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I’m helping drive Julie’s class on a little field trip. Click to find out
what the name Julie means. Inside this envelope,
I have a surprise. Open it up. What? Chad is going to
be your babysitter, and Chad is committed
to being kind. Don’t wipe it off. Here. I have a scarf for you. Thanks. Put it on. Get warm. Today is such a big day. Shari doesn’t know it. Inside this envelope,
I have a surprise. What is that? What? What is that? What is what? This. What’s this? Yeah. You can look. What? What is it? What on earth? What is it? Broadway? For Wicked? Yeah. Today. Yes! Cool. Are we all going
to Wicked tonight? Me and Dad. Uh-huh. Abby. Uh-huh. You. Uh-huh. And Brevin. Oh, cool. Wait. What’s Wicked? Everybody keep saying
that Wicked is so cool. What’s Wicked? I don’t normally drive
the kids to school. Are you guys usually this quiet? I was kind of expecting
talking or laughing or obnoxious behavior. But you guys are
always this good? Uh-huh. What happened since
the last time I was driving you guys to school? I don’t know. Wait. When was the last time
you drive us to school? Last year, Kevin and I took turns
driving the kids to school, and this year, since we have so
much on our plates, we have our neighbor
drive them to school. I don’t recall such
quiet, good behavior. The reason I drove the kids
to school today is because I am helping
drive Julie’s class on a little field trip. It’ll be fun. We are at the
Family History Museum, and Julie is finding out all
about her history. This is going to be really fun. So she entered in all
of her information, and it’s like a magnet
that goes to the wall, and we should be able to learn
where you were born, and who your grandparents were,
your great-grandparents. How many people share
your name Julie? There’s 457 thousand. Tell me in the comments below
if your name is Julie. Click to find out
what the name Julie means. It was very popular
in the 1960s because of the actress Julie Harris,
Julie Andrews, Julie Christie, and Julie Waters. Oh, this is so cool. So it shows what
new stories were really popular when Julie was born, and it says that the US Airways flight that
landed in the Hudson River was when Julie was born. And everyone survived. You can see like the gas prices
of when you were born, and what gas prices
have done since. The Family History Library
in Salt Lake City is way cool. So– Wait. Julie right here. And then this is me your mother. This is your dad. Okay. I recognize him. Yeah. Where do you recognize him? Where have you
seen that picture? I don’t know. He is on Grandma Franke’s wall. Remember in her kitchen? That picture is
on her wall, and he was a professor. Like Dad. Just like Daddy. Do you remember
your great grandma Griffiths? You were alive, and you got to know
her a little bit. But these are all
very special people. You know what is really neat
is watching these kids find out that they are related
to people that they know, that they recognize. Like founding fathers,
or the prophet, or leaders that they
have grown up seeing. I’m related to
Elvis, the singer. Elvis Presley? And to watch them get excited, and find out that there’s
more to their story than what they know. They like– their
stature gets bigger, and they smile bigger,
and they’re excited. It’s so fun to watch. Eve, tonight, Chad
is babysitting you. Chad. I’m too tall to fit in the frame. At this angle,
you look as tall as Brevin. Yes. But it’s an illusion. Chad is going to
be your babysitter, and Chad is committed
to being kind, and respectful. And I’m not worried about Chad. He’s going to read you
a fun bedtime story. But here’s what
I want you to do. You need to be kind
and respectful to Chad. So let’s practice what
that looks like. Chad, will you tell
her to do something? Do a jumping jack. Oh, that was a good–
Oh, that’s fun. Okay.>>Well–
>>I don’t know what that is. It’s this. Ask her to get ready for bed. Go get ready for bed. Okay, but hold on now. You can’t do it looking
at your phone. Hold on. Hold on. That– Chad, that was
not a good way to do it. You have to look
her in the eyes, and pay attention to her. Try it again. I demand you to go get in bed. Okay. So let’s practice. What would you do? You look at Chad in the eyes,
and you’d say, “Okay, Chad.” Okay, Chad. And then you would go upstairs. But then, she would come
out five minutes later. All right, so we know
what to expect. Russell, do I need to go
through that with you, or do you know how to do it? When Chad says
it’s time for bed, what are you going to say?>>Yes.
>>Okay? All right. With a question mark? Say “okay” like you’re very sure of it. Okay. All right. There’s sushi in the fridge. You can finish that for dinner. [inaudible] sushi [inaudible]. No. He’s very concerned
you’re not gonna share the Xbox. No intimidating. What are you– Are you going to
share it with them? Yeah, some Minecraft. Minecraft? Is that what you want? Oh, and Halo.>>Can you work it out together?
>>Yeah. All right. All right. My god, help! She’s sitting. She wants to go, but she can’t. Not for you, Nollie. She is not gonna go. Nollie, come here. Come here. She– Nollie, come on. You can’t come. Come on. You gotta go in the house. I’m sorry. I shouldn’t be laughing. She wants to go so bad. She bit the turkey, alright. Come on. Let’s go. We’re gonna be late. You gotta go inside. Here you go. And that is how we get
our dog hooked on turkey, and she acts naughty on purpose
so she gets more turkey. Because you know,
we’re teaching our bad habits. Mom, this really, actually– She actually– She
ignored the turkey, and actually want to come. She’s like really wanted
to come. She did rather want to come
with us than eat turkey. So she really wanted to come. I think I figured out why
Nollie had such a hard time when we left, and it is because I
was gone all day. I’m usually home
all day with Nollie, and then the kids come home. And today, nobody was at home because I went
to school with the kids. I was in Salt Lake City all day
with the kids, with Julie. And then the second I got home,
we’re turning right around,. and leaving again. And Nollie was not
having any of it. She was like,
I don’t want to be left alone. I don’t want to be home
alone all by myself. What she didn’t know was that the little kids and
Chad are still home with her. So, hopefully, she settled
down and she’s okay. She knows we haven’t abandoned
her, forgotten her. But I am back
in Salt Lake again. Here we go for the second
time for me today. Look how beautiful the Joseph
Smith Memorial Building is. Look at that Chandelier. Shari, you can’t enjoy
a piece of cake if there’s veggies around it. It’s called self-control. You call it whatever you want. It looks amazing. That’s mint? You want a bite? I’m like– I’m choosing
one dessert tonight, so I want to know what to get. They’ve got cheesecake,
they got pudding. Is it worth it? This is my plate right here. This is my third plate. How many plates have you had? I just had one, but it was big. Big. Don’t wipe it off. As much as I hate
to leave this place, I am very excited
to go see Wicked. [inaudible] the sauce, it didn’t mix
the flavor [inaudible]. Here, I have a scarf for you. Thanks. Put it on. Get warm. Okay, we found
the Real Game master, in case all of you
YouTubers were wondering. We found him. He’s in our very
own State, you guys. Here he is. Imagine if one of those up
there was our future home. That would be amazing. So Kevin and I, we always talk
about our future. Always. And it’s so weird
because we’re living in the future we were dreaming
about like 10-15, almost 20 years ago. We’re like living today, and it is better than
what we dreamed of, right? And so our dream is to get
a bigger house eventually, maybe in the next
couple of years, closer to the kids’ school. And then, when the kids– When the grandkids
start getting older, and like really older, and we
want to just visit their homes, like we’re done hosting, like we’re great-grandparents,
we want to sell the house, and buy a condo here
in Salt Lake City. Maybe one of these will be ours. And then when people
come to visit us, we have like downtown,
we have lots of stuff to do. But it’s just a small condo, and we don’t have
to like, you know, do yard work or– I can walk to the Jazz games. Yeah. Horses is just right up the road. Yes. It’s perfect. Yes, the symphony is always,
you know, playing,>>or we can go a place.
>>Eccles Theater. Yes. No shoveling of snow.>>Oh, we’re gonna have like–
>>Christmas lights. Best future. I love growing old with you. Ew, you kissed. Oh don’t act like
that is so gross. Don’t act like
that grosses you out. But he said gross too. You’re not grossed out by it. He said, ew. I think we’re here. I am so excited. This is it? I think this is it. I’ll be so mad if we’re going
to the wrong place. Wouldn’t that be terrible if I
didn’t read my ticket right, and they’re like,
“It’s in Orem,” and we’re in Salt Lake. It was two days ago. Or it was two days ago. Oh, look, there it is. There it is. We’re here. He can totally be fun in college. Oh my gosh, he just put the
pizza in the oven with no pan. He just put the pizza in it. We’re watching Chad
doing a live video while he’s babysitting, and he just put a pizza
in the oven without a pan. He’s so clueless.