Halwa (Indian authentic sweet dish)
is very famous in India! Be it a cinema, a daily soap or an advertisement;
Halwa is always there. Many a times, we call a simple task
to be as easy as Halwa! But the one I will be showing you today,
is not so easy.. ..but very tasty indeed! It is called ‘Moong Dal Halwa’. This is a cup of ghee (clarified butter). Sweets and ghee go hand in hand. Especially, Moong Dal Halwa requires pure ghee. Melt the ghee completely. The ghee is melting,
let’s add moong dal flour.. ..nicely roasted and coarsely ground in the mixer. Let’s add it to the ghee. Let’s stir it until golden brown. As we have already roasted the moong dal,
it won’t take much time to cook now. Now, let’s add some raisins and cashew nuts to it.. ..and stir it for a while. It has turned nice and brown,
filling the room with its aroma. Now, let’s add some boiled milk to it. For around a cup of moong dal flour
we have added a cup of ghee and (we will add) 2 cups of milk.. ..and keep stirring (the mixture)
until the milk gets soaked in it. The mixture has thickened
as well as the milk has soaked completely. And, once the moong dal is roasted, it
starts releasing ghee. Now, let’s add a cup of sugar. This is powdered sugar. After this, add some cardamom (elaichi)
powder as per taste.. ..and mix it well. Now, let’s cover it with a lid.. ..and let it steam for around 5 to 7 minutes. 10 minutes are done!
Let’s check if the Moong Dal Halwa is ready. It is nicely done.. It has separated nicely. It has released ghee,
which indicates the halwa is nicely done! Now, let’s switch off the stove. Moong Dal Halwa is usually
offered as a dessert in wedding meals. Now that I have showed you how to
prepare the halwa, you can enjoy it anytime. Do try it.. ..and you have given me (a nice) response.
I (regularly) read your comments. Keep up with it and keep watching
Ruchkar Mejwani!