(dramatic bang) (Glory coughs) (laughs) (electronic beep) – [Both] Wassup ninjas! – This is (slide whistle music) Slice. – And (triumphant fanfare) Rice. – You guys enjoyed the first time my ma was cooking food for Glory. – (crying) This is so good. (trumpet music) (electronic beep) – Now we gotta come back to Mama Agstrack. (both laughing) – [Mom] Vanilla agstrack. (electronic beep) – And this time it’s time for
Glory to try some desserts! (clapping)
(upbeat music) Some black desserts. – Black desserts? – In my household these are
the desserts that we eat. – I’m ready!
– Are you excited? You hungry?
– Yeah! – All right, well let’s get
started with the first one. – [Mom] Okay, so the first one’s supposed to be sweet potato pie. (record scratch) – Mom, you didn’t have
to do all that, see? You just had to pass the thing to us. (Glory laughing) She was supposed to guess what it was. – [Mom] Oh. (Glory laughing) – So just, what in the.. (laughs) – [Mom] But they taste
good, ’cause I actually made four of ’em and I ate one last night. They’re actually good. – All right. (flute music)
(Slice humming) And open your eyes (trumpet fanfare) even though you know what it is. – (screams) What? I’ve never seen this in my life. – This look like the atomic bomb! (suspenseful music) – [Mom] Or does it taste
like an atomic bomb? (Glory laughs) – Now you have the first bite. – Okay, okay. How do I, where do I? – [Mom] Just dig in! – You act like you never ate food before. – [Mom] It’s gon’ be sweet
’cause it’s a sweet potato pie. (fast xylophone music) – Okay. – If you don’t.
(Glory laughing) (electronic beep) – Okay. (soft dramatic music) (muffled laughs) (electronic beep) (Glory grunts) (crumbs dropping) (Slice gasps) (electronic beep) (soft circus music) (Both laughing)
– What? – [Mom] Oh my God. (laughs) – You trying to kill my fiancé? We ain’t even married yet, Ma! – Wow! – It’s that good? – Wow! – Man, let me be the judge of this. – Mm-mm, mine. Wow! – But you said it’s
not like an atomic bomb so it ain’t gon’ be– – Oh my God, this is so (claps) creative! (dramatic bang) (Glory laughs) – Oh yeah, that’s good. (Glory cheers) – Let me tell you why it’s good. So you got the moist middle. – Ew, I hate that word.
(Glory laughs) Moist. So, what’s the ingredients? – [Mom] Eggs, condensed
milk, whole milk, allspice, and just a little of the, um… (both laughing) You know… – A little of the what, Ma? (chuckles) – [Mom] The vanilla (laughs) (everyone laughs) – The vanilla what? – [Mom] Abstract. – (laughing) Abstract. (electronic beep) – Well, Glory, this is down your alley. All right, let’s see if you
can guess what the what? (suspenseful music) (harp music) (suspenseful music) – Pumpkin? – All right. Here we go, open your eyes, (gasps and screams) – Rice! – This is my mama’s famous rice puddin’. – Oh! Wait, I don’t think I’ve
ever had rice pudding. – You never had… – Well, no, no. I think I had but it was like a pudding. – [Mom] People make it different but – Oh, okay. – [Mom] I don’t like the watery kind. – Yeah, yeah, me neither. – That’s why I said it was
my mom’s famous rice puddin’. Put some respec!
– Never had. And what are these things, raisins? (mom chuckles) (Glory laughs) – These things? Yeah, it’s raisins. Acting like you’ve
never had American food. (suspenseful bang) – Wow! – That’s ’cause you hungry. – Wow! Wow! (cymbals crashing) – What the heck? – I didn’t know that rice
could be eaten this way. – And your name’s Rice. (laughs) (xylophone music) – Honey, you just saying wow. Do you have any other
words in your vocabulary? – You know I’m not always
a huge fan of raisins, but I like them today. – You like them today? – Yeah. – All right, let me try one. Oh yeah. – You like it? – Oh yeah. So what goes into your
famous rice puddin’? – [Mom] Two eggs, the
condensed milk again, one and one fourth cup of
sugar, the raisins, whole milk. Oh, and some cinnamon. – Is this your own recipe? – [Mom] Yeah, I guess. – Yeah, you answered that way too slow. (Glory laughs) Who you stole this from? Give them props! – [Mom] I didn’t steal
anything from nobody! (electronic beep) – All right, this is good. All right let’s– – [Mom] Shut up. – Dang! – She a lot more tough now
in this video now, huh? – Oh, (laughs) she said shut up! – That’s what fame will do to you. All right. This one got some nice stuff sizzlin’. You ready? – (gasps) Ooh, feels hot! Okay. – Feels hot? – Oh, that smell like apple. – All right, boom shakalaka! (trumpet fanfare)
(dramatic bang) – Oh. My. This, is this honey biscuit with peaches? – [Mom] Yes, biscuits
and peaches. (chuckles) (Glory laughs) – Wait, so what is, what is it called? – [Mom] It’s peach cobbler. – (shrieks) Oh! – Oh, okay. All right. – Oh yeah, it’s hot. I’m gonna like… (xylophone music) (blowing) – I think it’s.. (Glory laughs) I think it’s cool now. – All right. (dramatic bang) (tender soft music) – Oh my gosh. – Does your body hibernate
after every bite? (Glory laughs) – Oh my gosh. Matty, try it. Oh my gosh. (crunching) – I never had, oh dang, that’s a little (tender music)
(Glory moans) a little crunchiness. – Oh my goodness, it’s so good. – All right, here we go. (dramatic bang) (Glory moans) – Mm-hm. (dramatic bangs) You love it. – [Mom] You say nothing bad! – You love it! (suspenseful bangs) – It’s aight. – Nah, you love it! – Whoa, wait. So walk us down because you
never made it this way before. So how did you make this?
– Yeah, what did you do? – [Mom] (high-pitched
voice) You put peaches, cinnamon, vanilla, plus cinnamon, nutmeg and grilled cheddar and you mix it up, (normal voice) and you take
that egg and you beat it like I do my pie crusts. – How do you beat a egg? (Glory chuckles) (electronic beep) – [Mom] And I saved the best one for last. (Glory gasps) – I’m so excited. – Thank you, Mother. All right, you gotta put your face close. (dramatic bangs) Keep going. – Oh! (Slice laughs) Wait! What was that? – [Mom] You did that
on purpose. (chuckles) (suspenseful bangs) – All right, you ready? Behold!
(trumpet fanfare) (Glory gasps) – What is it? – This– – (gasps) Is this? (record scratch) (nails tapping) Banana pudding. (cheers and claps) Oh my gosh! Oh my god, okay, okay. Wait, can you give me a napkin. (electronic beep) All right. – Oh, I want to see your reaction. (suspenseful music) (soft tender music) – It’s hot? (soft tender music) You angry? (Glory laughs) ‘Cause you be mean mugging. (drum bangs) – No, stop. – You swerving waves? (acoustic guitar music) Just thinking about life right now? (soft tender music) Yo, why’s your– (suspenseful music) (Glory laughs) – That was the best one. – How you know? – That was so good (Mom chuckles) Oh my. (suspenseful bangs) (soft tender music) (imitates monkey) (record scratch) I’m just kiddin’.
(Glory laughs) This is the best uh, banana
pudding you ever made. – Wow! That’s a lot for you to say. – She only doing this
because of the video. She must have read them comments. Oh! – [Mom] I didn’t read no comments. – Oh! – They didn’t really say nothin’. (electronic beep) We didn’t even ask you,
what’d you put in here? – [Mom] So you take a bowl. You have to get some heavy
whip, no, heavy cream. – Is it a milk? – [Mom] It’s physically in a carton that says heavy cream on it. – Oh. – But is it physically heavy? (Mom sighs) (Glory chuckles) – [Mom] It’s thick. – Oh, is it slim thicc?
(Glory laughs) – [Mom] So you put that
and you put a tablespoon of vanilla abstract. (both laugh) Then you take a whispk. – And you take a what? – [Mom} A whispk. (both laugh) – No, we can’t. What’s that? – [Mom] This. – A whisk. What did you say? – She said a whispk. – [Mom] Well, you take
this thing and you, you– – They can’t see that! (Glory laughs) – [Mom] Okay. – Give it here. – [Mom] So you take that and you beat it for three minutes in total. (slams) – Who are you, Bam Bam? – [Mom] You whip it for thee minutes. – Whip it real good. – [Mom] (voice sped up) And
you put in the refrigerator for thirty minutes. You put a little bit of
the vanilla pudding on top and the bananas on quarter top. Now, mix it in with the other heavy cream and you like fold it in (voice normal) you set in the refrigerator so everything can get thick. – Ain’t nobody got time
for all that! (laughs) (Glory laughs) How long it take you? – [Mom] It only took me
fifteen minutes to do it ’cause I knew what I was doing. – That don’t sound like
fifteen minutes of it. And when I go home I put a
Hot Pocket in the microwave and it has thirteen grams of protein. – [Mom] And nine thousand grams of salt. (laughs) – Oh! – Keep talking that mess and for Christmas you getting socks. (electronic beep) We wanna thank Mama Abstract for creating all of
these delicious desserts. And Mama Abstract, now you Mama Whipsk. (laughs) You already know what time it is! Come right around. – [Mom] It’s not. – Yeah, yeah, yeah. You wanna show off them Ravens. My very favorite part as always, ninjas! (suspenseful drum beat) Wait, tell them to hit
the subscribe button and the notification bell. (Mom laughs) (Glory laughs) (electronic beep) What?! We didn’t even say anything yet. – Okay guys, I need you to
hit the subscribe button. (laughs) (everyone laughs) – Mom! They’re unsubscribing now! (electronic beep) – Yes, just hit the subscribe (laughs). (Glory laughs) – What do you mean, “Yes”? (everyone laughs) What are you? What question are you answering, Ma? (electronic beep) Guys, make sure you hit
that notification bell and the subscribe button. – Yes, they’re trying to reach… (Glory laughs) – Why are you keep saying yes? What did they say? (electronic beep) – So guys. (dramatic drum beat) (chuckles) (electronic beep) – Okay guys, so hit the subscribe button. (laughs) (everyone laughs) (slap) – Mom! (electronic beep)
– Okay, okay! – Just hit that subscribe
button and notification bell. They’re trying to reach
a million subscribers by the time they get married. So they have two weeks. Get all your friends,
families, buddies to subscribe and hit the bell. Thanks. (Glory laughs) (Both laughing) (electronic beep) – All right. Thanks, Mom, and as always, ninjas, my favorite part with my momma, I got the slice! – I got the rice! (everyone laughs) – Why you always sticking
me with that part? (electronic beep) – As always, I got the slice! – I got the rice! (Mom singing) (Slice and Glory laugh) (electronic beep) – As always, ninjas, I got the slice! – I got the rice! – (sings) Ha-ha-ha-ha-ha. (bell dings) (dramatic music) (cheers and clapping) – Wow!