Health Network, For Public Health Hi, you are listening to audio on website Dessert summer heat With the sun shining during summer days, it makes many people seem unbearable. In addition to the use of anti-heat devices, such as fans, air conditioners, etc. We also need to help the body can regulate body heat, through the use of heat, detoxification and health, suitable for hot summer days. Here, the Health Network would like to introduce:some dishes, made from common ingredients, easy to find, easy to do, cheap to be processed into effective drinks, effective heat . 1. Soya-bean milk fried:This dish has the effect of excluding hot, anti-perspirant, suitable for sweat a lot, soymilk 1 piece, or more depending on people eat, salt, oil just enough. Clean the milk, drain, cut the yarn. Place a hot pan, heat oil about 60%, then scrambled milk into the island, then onion, fresh ginger fiber, salt to cooked island, eat during meals. 2. Apricot apple:Suitable for summer heat, upper limb damage in children. Twenty silkworms, 20 apples. Give two kinds of soup, drink water for the day. 3. Apples red bark apple:Effect of sweat damage, sweat theft, red apple 6g, apple pulp 6g, 9g. Include in boiling water to boil, drinking water during the day. 4. Drinking hot treatment:fresh root clean 100g clean, pear peeled nut shell, 500g code removed shell, fresh lotus 500g burned, fresh circuit 50g. All clean up, squeeze drinking water during the day. Drinking several times. Internal cooling effect, huế kinh, suitable for people with dry throat, dry throat, resentment, due to sunburn. 5. Dry mouth, hot in sound. Take a large pear, soaked in boiling water for half a day, take this water often. 6. Cure thirst for heat:Eat or drink cane juice 2 to 3 times a day. 7. Heat, help thirst, treat the resentment:Grape juice pounded, squeeze the water into the boiled condensed pot, add a little baked ripe, mix well and add some water. Summer heat treatment:Usually used for children with gas, the brakes are injured. 10 to 29g blackberry, 10 to 15g strawberry, 6 to 15g royal jelly, 6 to 10g cassava root, 6 to 10g freeze. Include in, pour water color, drinking 1 month, divided 4 times. Doctor Hoang Xuan Dai. The content of this article is coming to an end, you have questions, please share your comments below this article. Please subscribe to the Health Network channel, share this article with your friends and follow up with the next audio. Hope this article will bring you many useful things. Wish you always healthy.