now future storm trucker weather forecast with meteorologist Mike heard numerous reports of valley snow and that’s six to ten inch range but some of the most totals the heavier totals are in these cities before you and keep in mind these are preliminary it’s still snowing in many regions so these aren’t the storm totals once it comes to an end but we’ve had about foot of snow in Bozeman and butan anaconda out towards Georgetown Lake closing in on 10 inches in same for the living scenario as you look at the big picture view there’s a long fetch of moisture extending as far south to the Hawaiian Islands long atmospheric river we call this in it’s streaming up into central in Northern California but it’s also moving up into Idaho in clipping southern Montana so there’s still a tremendous amount of storm energy yet to trickle through this region now it’s lifting a little bit farther to the north of i90 at this hour but it will continue to slowly sink back down into Southwest Montana later tonight and throughout the day tomorrow so winter storm warnings are up from Missoula to Mile City Great Falls down to Butte down towards the Idaho State Line West the divide warnings are out through 11 a.m. tomorrow morning east of the divide that are up until 5 p.m. tomorrow because additional snow additional wind and very complicated travel is expected to continue around West Yellowstone southern Madison southern Gallatin counties we have an avalanche warning rated high on all slopes natural and human triggered avalanches are certainly a possibility so we’re gonna let this model just play out over the next 24 to 48 hours and again I just want to continue to show you that there’s just this long fetch of moisture that’s gonna continue to bring off-and-on chances for snow into Tuesday Wednesday as long as that low sits off the California and in Washington State Coast it continues to bring up a southwesterly flow now all that moisture is over running arctic air that’s been sitting here for the last couple of weeks so let’s slow down and take a look at the high-resolution model walk you through this hour-by-hour and again most of us lifting to the north of us but we’ll watch this whole thing kind of sink back towards the south overnight so often on banding of snow is a possibility throughout your Tuesday that continues into Tuesday evening and even as we get into early Wednesday morning there’s still a lot of snow potential here ah southwestern Montana it will begin to taper by the early morning hours on Thursday but Thursday into Friday there still could be a few rogue bands of snow trickling through the region so again this is a long-duration snow event so how much additional snow could we see by time we get into about midday on Thursday I don’t know if you want to know or not I mean good grief we could see another two feet around West Yellowstone could see under 6 to 8 inches in Bozeman and possibly up to 2 to 4 or 4 to 8 inches in the Butte area so a lot of potential storm energies still moving through the region and again the cold the cold right now one below in Belgrade in Bozeman high today was zero at the airport 4 below the morning low and wind’s blowing some that snow around snow continues to rage on in Butte we’re sitting at the big old goose egg right now for a current temperature and again and didn’t really warm up or drop off much so you can see a lot of artic air continue to sit over Montana the exception is West Yellowstone they’re sitting at 30 degrees factor in some wind and it feels much much colder teens and 20s below zero even locally so the breakdown for tonight is the same pattern we’ve been stuck with all day bitter cold chance for snow accumulations are possible models continue to be highly varied in the resolution but we could pick up another three to four inches in some areas a little bit more than others but again at just a brutal wintry evening tomorrow only in the single digits towards Helena but around 21 in Dylan often on snow in the area it could pick up more in the way of accumulations and winds could be continued to blow it around as you move south and eastward varied overnight lows if you get along i-90 northward below zero down around West Yellowstone staying above but additional snow additional wind complicating travel severely for tonight’s commute tomorrow morning’s commute and possibly even into your Tuesday evening commute as well so the extended outlook holding into the teens for daytime highs but we should jump up briefly to about 30 on Thursday and then once the snow comes to an end late week into the weekend the cold moves back in with below average highs and below zero lows for Butte several more days of snow is possible it’s not to be snowing all day Tuesday Wednesday and Thursday but watch out for accumulations with off and on banding and Dylan will pick up some scattered snow showers over the next two to three days and turning colder but drier heading into the weekend and possibly below zero at night and well zone moderate to heavy snow is likely over the next three days turns more scattered by the time we get into the weekend and again generally looking at a colder weather pattern the closer to the weekend we get down there in around West Yellowstone so avalanche danger down there it’s gonna continue to be very high thanks yes all right Nick Petrocelli sood sports right now we’ve got the special olympics happening there’s some of the best athletes at the Vegas resort in Big Sky that event yesterday in the stories