Kitha oise Amar nam Nicole Skye’s Amar channel new oile suscribe lamat notification turn on horo That way you never miss another video like this one so today We are going to be mixing a bunch of soar box lines now. I have a bunch of store box lines like a lot we-we-we bought them all But before I get into that I’m waiting the new merch check it out. Oh my gosh Is that wait is that is that Franklin on one hundred dollar bill? Haha merch link in description also something bad happened Can I even show you? um if you follow me on Twitter you would already know, but something absolutely horrible horrible happened yesterday and I’ve logged all of it the whole emergency room etc. It’s all vlogs that vlog is posted That’ll also be linked into the description down below, but basically, I tore my ACL Yesterday, and I have surgery next week So that’s just awesome news, so give this video a big thumbs up for surgery yeah Alright, so to lift my mood I thought what better video to make then mixing a bunch of store-bought slimes together in a giant slime smoothie I use the perfect perfect video to make me feel happy, so let’s just get started I got caught so the first line. We are going to be Mixing is this FLARP noise putty It’s scented to you it does does it even say it’s scented it Smells like strawberries alright hold on this is supposed to be noise plenty so let’s see Okay, I’m done. I’m done It works. It’s not a bad little putt. Oh oh It’s not very stretchy all right there. We go our next slime is this mountain slime and this is actually based off a real volcano I think and this is I Love a job you love lagoon Iceland please please tell me how to pronounce that volcano putty, so they have Mount Fuji Mount Kilauea Mount st. Helens Mount Vesuvius Malko a cow and then we have this one I do believe y’all blah Blee Blee I have no idea what that even says okay cool concept though basing them on volcanoes Whoa that whole part was just like an air pocket Nothing really stretches well I know it doesn’t stress that well And it stinks well, I didn’t think it’s it smells like store-bought slam This is the kind of slime I used to play with when I was a kid before slime was like super cool This is pretty though. I like this time mountain slime I think we have another packet of Mountain slang to you volcano slime excuse me the next time we are going to the Opening is that’s gross creepy use and then there’s a creepy Rat inside of here I wonder if it’s gonna be really sticky because it looks very Wobbly in there, and it’s is this boy’s life. This is definitely voice line. What’s it a rat a poor rat free the rat We’re smelling slime yet I’ve never felt a slime like this in my life do a zoom above this. It’s like a liquid Jelly, but that’s the same I played with it’s so liquidy. You’d play with it. Oh my gosh, but it’s that is It doesn’t stick though it doesn’t stink Look at that That’s actually really cool It feels like I’m holding air. I like the texture. I wonder if you could DIY that look at how clear it is to you Wow it’s so jiggly he’s red free the rat Who’s the rat, we freed the rat guys, but he’s gonna go in our slime anybody still come on top Look at how quickly compared to like this look at that not jiggly not jiggly Oh, yes, we came for the rat. Oh no money The next time we are going to mix is this styro putty, so this is like phloem It has a little fibers almost like cloud slime that’s kind of funny watch the fibers do you see that? Cloud slime does that to you oh? You should smell that it smells like mechanics like It smells like an engine to a car Desert always felt like you Alright, now. We got some some weird Santa slime This is like a mix of that jelly slime with like this putty Okay, you’re gonna make Christmas slime, and you’re not gonna have this scented like cinnamon or like candy canes like come on Go the extra mile look at the little stars and a those stars are cute You don’t see stars too often in slime. I like that actually stars Now we have that’s gross cooze So it’s another voice line So I’m thinking this is going to be that awesome texture again the presentation of these lines blows eats these doors lines away. Hey It’s hard to compete with like with a corporate giant. There’s no pretty Get out oh That’s flips line what? Do you see that it looks like a like a magical thing that would zip around your room come from space? like a magical space alien That’s so pretty okay, this one’s my favorite so far Oh my gosh in the middle in the center. It’s red I feel like you’ve ruined the texture if you mix this look at that. It’s just chunky Okay, what the heck kind of slime is this it went from being the most beautiful slime to like chunky leftover slime all right? pour that in here All right, so now we have some glitter dough Not sure what this is even gonna be like, but it has the word glitter in it, and you know I love glitter so Yeah, looks like Cleo okay? Why is this this is marketed as glittered oh, and you see how many glitter specks are in here What the heck is that what that like? Alright well, it’s not exactly slime, but it’s a dough, so It’s kind of a good clay So we’ll mix that in there anyways now we have some amazing putty and this is from the glitter gem collection and as you can See this one has a lot more glitter in it which is a lot more satisfying for me? Versus that play-doh that has like two specks that glitter. That’s so satisfying Just just look at that look at the beautiful top pool of glitter Glistening and that’s a nice combo Kind of like a cinnamon slime I bet this would make good bubbles. That is so stretchy. This is the stretchy slime that I’ve got today. Okay. This is kind of a weird shape to make a bubble, but let’s just start Whoa This is dredging. Yeah. Good thumbnail is always really sucked. I wish I could make a big bubble Now we are going to be mixing unicorn glitter snot Sounds jiggly sounds jiggly if your unicorn head is snotting a lot you should probably take it to the vet Gee GUI look at that. It’s like a bubble on top Beep beep beep beep subscribe tip oh This seems to be the exact same thing as the sanest our slime that didn’t smell like cinnamon Holidays is purple, and it’s marketed unicorn snot It is pretty though. I like this one and again. There’s the stars and that’s That look like Beep now we have this mad mater silly sludge, so this is gonna be black. I hope this doesn’t ruin my smoothie I’ve never played with a slime that was from Mad matter. I’ve seen them around Town before I’m not gonna waste my time getting all the plastic off, but I like the the Marketing. I like like the little bin it has like a little skull and crossbones It’s supposed to be like sludge like they really thought about what? It’s another one of those that’s cool for the boy I Would still play with this so They didn’t have this kind of cool sign when I like when I was looking for a sign when I was a kid But it’s like it looks like ah no No This reminds me of gastly from Pokemon alright. Well. It’s fun jiggly slime, but again these don’t go back together once they break Its slumber slime this one did that one didn’t I broke this? And it goes right back together Watch two side pieces Wow I’m impressed mad matter you impressed me We have another one of our volcanoes and this volcano is terracotta from, Indonesia Now these are more like Pisces really I mean look at that. It’s like such a putty Hmm, I’m starting not to like the putties as much as I like this sludge now. We have some more glitter dough this is petia Paulo yet says You pronounce that for me this must be how you say Cactus in Spanish I ate the Poletti Pelle pea pyah, pyah Definitely hey Pie headed paid their deities They say I must be a dear and now this geez watch talk to you this now so if you guys said anything You think? All right, this is another glitter though. I’m interested to see the texture of all of this when we’re done good it goes Now we have some orb slime feet Almost sounds like they knocked off the name or D Looks like slurm cleared from from creature. It doesn’t slam alright Let’s see This is pretty this is a good legit slime. It doesn’t break, which is nice. It’s nice. It’s It’s nice Wow Oh freaking down who is just calling a break It’s pretty cool It almost looks like we made a little succulent garden now We have another styro putty, but this one is orange all right So we are going to try and make another layer of bubble and we’re gonna put the styrofoam on top so we’re just gonna put this behind we have another glitter gem and this one is green and blue glitters, so satisfying But it stinks so bad dang. No one wants to play with some stinky slime oh This was a perfect time to do this with because the texture is so you lost the air hold on cowboy Shit the leaf blower This could get huge pop that was cool. I could probably get pretty big pre might hit it though alright now We have some glow-in-the-dark super putty You guys ever played with silly putty, this is silly putty. I don’t know what this smells like smell that and jelly woods it’s a particular pumpkin like the inside of a pumpkin I Found two let’s see if it bounces de says that he remembers it bouncing it again It bounces Really good like you can bounce it over to the ceiling Cat-like reflexes now we have some glitter and mermaid Potion this is by the same people of the Christmas Santa Claus and a unicorn so it’s probably gonna be yes, it has little stars in it They just marketed it a million different ways the same thing They all have that bubble on the top Alright, I’m just gonna pop that in there. We also have glitter reindeer slime, which is again the same people just marketing it Oh, and there’s also little stars in there I’m glad this is the last one. I have these because They’re all the same very monotonous Okay, so we have some color-changing putty you guys I’ve totally forgot to mention this But you actually can see me buying a lot of these slides in my newest vlog I actually was driving rij was driving the new vehicle that I was sitting in a wheel chair Orange yo, so this must have a body temperature changing this must change our like 98 99 Second to last we have another that’s gross and this one is oh it has frequent inside briefings on a fly Hey though if you want to wear Franklin you know get the merch Benjamin Franklin Look at this all these textures so we have like the Sutra we have the ultra gooey Slime we have putty slime we have phloem slime we have color-changing slime we have play-doh Weirdo I I’m still regretting that decision And we have just like real slime. Oh I would consider this real slime. This is more like a putty This is like a peyote real putty. This is like a putty It’s lime putty all right I Like this one the best Can I lift it up? No? I want you guys to comment down below what your favorite slime was mine has to be the gooey liquid one the black one in Particular there’s wide to the mat matter sludge Let me know your favorite line was in the comment section down below Whoa whoa, I like the scented one to the first scented one was nice Alright, I’m gonna flip this over guys Shawna That oh my gosh, that’s like makes it to black and it looks like a galaxy That’s giving me so much inspiration. That is so pretty. What’s the cranberry sauce? weird business corner I Love the way this smells oh my gosh that smells so good look at the Fallone covered in that the clear gook The jiggly slime I’ll just call this ridiculous line because it’s super dude We hit some putty down there some putty Ooh be nicer there wasn’t like a rat Wow This is so many different textures I can’t even Look schools like school bus line doesn’t mix all together. It’s for the dough. It’s like oh my gosh The dough let me just take this out now that dose could turn it bad We don’t want no goat in Iceland All right well I think that’s as good as it’s gonna get Store-bought slime doesn’t mix very well because they’re all different like chemicals and textures and recipes Interesting so yeah, this is what it looks like when you mix a bunch of different store box limes. It’s beautiful, right I? Hope you enjoyed this video if you did be sure to give it a big thumbs up if you want to see what happened to Me and how I got hurt and stuff. I will leave the link in the description down below merge sleek and Description go check out all my marriage. I love you guys so much. I’ll see you guys in my next video nice guys