now future storm trucker weather forecast with meteorologist Mike herd I see the little mini cool downs in midsummer and temperatures actually falling a little shy of average yesterday and again today the Jetstream retreating well to our south a little cool air dropped into Montana nice little break definitely a cool start today but this whole pattern changes again building high pressure ridge heat will expand northward and we’re looking at some extreme heat by the time we get into the back half of this workweek so slow down you know when it gets in the low to mid 90s that’s just too hot to work outside especially in the late afternoon hours dress for the hot weather watch what you eat try not to over eat too much drink plenty of water and try and find some air-conditioned places if you get overheated with these extreme temperatures expected to set up right now we’ve got a high pressure Ridge trying to build over the region but what’s helping to lock this pattern in place is the stalled area low pressure offshore so both of these elements are gonna work in tandem with this rich kind of locked in here this upper-level low sitting just off the coast you’re not gonna find much variety in the weather pattern over the next four or five days but on a daily basis we start to see an uptick on temperatures and we’re gonna get into the mid upper 80s tomorrow we’ll see low 90s by the time we get into Wednesday and then Thursday Friday Saturday low to mid 90s or planned for our area the good news is that stalled area low pressure off the coast that brings into the cooling trend in here by the time we get into next week so the extreme heat is going to be about a four to five day window and then we start to trend cooler again mostly sunny skies in Bozeman and Belgrade a little cooler than normal on the high and the low for today but good good visibility better air quality today and that’s a bonus and 80 degrees perfect temperature for Butte you’re just a couple degrees shy of where you should be this time of the year no complaints here a little on the cool side this morning down to 40 degrees but statewide numbers have cooled off nicely in the 70s and 80s no widespread low to mid 90s yet those will be building slowly over the next several days so a pretty quiet evening tonight I got Lowe’s again falling into the 30s very close to freezing for wisdom low 40s for Butte low 50s for Townsend chilly for some mild for others light winds planned and not as smoky tomorrow starting to warm up a little bit we got low to mid 80s an outside chance below 90 here and there temperatures beginning to come up abundant sunshine is expected and watch for some increasing wildfire smoke as we pick up a strengthening West Southwest flow aloft clear and chilly again tonight for higher elevations like around Big Sky West Yellowstone but 40s and 50s for the rest of us so hopefully not quite as cool tonight as it was this morning but tomorrow we are up a few degrees from today low to mid 80s maybe an upper 80 here and there and some upper seventies and higher elevations around Southwest Montana so the extent of forecasts again starting to see close to 90 degree temperatures on Wednesday then we’re locked in for four or five days but by telling me getting in the back half of the weekend another little cooldown is coming and that way could last for about four or five days so if you don’t like the extreme heat that’s building this week next week looks a little bit on the cooler side lows at night generally mix of 50s for Butte mostly dry through your extended forecast here as well 80s tomorrow but we’ll try and push her up into lower 90s Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday and then we slide back down to that low 80 range by Sunday Monday overnight lows will stay cool for a night or two but you’ll be back up in the lower 50s with the peak of the heat coming up later on into the work week Dylan your extended forecast 85 tomorrow low 90s are likely to start on Wednesday mid 90s are possible by Friday and then again just a general slide into the 80s again by Sunday and Monday and West Yellowstone quite chilly for the next 2 or 3 nights you’re down in the 30s but warmer highs and warmer lows are coming Thursday Friday Saturday and then we start to slip back into the upper 70s by Sunday Monday so not only what the extreme heats were expecting possibly more wildfire smoke and worsening air quality something we’ll be monitoring every day but we got a little break from that today yeah and quite a change this morning it actually did kind of feel like a fall day that’s gonna be quite a shift coming up all right Burke Leonard in is in with your sports we’ve got a battle going on at MSU the Battle of the quarterback right and if you think that you might have who it is hopefully this little preview gives you some clarity more on that coming up next