My culinary voice really comes from a
place of humor and surprise, you know, I really like to make people smile, I like
to make them laugh and I always like to make them think. You know, whenever they get something of
mine, be it a cake with lasers and motors in it or a plated dessert or even
something savory, I always want to put something surprising in there so
people are like oh man this chili is really good – oh what’s that? You know, or like, you
know, they get a cake and then they go to cut into it and then it falls
apart and there’s another cake inside of it or something like that. You know, I’m
not too serious about how I sort of put my food out there but don’t confuse that
with not being serious in what I do. You know, what you put out to the world is
not this sort of serious, pedantic, overbearing sense of this is a
culinary museum kind of thing. No, it’s a cake shop, it should be fun, you