is I tend to postpone purchases that have the power to make my life a lot easier. Simply because I don’t want to buy or own them. And this is when I kind of take minimalism too far. Some examples of this are for my channel. Now I’ve been doing this for almost two years now and when I first started out, I didn’t want to invest in a lot of stuff for it because I wasn’t sure if this was something that I would end up doing for a longer time. So I think that’s good, when you first try something new, first see if you actually like doing it before you invest in a lot of stuff for it. But as time went on, I figured that this was something that I wanted to keep doing, and I still didn’t make any upgrades. So for example, I continued to use my old laptop. It was already eight years old at the time and the only software that would run on it was Windows Live Movie Maker. Which is very limited in what it can do and even that took a long long time for my laptop to process. So I was wasting a lot of time as well. So when I finally bought a new laptop after months and months of agonizing over it I really felt like a new world had opened up to me. I could do things with my videos that I couldn’t do before, that made them so much better. I didn’t waste any more time waiting for things to load, and I just could do things that made my videos a lot higher quality. And I work a lot easier, so I should have done this a long long time ago. Same with my tripod I didn’t want to own a bulky tripod. So I just used a stack of books to hold my camera and it was crazy. There were so many shots that I was not able to make because of it. And now that I have a tripod, I cannot imagine how I managed without one. So again I waited too long. And now I’m thinking of maybe purchasing a standing desk. Because I am working behind my laptop all day sitting, and I know that standing is way healthier and better for my posture than sitting. But I just don’t want to buy or own a desk. So I am kind of thinking about putting that aside and finding some form of a smaller standing desk anyway. Because I think that my health is worth investing in and it is worth having an extra piece of furniture around for. So I’m trying to learn from my mistakes. Click here for minimalist life hacks and click here for my minimalist journaling routine Please share the things you find challenging about minimalism in the comments section down below so we can all help each other out. As always, have an amazing day and I will see you again soon. Bye. Bye