– Thank you so much. (laughing) Recipes, life hacks, and everyday tips. Welcome to Sasha in Good Taste. (Sasha and crew laughing) – [Crew Member] Take two on that. – Welcome to Sasha in Good Taste. Today, we are gonna be making candles. Candles can be so expensive. They can be up to hundreds of dollars, so making them at home is
so much easier and cheaper, and you can get the same effect. They can be for your house
or a gift for a friend. And they can be exactly
what I want them to be, whether it’s a citronella candle outside to protect me from mosquitoes, or if it’s creating really
pretty designs in the jars, I mean, it’s endless. Please don’t forget to comment below and hashtag SashainGoodTaste
with photos of your candles. Let’s get started. It’s pretty simple. All we gotta do is add
wax to a melting pot. I like to use soy wax. You can get the wax or at
any craft supply store. This is nice and clear. If you want to make it a color, you can. You add in some food coloring
once it starts to cool. I’ma heat this up on the
stove in a melting pot. Let’s do it. While that starts to heat up, you wanna keep a close eye
on it, but we can also prep. So I have a plain glass jar and I’ve got these little
wicks with stickies on them to make sure that they
stay secure on the bottom while we pour in our wax. Once it is stuck to the bottom, we’ll be able to keep it straight. I like to use one of these things so you can perfect your candles. I use honey to help stick my dried flowers and leaves to the sides. I like that. So when you pour in the wax, it just molds to the sides
so that you can see it, and it just gives a really personal, pretty touch to your candles. I love knowing that I made this and it wasn’t just store-bought. You can customize them
with your favorite scent or your friend’s favorite scent, and they really are pretty. I am gonna check on my
wax to see how it’s doing. It’s got a couple more minutes, but one thing to note is as
soon as it gets into liquid form and it doesn’t have any more flakes, let it cool for a couple seconds before you pour it into your jar to make sure that it solidifies. You wanna make sure that you
handle it with oven mitts. It stays really hot for a long time and I would hate for
your to burn yourself. All right, so now that
our wax has fully melted, we are gonna add some drops
of essential oil into it. I love eucalyptus oil. It smells so good. (mellow lo-fi music) This is still really hot,
so I’m still using a glove. So I’m going to pour
the wax around my wick. So once your candle has
cooled and solidified, we will cut the wick to size so that you have a perfect little candle. I love jars like this
because you can actually put a little top on it and
keep the scent fresh. I have melted more wax, I
put a wick of this bucket, and I am gonna fill it with wax, but I’m also gonna put some
citronella oil in here. Bugs love me and so I wanna make sure that our summer barbecues
don’t involve me getting bit. So I’m gonna add some jasmine
and some lavender to this as soon it starts to
get a little bit firmer, ’cause it just kinda coats the top and it looks really pretty,
but once you light it, you will get the scents of
jasmine and lavender as well. So it’s solidifying a little bit more now, so I’m gonna add some of my lavender and my jasmine. These cute, these little white flowers? These will look so pretty once the candle has completely solidified. Once you’re at this stage, you are gonna let them cool
and solidify overnight. Now that our candles have set, I’m gonna trim the wicks
so that we can light them. By the way, they smell delicious. This smells like jasmine, citronella. Perfect wick size. Do the same with this one. A good size for the wick is
about an inch above the wax. I am gonna light these. Perfect! You can use any dried
flowers, any essential oils, any smells like that that
really make you happy. They make me happy and I think
they’ll make you happy too. So remember, comment below,
hashtag SashainGoodTaste. I wanna know what your
favorite essential oils are and if you’ve made candles before, if you’re excited to make them now. Don’t forget to subscribe so you can see all the fun
things we do next week. (mellow lo-fi music)