(crunching) (laughing)
– What the heck! – Wassup Ninjas?
– Wassup Ninjas? – This is Slice. – And Rice. – So I tried Korean food, snack, drinks. Today it’s time to try dessert. – I think you’re gonna like all of them. So let’s just get into it. – Do I have to close my eyes? – Yes.
(sniffs) – Tryin’ to get a little
whiffy whiff whiff. – Oh, open. (laughs) Did you even hear me put it down? – No, I didn’t. This looked like one of them burgers you get from McDonald’s. – (laughs) It does! – But you look at the
picture of McDonald’s hopin’ you’re gonna get it, and
then it show up like this. It’s like a little doo back there. – Actually, you should
probably eat it right there. – The doo doo part?
– Yes. – Alright, here we go. This is a nice start. (cheers)
(claps) – Do you know what’s inside? – It’s red beans. – Yeah! (romantic music) – What you doin’? – Nothing. – My side chicks make this all the time. – Boy, wait, really? – What, the side chicks or the red bean? – The next one is like really
good, and you have to close your eyes when I feed it to you. – What?
(laughs) Aw, man! Close my eyes.
– And sing to yourself. – Sing to myself? ♪ Who let the dogs out who who who ♪ ♪ I’m gonna get copyrighted ooh ooh ooh ♪ (laughs) What is that, a pack of Tic-Tacs? Yo, is it a bunch of little
beads, ’cause I ain’t tryin’. Oh, what is that? I felt somethin’. (laughs) That was good. – You like it? Do you love it? – Is that like a pear? – No, another green fruit. – Kiwi?
– What does it taste like? – Tastes like a watermelon. – Oh, close. – What the heck? A cantaloupe, a pineapple? – Water-mel-own. – What? – It’s melon. – It’s just a melon? – It’s called melon bars,
it’s literally a melona bar. – Yo, this is solid, I like this. (yells) What the heck is your problem, yo? – That is cold. – Imagine somebody just puttin’
that right in your mouth while your eyes is closed. – Ready for the next? – Don’t put nothin’ else in my mouth. – Alright, sing.
– Sing? – Just sing. ♪ Who’s that doggie in the window ♪ ♪ I hope that doggie’s for sale ♪ I hear a bag, a wrapper. What are you– (laughs) – You like it?
– You said you would not do that. – That’s why I did the other way. I put my arm around. – Eww!
(laughs) Yo, what is that? This looks like an old hot dog on a stick. What is that black stuff in there? – I told you, you’re not
allowed to ask questions. First, a big bite. You’ll taste it when you get the big bite. – Gotta eat it, eat it. – What is that?
– Eat it! – Eww!
– Are you kidding? – Look like little bugs in there. What is that? It had no taste until I
got to that little seed, and that seed felt like
I was eatin’ a cockroach. – Let me. – No, you’re fakin’. – What do you think it is? – This is an old weenie. – You really think it’s a hot dog? – A frozen–
– Like a sausage? – A frozen weenie.
– You’re right. – That’s what this is, a frozen weenie? I knew it, yo. That’s nasty. That is nasty. – It sure is not. – What is this?
– Red bean. – That did not taste like red bean. This is a frozen cockroach. – What the heck?
– Next. – It’s called B B Big. (laughs) – Now, come on, man. B B Big? I’m over here talkin’
about somethin’ that looked like a weenie? – Alright, ready?
– Yes. – [Rice] Are you singing? – I gotta sing? ♪ You walkin’ down the street
and you hear somethin’ sweet ♪ ♪ Diarrhea, diarrhea ♪ Dang!
– Alright, you can open your eyes. – What is that? – Okay, don’t look anymore. I’ll open it. – Ew, what is this part? – I said no questions. Big bite. (crunches) No, what the heck? Are you kidding me? – No. (crunches) – You like that?
– Yeah. – That is nasty. Sorry, a lot of Ninja’s would be like, you so mean to Korean stuff. – This is so good. – Don’t you know what fish
tank water smell like? – Oh actually, you know
why it smells like that? – Why does it smell like fish tank water? – ‘Cause that’s seaweed. – That doesn’t even taste like dessert. That’s sugar and spice
and everything wrong. You know, you eat something
really nasty and the aftertaste is like, taste this nastiness. – Anyways, that was (foreign language). – She hooked on phonics for Koreans. – I’m really excited. Obviously, I saved the best for last. Close your eyes. Sing. ♪ Do do do do do do do ♪ Open. We’re goin’ to a bakery. – We’re goin’ to a bakery? Now come on, man. – Come on. – What if I don’t like it? – I went through so much
trouble to make sure that we can go here today. – Oh, gee. Okay. – So I’m taking you to the Korean Bakery. Come with me. – Oh my gosh, you’re way too
happy, and what is this place? I’m really excited to
try out the last dessert of this episode. – [Rice] So, I’m at Shilla Bakery, and I’m ordering the Bingsoo. So can you tell me what’s in the Bingsoo? – Our Bingsoo base contains
condensed milk with heavy cream. You put strawberries,
mochies, Fruit Loops, yeah, all those things. – [Rice] Nice, oh my God, so excited. Don’t look. – Said not to look. – Yeah, don’t look.
– Yeah. – Oh, my hair got in it. – Oh, that’s gonna be gross. – Open.
– Alright, whoa! This right here is really, really good. Is this Fruit Loops? – You can’t ask any questions. – Where are we, by the way? – So, it’s called Shilla Bakery. They have a bunch of Korean desserts. I got the majority of the desserts here that you tried at home. But let’s stop chattin’ and – Okay, okay, okay!
– Let’s start eatin’! – Alright, I’m gonna try it. Oh, very soft. That is good! – And that’s why I got two spoons, because I am sharing with you. – This is my favorite one. What are you doing? – I got a Fruit Loop stuck in my throat. – Yo, shout out to these guys
for lettin’ us film this. This is the mmm! This tastes so good I just
want to dropkick my mom. Oh, sorry. If you guys like me trying
out the Korean desserts, then you will definitely like
when I tried out these foods, drinks, and snacks. So check ’em out right now.