Hey guys in Today’s video I am going to show 5 such winter appliances Which can make our winters awesome And I will be coming up with such amazing videos So, let’s start the video What do you think about the cold outside? i just think of a warm room So just thanks to technology For making Heaters Still People use angithi at home Which cause smoke Which create breathing problems And if you live in Flats So there is no proper ventilation For that heaters is a perfect solution Which are available in the markets in many forms As such Select heater according to your room capacity Must be energy efficient so as to save electricity And has a warranty period Everyone desires to eat all these But in the name of cutting one feel cold and make the excuses So, friends for this we have Food Processor It reduces our cooking efforts Enhances our cooking You can cut all the vegetables Can Knead the dough Can take out the juice Even can grade the carrot While purchasing the food processor take note that Must have high Motor Power These gadgets Branded/Non-Branded you can purchase From any local vendor or online Winter means Laziness and Blanket One never wish to take hand out of the blanket So will he drink water? And that also cold For that use Thermos Not kids ones But the one which you might have been gifted by someoe Side by side kitchen work leave water for boiling And then store it in Thermos And drink warm water early morning And you might be familiar of the advantages of warm water It cleans up our stomach and intestine To freshen up early morning And is also beneficial for our health Take care of it’s capacity while purchasing You might be familiar about the air of all these places How many people facing difficulty in breathing due to air pollution Mainly for the asthmatic patients Has to take leave of kids from schools By this you have saved from the outer air But what about the air inside? So, for that On line Air Purifier selling is in a number just take care of the room size while purchasing This is all about the technology But we too must be responsible to plant a tree per day To avoid the case of air pollution Even can plant indoor plants as Who baths daily in winters? Okay three times in a week? At least once in a week you might It’s not that much cold For this we need Geyser People feels that it is expensive Will consume more electricity And is unsafe But it’s not so You can use eco -friendly geyser to save electricity And if you are living in an individual houses So can use solar geyser And it is safer than the water heating rod And it has one more advantage Must take care of it’s star rating And i recommend it to take of high voltage It doesn’t mean that it consume much electricity But the water will boil more fast You can take it according to the usage capacities The are generally available between 1 to 15 liters So this was all about today’s video Where I explained you about the appliances