[MUSIC] This is what I do to my
girlfriend’s brothers.>>Oh, God.>>I mean, honestly,
oh you have big tits. [LAUGH]. [LAUGH].>>Let’s go make
some God damn gravy. Come on, seriously. [MUSIC] I’m Callie Speer, and I’m the pastry chef
at Swift’s Attic. So Swift’s is a restaurant that’s
downtown Austin we are the upstairs
of an old sort of meat packing plant
historical building. So it kinda gives
us a fun vibe we do small plates, we’re
a small plate style. So it’s definitely
shared portion. The ta, you know, the
table typically would get multiple things
off of our menu. They’re all built to
share very easily. And we like to do a lot
of whimsical things. This thing is
something we call it’s a polenta cake,
but it’s something that we
like to call cone bread. Cuz we’re from
the South I’ve lived in Austin my whole life. So I’ve worked here
since I was a teenager. I got a job in a kitchen,
that was my dad’s friend that opened a restaurant
and I did all of like. The bitch work, basically I started out
actually working savory. And we had this
pastry case where we had this lady that
was doing it. Couldn’t really do it any
more they’re like, oh, what do you think?
You wanna, like, switch over?
I’m like, [LAUGH] that could,
that could be awesome. [MUSIC] I like the art of it and
the science of it a little bit more
I think was what. Munchies.
>>Peaked my interest to kinda change over and
do pastry. My favorite on the menu,
that is a basil sherbet, with coconut milk
panna cotta. And it has a peanut butter
powder on the bottom. Some curried
Rice Krispies. And some lime, like a kinda pop of
lime gel at the end. With some micro I
like to do, also, throwbacks of things, or,
you know, things that people have a nostalgia
about and recognize. I did a chocolate mousse,
it’s sitting on top of a chocolate soil with
some Captain Crunch ice cream, and then finish
it with a little bit of blueberry to do the, kind
of like Crunch Berries. Just a sort of a. And that was sort of my answer to like we
have to do a chocolate. Like a serious
chocolate let’s do a chocolate dessert I’m
like all right well we’re doing crunch berries
this is going to be great [LAUGH]. [INAUDIBLE]
>>Well our dining scene here in town
for sure has exploded, like especially over
the past couple of years. We used to we had
nothing, like for the longest time there
was like one fine dining restaurant and that was
it, and if you wanted to get a good review in
the paper you had to have white tablecloths
like fine dining service. And then over the last
few years, We have seen this element of a lot of
it honestly is the people that have worked here
in town for so long. Most of these people all
kind of came up together and they all just started
doing their own thing. Which was awesome. They went, worked in these places
all together. Cuz there wasn’t
very many, you know, there weren’t very
many options. And really, we were just a group of
people that liked to have a lot of fun with the
menu this is my husband.>>Hello.
[LAUGH]>>Love him. hi.>>Speak into her tits. That’s where
the microphone is.>>Speak,
speak into my tits. So I have two girls so I don’t go out a whole
lot at all, usually. Super, super
spirit fingers. Last night I brought out
with me Mat Clouser, who’s our executive chef,
Zack Northcutt, who is our sous-chef, and Abby Yates,
who’s also our sous-chef. Matt and Zack, I’ve
known both of them for almost ten years. And really not
even because I ever worked with them. But my husband did and
other people, and Matt worked with my
husband a while ago. And, we are friends.>>[LAUGH]>>You’re drinking
a little too slow. You’re really being a Debbie
fucking downer here.>>Right?
>>So we left Swift’s yesterday, and we walked
over to The Back Space. Which is just
a couple blocks down the street from us.>>I really want
to trip you.>>Don’t trip me. That’s so rude.>>[LAUGH]
>>Backspace is a kinda teeny
tiny like hole in the wall pizza place
that is also I feel like surprising
people don’t notice it. It’s there all the time. Then you walk in and you’re like wow
this looks awesome. Backspace is owned
by Shawn Cirkiel, who I worked with. Many years ago he was,
that’s where I worked before I came
over here, Swifts. Any part of me that
is any good at what I do now, is definitely
because of him. We ate some pizza and a whole bunch of
other awesome stuff. Jefferey, the chef there,
he’s great. He came out and hung
out with us some too. So that was.
A super fun. They’re really great
about doing all the like antipasto like small
dishes Sprizer, sprazer. They’re so good and so hot it’s like my kid,
I’m like mm. Oh, my God. Mm.
Mm.>>There are lamb
meatballs.>>Yes.>>Good times. Lamb meatballs
with a little bit of pecorino
romano on top.>>Yeah, thank you.>>Awesome.
Thank you. These meatballs
are the jam. They really are. They’re the shit.>>You’ll never
say that again.>>The jam?>>They’re the jam.>>They are the.
Jam. These meatballs
are the jam. It’s like space jam. Almost as space jamy
as the jersey we’re gonna wear out tonight. We’re going to Justine’s. Justine’s is a french
bistro over on the east side of town. It’s super far on the east side around
really nothing. They’re known for their
lively atmosphere for sure I would say.>>Irreverent attitudes.>>Uh-huh. And Casey, who’s a good
friend of all of ours, is the chef over there. He’s expecting us and I
would imagine that should be a pretty good time.>>Justine’s is a place
I never wanna leave.>>No, he was just
actually saying that Justine’s is the place
that every single time he has to have have his
wife come pick him up.>>Or drag me out, yeah. As soon as I.>>[LAUGH] He’s like this
is amazing [CROSSTALK].>>They give me the high
glass treatment for the and
that’s just it for me. That’s my, that’s my jam. That’s my truth.>>Your truth jam?
>>[LAUGH] That’s my truth jam.>>Welcome.>>Hi, thank you.>>And we brought
pizza for the kitchen. Wonderful. I can help you take
that to the kitchen.>>Awesome.
>>I can also guide you to your table.>>Thank you.>>Hey. Hey. [LAUGH].>>How are you doing?>>[LAUGH].>>Nervous? [LAUGH].>>I’m Casey Wilcox. I’m the executive chef
at Justine’s in Austin. We do French food. Kind of pseudo French
food on, on some levels. But classics on
the other end. We definitely know they’re throwing
a party [LAUGH].>>Like every time
I go in there I always feel like we’re
in some, you know? Like the 40s or
something. Like you just go and it
feels like so fun and so like whimsical
in there and they really try to make
the experience not only about the food, and the food being great,
but making it just. Feel, feel fun and
feel exciting. We ate a whole mackerel
that he brought out, and I think we got
shots of that. He brought it out
to the table, and he was like literally
this just walked in the door 15 minutes
ago so that was, that was neat we also ate
a curry dish there that I thought was great,
with cauliflower. He did like a beef bacon
dish that was just phenomenal, and
so surprising.>>So
it’s the naval plate. All the burnt ends from
me roasting the bacon are in,
in the cabbage as well. In the, in this mix is
a little bit of cabbage that you salt to kind of
bleed the water out of so they don’t get soggy
when they’re cooked, and radishes, mustard
seed, caraway, and then just a little
bit of cream and egg. So that kind of holds
everything together. Then the cabbage, try
to get one of these to kind of cup a little bit
and hold some sauce. So it looks nice
on the plate.>>I think that was
probably, with everybody, the hit of the evening.>>Who’s the guy that was outside the window
at Justine’s?>>I don’t know. They know him. I didn’t know him, but he was like, stressing
me out a little bit. I’m sure, at some point, they’ve all worked
together somewhere.>>Oh yeah.
I wanted to call up Tracy Martin. Munchies.>>Getting up in here. [LAUGH]
>>I mean, it’s like, it’s kinda incredible. Cuz there’s just like
this mirror room they’re like, this is amazing
like we have this shed on the property. And that’s what it was. Like we have this
shed on the property. We don’t know what
to do with it. Let’s layer it
in mirrors. [LAUGH]
>>Let’s layer it in mirrors.
>>Like. What?
>>Paint that shit gold.>>How, how am I supposed
to do my cocaine, though, if it’s on the walls.>>Make it rain. [LAUGH].>>Avi’s crop dusting
us in the booth. Can we please go?>>[LAUGH].>>Act, act nonchalant. Act nonchalant. Avi just crop dusted
us in the booth. My lady. [LAUGH].>>You’re wrecking
my shots.>>We’re going
to The Liberty, which The Liberty is. The Liberty’s
The Liberty. What do you even say
about The Liberty?>>It’s a fucking
skeezy ass dive bar.>>Like, the Liberty’s
[CROSSTALK] amazing.>>It’s a local
watering hole, it’s a skeezy dive bar.>>It smells.
>>It’s amazing.>>We’ve known it. Then work with Casey and
Vicky the owners.>>Casey and Vicky that own it are amazing
people. They are so, so great. It’s just this like,
kind of like, gritty, divey bar over
on the East Side, but it’s so popular and
it’s definitely, like, of all the bars that all the
industry people go to, that for sure is one. You can’t walk into
The Liberty without knowing at least
a dozen people that are gonna be in there.>>So this is Casey.>>Howdy guys!
>>He’s the owner here at the Liberty. We’re just talking about
your bathrooms and how big you build
the bathroom stalls. [LAUGH] Casey was
the manager of a very popular
bar here in town. He’s worked in town for a long time, and
everybody knew him, and he’s just the most,
like, outgoing, most. Just relates
to everybody. And everybody, you know,
like, you meet him and you wanna be his
friend immediately. Like, he’s just great. So when he decided
to go open this bar, he just had this
following of people. That immediately
they’re gonna go in there and love it. And support him. Because he is who
he is [LAUGH] have you seen
the balls on her? I mean, I’m just serious. Pull, pull, pull them
out, Abby [LAUGH] for christ’s sake,
just pull them out.>>I wish I had a lemon
in my pocket right now, so I could be
like [SOUND].>>I wish I had
a dollar for every time you showed
your fucking balls. [LAUGH]
>>Really wealthy.>>Gravy, gravy, gravy,
cheese, cheese, cheese.>>Yeah,
we’re going with you.>>Hey!>>Let’s go, guys. Care fancy! [LAUGH].>>[INAUDIBLE]
The other side.>>Not going back
to make gravy. [LAUGH].>>That’s right, we are not going
back to make gravy.>>Give us some
directions, Tom Tom.>>I am going back to
make gravy, God dammit. Right now, this sucks. [LAUGH].
>>Bitch I already made your gravy. Shut the fuck up. All you gotta do is fry
some goddamn tater tops.>>I mean, are they hot. [LAUGH].>>I did all your
shit for you. Fuck you.>>And then we came back
to Swiss and everybody was a a hot mess I
feel like for sure. [NOISE].>>Mom? Mom? Mom!
Mom, let us out!>>And went back
into the kitchen.>>You don’t, you don’t think I should
dump the whole thing? Oh my God, I love it. Cook to live. Cook’t olive? [LAUGH].>>We’re doing
a poutine bar. Which, poutine,
typically, is, I mean, really.>>Batik and Indian.>>Honestly. Lot of frack and
>>Like, we’re gonna do
poutine our way. So we’re gonna do fries,
like a big old buffet, pork cheeks that have
been slow cooked, goat slow cooked
the same way. We’re going to do
multiple types of cheese.>>All kinds of cheese.>>Cotija cheese, like
all sorts of blue cheese.>>Yeah.
Got orange cheese.>>Orange.
That orange cheese.>>Near the best. [LAUGH]
>>We’re gonna do all sorts of. Cheese, [LAUGH] which is
my favorite food group ever, cheese. And then we’re
gonna do gravy, which we’re gonna do
like a regular gravy, and then we’re gonna
do a redeye gravy, which has a little
bit of coffee in it. [MUSIC]>>Move!>>I mean, really,
like, what better, after you’ve had a night
out of drinking than, like, fries and
gravy and meat.>>You gotta layer it,
yeah?>>You gotta layer it.>>It’s all about
the layers.>>[COUGH] That
cheese melted on it. [CROSSTALK].>>Consado. [CROSSTALK].>>We’re going goat? It’s goat, right?>>Yeah, that’s the goat. [MUSIC]