Sour ass look on his face ooohhhohhoh my god it seriously felt like a willy wonka gobstopper bby What i am saying is that i should have never put this in my body. A cool wolf is now on the screen (Intro) Ah, bom dia, todos e seja bem vindo ao vídeo de hoje Onde eu estou ficando louco novamente com as coisas que estou colocando no meu corpo (demonic laugh) and dog in my background such a good day heh heh Então, como você pode dizer pelo título, eu vou misturar um bando inteiro de refrigerante Que encontrei no 7/11 juntos E eu vou beber (risos) and I’m going to drink it (sqwuidward laugh) Honestamente, eu sou tão curioso para o que sabe, então vamos descobrir hoje but as you guys know, every single day of this month i will be doing a giveaway for my birthday month so today i am giving away two instax mini cameras. 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Alright let’s drip it in. oooh, if we add pink that’ll make purple ! now we add lady bug to make butterfly okay, so this is a Fanta fruit punch oooo its preetttyyy I wanna taste it (oh my god fuck that holy shit) not my favourite okay let’s add some green Mountain Dew okay now we add grass i don’t know what colour green and purple make, but i don’t think it’s that pretty OOOOOOGHH, NOOOO I’ve ruined it (voice crack laugh), its such an ugly colour now okay let’s add some squirt which i think squirt is a Californian drink cause i never knew about it before so … i’ve never had it OMG that tastes like Aquafresh .. no thats toothpaste FRESCA! FRESCA! it tastes like something Mmm squirt is fresca Up next, we’ll add some 7-Up 7-Up and Sprite…. is there really a difference? Let’s see im tired of this OH, there’s a difference 7-Up taste flat Lets pour some sprite in Sprite is the drink that my dad always let me have because it didn’t have caffeine in it So, going to McDonalds i could never order coke. Which is fine, i dont really like coke. Lets add Mountain Dew code red which was one of my absolute favorites growing up So freaking good code red! Code “Yes mom!” We’re gonna add a little extra that Okay So, Sprite has some new ones out Sprite Tropical Remix Okay Sprite Welcome back! Mhm Still the same wonderful flavor as Sprite remix delicious This is gonna taste so gross all together or maybe I’ll invent a new drink So we have two oranges We have SunKist and Fanta Pretty much probably the same thing We’ll start with fanta MMM You look hot in all that i perfer Fanta, Honestly SunKist… Not that great Fanta orange soda is where its at. Sprite cherry?! Oh my god, i didnt even know sprite had cherry flavor how do you taste? Ooo Dont really care for that one we’ll put a little in there Okay, This is our last clear drink. Canada Dry Ginger Ale Perfect for a upset tummy aka the most boring soda you will ever meet. Now, We made it to our dark sodas Which if you think about it The fact that we’re putting black liquid into our bodies, probably means its not very good for you. Right? We’ll start with rootbeer Is this rootbeer? No, its cream soda Delicious Okay Now, we’re gonna do rootbeer Now its a lovely brown color. Maria! Diet coke.. what is this? coke zero Okay Whats the difference between diet coke Coke zero Coke one Coke two Coke three Ive never understood that Oh, zero calories huh OOOUH, its just getting darker Add some Pepsi-anya into here Ight, Coca-Cola Here we go, I dont like Coke Honestly, Coke Makes my teeth feel disgusting. Its gross. Dr.Pepper, i like her Shes sweet Hello Doctor (burps) whoa, Big burps are coming up tonight Last but not least, Cherry Coke I do like cherry coke The only Coke i like. Well It definitely turned out the color that i expected. wow Okay Well we have a cup (laughs) Now its time for the BIG MOMENT OF TRUTH It kinda looks like iced tea Oh my gosh, WOW Look at it.. Its a brown..color This is gonna be soo gross okay here we go….