Today we get sweet on sweets. Let’s talk about that.( music playing )Good mythical morning! It is day four of our
Munch Madness bracket. That’s right. We’re back at it
for another round of our
snackalacka tournament. Today we’re taking a break
from all that salt to taste some sweet treats. It’s time for… Okay, just to recap
how this works. We’ve got four
snack categories, meaty and cheesy,
salty, sweet, and chips. You guys voted on your
top eight from each category, which we seeded into
our Munch Madness bracket. It’s big! And now we’re gonna be pitting
the snacks head to head to crown the ultimate
sweet snack. Now, this is how
we ultimately decided what belongs
in the sweet category. Not just any desert
can be a sweet snack. Pies– not a snack. Ice cream– not a snack. – Those are desserts.
– Yeah. We also categorized
candy bars as desserts.
Okay? We realize that that is
a little controversial, but you ain’t never put a bowl
of full-sized Milky Ways out to watch the game
with your friends. – Right.
– You don’t snack
on a candy bar. You eat a candy bar. Plus, there are so many,
that it would’ve
overrun the category. So, no candy bars. Don’t hate us! We’ll give lots of love
to candy bars in due time. Don’t comment,
“Well, what about
fun-size candy bars?” – Because that completely
unravels our argument.
– It ain’t Halloween. Okay?
Don’t comment about that. No, that’s just
a Halloween thing. Okay, we do however
have plenty of candy, candy that can be enjoyed
in pieces, and cookies. Cookies, yes,
they are a snack. And I’ll prove it.
When was the last time
you had just one cookie? I rest my case. Okay, here’s
our top eight sweet snacks. We’ve got Oreos, Chips Ahoy!, Sour Patch Kids, M&M’s,
peanut M&M’s, Skittles, Reese’s pieces,
and Gummy Bears. Whoo-oo. All right, first up,
we have battle of the cookies. Our top seed, overall seed amongst all snacks based
on your votes, Oreos with 4,709 votes versus our eighth seed,
Chips Ahoy! with 1,718 votes. Let’s go
with the Chips Ahoy! first. Now, my favorite sweet
is raw cookie dough. Okay, but this is cooked. And not only is it cooked.
It’s crunchy. ‘Cause my jam back in the day– Do you remember
these Soft Batch– – Soft Batch.
– …chocolate chip cookies? They put something in there that probably gave you cancer – and also made it…
– Soft. – …soft forever.
– Which is totally worth it. – Um…
– In my opinion. So I don’t find myself
loving these, but the taste is pretty good
once you get into it. It’s not better than
an Oreo, though. Really? I’m not
a lover of the Oreo, but it is milk’s
favorite cookie, so milk is voting for Oreo. I do think that Oreos
are best enjoyed in the presence of milk,
like… But when you put
this and this in milk, this comes out
like that nice sogginess. That makes it soft,
which is the way
that I love it. Yeah, I think Oreos,
clear winner here. – Yeah.
– No competition. Oreos moves on. Alex, move ’em on. Sour Patch Kids
got 2,834 votes. M&M’s 2,608 votes. We’re talking
the four and five seed here. So this is a tight one. I love a Sour Patch Kid, man. Sometimes when I go
to the movies, I’ll get popcorn. But then other times,
I’ll get these. This is like one of my
movie-theater go-to candies. I don’t love gummy stuff
or sour stuff, but I love it
when they’re together. This is my favorite
gummy snack by far. – Really?
– Yeah. And I know
you don’t even like M&M’s, which has always
been weird to me. It’s not that I don’t like
anything about them. It’s just that I always choose
something else instead of them. There’s always a better option
for me personally. They are good, though.
I just like everything. I think I like keeping
my candy and my chocolates
totally separate. Like I wanna go full-bore
candy, which this is. You’re telling me that you
consider the candy coating to have too much
candy presence? No, it’s just the combination
of candy and chocolate, to me, is something
that I never desire. – There is no candy there.
– The whole outside is candy. It’s not candy.
It’s just a coating on candy. It’s not candy coating. So you’re voting for M&M’s? ‘Cause I think I’m voting
for Sour Patch– I’m voting for
Sour Patch Kids as well. – Yeah, Sour Patch Kids.
– Okay. All right, next up we have our
three seed with 2,900 votes–
peanut M&M’s, and our six seed
with 2,366 votes– Skittles. Let’s go for
the underdog first.
You want to? So a little bit of Skittle. Now, contrary to the myth that different colored M&M’s
taste different, which they don’t, Skittles do taste different. There’s a red one. They’re different flavors,
definitely. There’s an orange one. – It’s a rainbow.
– Very chewy. They’re not bad, but– I actually think
it’s very good. – It’s just–
– It’s tart, but not sour. Ironically, even though
I’m tasting the rainbow, it has one note,
like, super strong fruit. And it just almost starts
to choke you a little bit. – I love it.
– You love it? I love that taste. Now, you know I got
a weakness for peanut butter. Well, these are peanut. Made from peanut butter. Peanut butter makes peanuts. Peanut butter M&M’s.
You remember those? Mm-mm.
Those are better
than peanut M&M’s, but you guys
didn’t vote for them, so… Now, the data shows
that these are the superior M&M
in terms of votes. Which I agree, that these
are better than regular M&M’s, Me, too.
Me, too ’cause it’s got– it’s got that extra thing. It, like, takes a little bit
of the chocolate edge off, and they’re bigger,
so you just feel like you’re getting more
for your money. And the consistency
is more exciting. And there’s a game
you can play where you can isolate the peanut
inside your mouth. It’s gonna be hard for me
to put anything over the brilliant combination of anything peanutty
plus chocolatey, even if there is some
candy coating on it, which I don’t love. I’ve already had,
like, 12 of them. I’m still voting
for this because– Yeah, I agree. It’s a great
three-way combination. Peanut M&M’s move on. Whoo! Throw it over there. – A little high.
– Could you just re-center
that a little bit? Get it right there on the–
thank you. Thank you, Alex. Appreciate all your input.
You guys are doing great. You’re really seeing
the field today. Reese’s Pieces,
the number-two seed
with 3,296 votes up against Haribo Gummi Bears,
2,335 votes. Now, you’re
a gummi bear lover. – I am.
– These take a while to eat. We’ve established that
my favorite texture
in the world is gummi. I like to get just completely
naked and get into that bowl. I think about
that kind of thing a lot. I’d like to look away
when that’s happening. But I will say,
I absolutely love
Reese’s Pieces. – You do?
– It’s shaped
just like an M&M, but it’s not trying
nearly as hard because it doesn’t have
an “m” on it. And it only has
three different colors, but the colors
are so complementary. Oh, it’s so much better than
an M&M ’cause it’s so peanutty. And it’s peanut butter.
It’s not just a peanut. This one right here,
it requires too much
chewing on my part. I feel like if I swallow
it pre-emptively, it’s gonna gum up the works. Psychologically,
I have a problem with this. Psychologically, you have
a problem with gummi bears? – Yeah.
– That’s a personal problem. It is a personal problem.
I have to be honest. It’s impacting my judging
decision at this point. I would like to be naked
inside of them, so that’s definitely not
a psychological problem. No, in no way. – I am really, really torn.
– I’m voting here. So this is on you, brother. I feel like I’m almost– This is almost a betrayal of my own brand because I love
gummi bears so much, but now that I’ve put both
of these in my mouth, I feel like if I had to say
which one’s the better snack, I’d say Reese’s Pieces. I think you’re right. Reese’s Pieces moves on.
I’m sorry, Haribo. Feel better knowing
that it reflects the vote. What did you just try to do? He tried to get fancy.
He tried to get fancy. You megged yourself. Yeah. All right,
our one-seed Oreo versus
our four-seed Sour Patch Kids. Uh-huh. It just wakes you up. You get hit with that sourness. It’s like, “Wow, I’m alive.” Any candy that reminds
you that you’re alive is a good candy. I think just the act of eating
reminds you that you’re alive. Man, but that’s
a classic taste. I mean,
I wouldn’t take these
to the movies, but that’s not
what we’re testing here. I love these because they’re– it creates an experience. It just creates, like– It’s like walking into a party, and there’s, like, it’s just
a little lounge music. And all of a sudden,
they drop a banger. Drop a banger? You know how
they drop a banger, and all of a sudden
everybody’s like… you know, like,
twerking and stuff. – I don’t go to those parties.
– You know, that’s why– And I also know
that you don’t either. That’s what happens
in my mouth. Look. I’m about to drop
a banger in my mouth. – There are no parties…
– Bam! where they start
with lounge music
and then they drop bangers. It just wakes you up! But look at
how ornate these are? – I mean…
– Ornate? Yeah, it’s like a–
each one is like a snowflake, except they’re all
exactly the same. Nothing like a snowflake. But they kind of have
this incredible pattern. It says “Oreo” on both sides. It’s like
a cathedral ceiling. No matter how you look at it,
you know that it’s an Oreo. All right, here’s the thing. This– It’s begging for milk. It’s like,
“I’m really great with milk.” But what if there is no milk? You don’t need milk for this.
You don’t need nothing
for this. It’s made better with milk,
but it’s also good
without milk. – I’m standing
my ground with Oreo.
– I’m in the Sour Patch zone. – Okay, sounds like
we need a tie breaker.
– We need a tie breaker. It’s my childhood best friend
and Link’s worst nightmare, the all-star of sweets
and the champion of creeps, Cotton Candy Randy! Link ( laughing ):
Oh, no! Yes. No. Here he comes. – Happy Cotton Candy Day,
– Yep. Do you want a sweet nothing
before we start? Yep, yeah, I do, I do.
I always do. ( exhales ) There’s room for two
in the sack where I sleep. Good. That’s good to know. I know the parts of your house
where the shadows
are the darkest. Randy, why don’t you just
taste– Wanna feed me some snacks,
Daddies? Oh, yeah,
he wants to be fed. – Uh…
– Oh, yeah, feed me, Daddies. What do you mean, feed you? That’s an Oreo. This is the first time
I’ve ever eaten this before. Give me one of those.
Watch your fingers. A little sour? I like this one ’cause it tastes the most
like human bones. Now, this one has kids in it. Yeah, I don’t like that. That’s a surprise.
So this is your choice. – You like this one better.
– Yeah. I’m more of
a chocolate guy anyway. Yeah, I can tell. Yeah. – All right.
– All right. – You have
a cotton candy beard.
– Bye, Daddies. We– He has spoken. – It’s– Oreos moves on.
– Oreos moves on. – ( canned jeering )
– Link: Bam. It’s two seed
versus the three seed. Let’s go in over here. That initial pop
is satisfying. – Solid, man.
– The same pop you might get from a well-designed
hotdog or sausage, but in candy form. Right, that’s exactly
what I’m thinking about when I’m eating M&M’s
is sausages and hotdogs. You know, I really think you
gotta take into account what begins to happen
over the course of eating
a bag of these. Now, my experience
with Reese’s Pieces is that they’re
super incredible. – I never regret the decision.
– Uh-huh. But three quarters
of the way through the bag, I’m like,
“I just keep getting
peanut butter.” – Yeah.
– Whereas this experience of having that
peanut and chocolate over and over again? And it comes in three waves. You get the candy coating. Then, when you bite into it, you get the peanut second,
actually. And then you get
an aftertaste of that signature
M&M’s chocolate. It’s more complex. Again, with repeated
snackability, I am going towards the M&M. What about E.T., though? Because he’s watching. Well, he’s a grotesque puppet. – That’s how I feel.
– All right. I agree. Peanut M&M’s is moving on! – Yeah, consistency.
– ( canned jeering ) – Rhett: What?
– Link: Variety. Our overall number-one seed
has unsurprisingly advanced to this round. But the number three
is now here in a position to assert itself in the final four. Wow. Now, here’s the one thing
I’ll say about Oreos. I don’t ever really just enjoy
a normal Oreo. A lot of people have
their different ways of
pulling them apart, you know,
taking two and making
one double-stuff, which then Oreo listened and then started making
double-stuff off the shelf, – so you wouldn’t get rid
of half a wafer.
– Look at that. And there’s lots
of customization where you can express yourself, – but here’s–
– Not a lot, though. Here’s the thing
that gives me pause. Because I think
neither one of us loved
the Oreo that much. I love it in milk.
I love it in milk. Here’s the thing.
All the cookies
and cream stuff, is just crushed up Oreos
inside of something. It’s amazing how magical
this becomes as an ingredient. That sounds like
an argument for it, though. But that doesn’t
make it a great snack. That makes it
a great ingredient. Well, another way
to say the same thing– Say the same thing
in another way. If I’d have sat down with this
whole thing of cookies, three or four cookies in, I’m tired, I want milk. My body is screaming for milk. Because it needs milk
to be a complete experience. And I think we have
to evaluate this as a cookie, as a snack,
on its own. Because milk’s not a snack. – Milk’s milk.
– We’ve also gushed about the different layers
of an experience you have when eating just one, which allows you then
to eat many more, which is the ultimate goal. We’re gonna disappoint
a lot of people. It’s not about
disappointing people. This is the overall
number-one seed. If we send these along,
we’re gonna get letters. We’re gonna get letters,
not comments, but letters. But we’re gonna
do it anyway, aren’t we? Go to the contact page
of our website, Because we’re moving
peanut M&M’s along?
Is that what I’m hearing? I believe in it. All right, I do, too. It’s going to the final four! Peanut M&M’s! What do you think, Alex?
Is this a surprise? I respect all your decisions. You– You don’t like
Oreos either. No, I don’t like Oreos. Okay, there we have it. The final four has been set. Tomorrow, we will determine
our overall best snack
in the world. And I just wanna take a second
to thank Cotton Candy Randy for taking moments
out of his busy schedule to come in here
and help us out. I’ll thank you later
in your sleeping sack. Thank you, Randy. Stick around to watch more
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