There is a great variety of desserts
in Indian cuisine! One amongst them is the popular Rajasthani
and Gujarati sweet Mohanthal! This dessert is prepared during festivals. So today’s delight is, ‘Mohanthal’. This is half a kg gram flour of coarse texture. And, let’s add 400 grams of melted
ghee (clarified butter) to it. Let’s mix it slightly.. ..and let’s also add 250 ml of milk to it. The proportions are very important
while preparing Mohanthal. If they aren’t accurate, it won’t get a firm texture. Let’s mix this well. We are done with mixing! It should forms a thick lump like this. If the ingredients are in right proportion,
it will result in the correct consistency. Now, let’s keep it aside for around 10 to 15 minutes. 15 minutes later. Now, let’s put it in the kadai. First, put the mixture in the kadai
and then switch on the stove. Let’s switch on the stove. Now, let’s roast it nicely. It completely changes its color. Keep stirring it continuously.
Don’t go aside.. ..and lower the flame if required. Preparing Mohanthal isn’t an easy job!
It requires a bit of hard work.. ..and a lot of patience. If you tend to rush, it will get burnt! And hence, we have to roast it carefully. But once it’s ready and you taste it,
there is nothing better than that! It will take approximately half an hour
to roast it. So, now let’s do it. We are not done yet, but meanwhile
let’s add some khoya (mava) to it.. the gram flour has loosen. Let’s add the khoya, it’s 300 grams. You can also refer to it as ‘mava’ or ‘khava’. Let’s roast it again. Back to the hard work! It has roasted well and
the enticing aroma has filled the room.. ..which you can’t sense now but you
can if you prepare it! Now, let’s switch off the stove. And the most important part is
preparing sugar syrup. So, let’s take 400 grams of sugar. Let’s add water, half the proportion of sugar.. we have to prepare one thread consistency syrup. When we add water half the
proportion of sugar.. boils to form
one thread consistency syrup. Keep the stove on high flame and
let it form into a syrup. Let the sugar melt. Sugar syrup is being formed.. ..but since the kadai is warm, keep the
gram flour mixture stirring.. ..or else it sticks to the bottom (of the kadai)
and burns. Keep an eye on both of them! A lot of patience job, isn’t it? Let the sugar melt nicely. Let’s see if the sugar syrup is ready. The sugar syrup will be ready when
the last drop falls down forming a thread! Look at this, the thread formed
shows that it’s ready. Now, let’s switch off the stove. Let’s take the kadai off the stove. And let’s add half a tsp of
cardamom (elaichi) powder to the sugar syrup. And, let’s add the sugar syrup
while it’s hot enough (to the mixture.) And let’s mix it well.. ..and keep mixing until it forms a nice mass. This is forming into a nice mass,
that is, into thick consistency. Now, let’s take an aluminum tray and keep it here.. ..and let’s remove the entire mixture in it. Spread it evenly. And, let’s garnish it with
some chopped almonds and pistachios. And now, let it cool down so that it gets set
and we can cut it into pieces! It will take around an hour. 1 hour later. Mohantal has cooled down,
now let’s cut it into pieces. Firstly, let’s cut it from the edges. Loosen it from all the sides. Now, let’s take out its pieces. I have no words to express
how beautiful it is looking! And if you wish to see it, you need to prepare it.. ..and hold it and then taste it! It’s only then, you will know
that Mohanthal is irresistibly scrumptious! I am sure that you will definitely try it.. ..and let me know! And if you wish to see such delectable
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