Mother’s day is coming up. My mom loves plants and butterflies, so today
I’m making an edible garden. I’ve got my butterfly shirt on, so let’s
start building this garden. First, I’m making 10 flowers. I’m using green grapes for the stem and
fresh strawberries for the petals. Make sure to use a small knife and with each slice, try to pull the strawberry slice toward you. To make it pop, add a fresh blueberry. On Mother’s day, I want to spend as much time as I can with my mom. So, to speed things up a bit, I’m using one box of chocolate cake mix and two cans of chocolate icing. After the chocolate cake is nice and cool,
use pretzel rods to measure the shape of the planter box. That way you’ll know exactly how much chocolate
cake goes inside the box. Glue it all together with icing. Have fun with it and be messy. We’re going to cover it up anyway! To build the planter box, I’m using pretzel
rods. It looks just like wood. For the top soil, I’m crushing up OREO cookies. I really love how the chocolate cookie bits
mixed in with the white cream makes it look like soil and fertilizer! Afterall, you got to make sure your flowers
are growing! It’s time to add the strawberry flowers! For some variety, I made flowers with different
lengths. Just add more grapes to the stem. Oh yah, this is definitely going to spoil
my dinner. Happy Mother’s Day. Thanks for watching and check out these other
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to the channel. If you want me to build a specific structure
that you can make at home, leave a comment below. Thanks for watching and see you next week!