Hello all Today I’ll show how to make super tasty and easy Arabic dessert it’s called “Muhallabieh” or “Balootha” so fast, easy and so delicious and now I will show the ingredients first, pour the milk in the pot then add the sugar and stir them together heat it over medium heat, while stirring Now here put the cornstarch in a bowl and add the cold water or (here I used cold milk) and stir it well, until a viscous paste is formed then add it gradually to the heated milk with constant stirring to avoid burning until a thick porridge form shortly before the end add the flower water to it and stir it for just another 2 min. once it has boiled then immediately fill it and distribute it in cold dessert bowls Now this mixture should be allowed to cool before we start with the second layer after 2 hours Now we can make the orange pudding so first add the orange juice then add the sugar and heat it over medium heat with constant stirring here I’ve added the cornstarch and mixed it with cold water and now I’ll add it gradually to the mixture while stirring constantly until the mixture is slightly thickened once it has cooked then add it over the cooked and cooled milk pudding just over here and before serving, let it cool for another 2 hours 2 hours in the fridge enjoy preparing it and see you soon in my next video 🙂