Hey curlfriend and welcome back to the channel. TOday we’re reviewing the Miss Jessie’s Coily
Custard! Today we are unboxing and reviewing the Miss
Jessie’s Coily Custard. I was sent this product over to review and
I’m super excited to share this product with you guys. As you guys know, we usually cover the more
affordable products. This is a little bit more high end so let
me know in the comments below what you guys think about me incorporating a mixture of
prices in the videos. Before we get into the review, the pros and
cons, let’s go ahead and start off as usual with our unboxing. The coily custard comes standard in the 8.5
fluid ounce tube. Getting onto the smell, if you’re familiar
with the Miss Jessie’s products you already know that the majority of their products smell
like fabric softener. This product smells like fabric softener,
fabric softener sheets or fabric softener liquid in general. The price for the coily custard is averaging
about $13-$15 for the tube, which is pretty affordable compared to the majority of the
products in the Miss Jessie’s line. I’m super excited to share my thoughts with
you guys on the product. Let’s get into the review. Like I said, it comes in this nice little
tube. The consistency of it is very similar to an
actual custard similar to a cocktail. It’s not as thick as a gel but it’s not too
thin. It’s right there smack dab in the middle. This product is catered towards the coily
textures which made me super excited to share it with you guys. The coily custard has some pretty cool oils. It has coconut and agave and you can definitely
by the shininess of your hair as it dries that there is definitely some coconut oil
present. It said that this particular coily custard
is really great for wash and go’s, rod sets and it’s great for anti shrinkage purposes. So, I decided to go ahead and demo this product
as a wash and go. I went ahead and followed the instructions. I washed and conditioned my hair. I went ahead and applied this product to my
hair. I love this about most other brands that create
these products that are formulated to work with each other. They did have a little hair tip on the back
that let’s you know that this products works really great with their leave-in conditioner. Since I don’t own their leave-in conditioner,
I decided not to use any at all. I didn’t want it to interfere or cause any
white flaking or residue to have a bias review for this particular product. I went ahead and used the coily custard without
the leave-in conditioner. so please keep that in mind as we continue
on with the review. I went ahead and sectioned my hair into 4
large sections and I shingled the product through. My hair only took maybe 5-6 hours to dry which
is pretty cool because it usually takes me a day and a half to get my hair to dry as
thick as it is now. It usually takes me about a day and a half. The only con that I really had for this product
is the fact that it my hair really dry which I know is kind of bias because I did not use
any other products. Other than that, I really enjoyed it. This had to be one of the hardest reviews
I’ve ever done here on Youtube because I couldn’t really figure out if I loved it or if I wasn’t
really liking it. But now after a few hours, it’s really starting
to wear on me. I really like it. It’s really great for those of you guys who
want a real, true wash and go. Not a super defined, going to take you 30
minutes to an hour to complete kind of wash and go. This is like for the girl on the go that’s
not really too much into the super defined look just wanting to wear her natural curls
out and about. As far as anti-shrinkage goes, I don’t think
that there’s any products out there that will be able to cater towards shrinkage. Shrinkage just comes with natural hair and
it’s just something that we’ll always have to deal with. My hair definitely shrunk back up to it’s
original state as it usually would shrink up to if I ever wear a wash and go. So I didn’t really see a difference between
this product and another product as far as shrinkage. If you’re interested in trying out the coily
custard, I’ll have links below in the description box where you can purchase it or check it
out. Keep in mind that this is a custard so the
definition and the results that you’ll get with this product vs like an Eco Styler gel
is going to be two totally different things. Gel is going to give you a harder cast and
it’s going to have a much tighter hold, clumped thick curls and a much tighter hold. This product is a custard so it’s really lightweight
so it doesn’t leave that dry cast on your hair. It’s not as crunchy and dry as a gel. As far as how my hair looks right now, like
I said I had a hard time figuring out if I liked the product because I’m so used to how
super defined my hair would get with the Eco Styler gel vs this custard. I do notice the difference. My hair is still really soft. It didn’t get really casty or really crunchy. My hair is still nice and soft. It is still semi defined, not as defined as
I would personally prefer but it’s defined enough. I hope you guys enjoyed this review. Let me know in the comments below if you’ve
tried out any of the Miss Jessie’s products. Which one did you like and have you tried
out their coily custard? Would you give it a try? I hope you guys enjoyed this. Be sure to subscribe to become a curlfriend
and I’ll see you guys in the next video!