Waikato couple Jay and Sarah
battled it out last night in the MKR semi-finals, but unfortunately
weren’t successful. The duo sat down
with Tamati Rimene-Sproat to share their experience. Everything was going to plan
then it all went down the drain. Even though the pair didn’t
quite make it to the final, they have achieved more than they
set out to do in the beginning. Our MKR experience was great! We have done so much,
so many different things. However, we have really enjoyed
everything we have done on the programme. They are passionate about healthy cooking
and healthy foods and are encouraging Maori
to eat healthier. We have our own website where you can learn about
different healthy eating options. And with the Christmas season
fast approaching, the culinary duo has a few tips
to have a healthier Christmas feed. It’s Christmas time,
a time when we’re eating a lot. While it’s OK to eat treats
occasionally, you need to still be eating mainly
fruits and vegetables during this season. The future is looking bright
for this whanau with other projects on the horizon. Tamati Rimene-Sprout, Te Karere.