my god that is so good hey guys welcome back to my channel your virtual ticket to Japan today I ventured off the beaten path to a quaint little cafe called Chi Toki gaze cream puffs Factory what makes this cafe stand out amongst others it’s the cute little cream puffs they serve in the shape of Jubilees famous animation My Neighbor Totoro if you haven’t seen the movie you’re missing out Japan has a love for these characters in every way shape and form and because I share the same love I had to check this place out this is she don’t be a cream puffs Factory and they have all sorts of toasted ol Thiam desserts and things like that if you guys are interested it since if the guy had died off so I will link everything down below and we’re gonna go check it out and order some food and see how it tastes so let’s go for all you jubilee lovers it is set that the sister-in-law of Miyazaki himself is the owner of this charming cafe there are two floors to this whimsical european-style house the first floor being the cream puffs you can take away and the second floor which is a separate dining area called toto upon Tokyo here they have a delicious menu of pastas salads and of course the scrumptious Ghibli themed custard and cream filled pies [Music] you can choose to sit outside or indoors if it’s the end of summer you may have some trouble with mosquitoes so if they love to nibble on you I’d stay indoors [Music] the thing that draws you in is all this cute jibley themed decor too much cuteness to take in so cute I think I might get so cute we headed upstairs to our seat after waiting only thirty minutes and at this point we were starving but I’m always starving so okay so we just got seated and we’re about to order food if you only have an hour and a half here so we’re gonna have to order precast so we’re gonna get lunch and dessert right though okay yeah so design okay here’s our menu I showed you guys this in the beginning but I think I know what I want though I think I’m gonna get to the fettuccine with minced meat in the cream sauce also I’m allergic to peanuts for all of you guys who have an allergy I will check for you I got you Julie ordered the seafood in spicy meat sauce pasta and it made my mouth water waiting for mine oh my god yeah my order was a fettuccine with minced meat in cream sauce I didn’t eat the bread because I wasn’t positive it was in it but I ate this whole plate we’re so happy it’s not a themed it’s not Ghibli themed just the cream puffs are but if you want some lunch and freebies leaf rice flake thousand yen right this tap egg is definitely worth leaving the house for it’s also a great spot for a date of any kind so I’m gonna try it it looks so good this is a fettuccine Thanks minute unni with meat sauce and cream and meat and cream sauce so it’s like a mix I’m so bad at picking a pasta it’s pretty easy too here we go oh my god oh my god that is so good very neat saucy good next up was Julie’s seafood pasta taste testing here we go spite the other just like hers is a spicy or we tell us about your icy tomato sauce seafood we have to be convolving critics and the moment we’ve all been waiting for our total cream puffs they were so beautifully made that it was difficult to take that first bite [Music] somebody so sad yeah the creampuff I ordered was a seasonal mango flavor and only a run for the summer since it was pretty much the last week they were serving it a new one will replace it in the fall actually mango cream on the inside so this is only right now but I think when fall comes they’re gonna have something different so you guys should hear you have a peach one – I’m gonna try them – the mango and I guess I should just pick it up like the mango it’s very summery can I take one more bite wow this is pretty good after our hour-and-a-half was up we paid our bill and left satisfied and full don’t forget to pick up the receipt at the table on the way out to say the least the service was fast the atmosphere was very enjoyable and the Ghibli accents for what made this experience worth it if you’re traveling around the Tokyo area this is the perfect place for lunch with friends or family and to add to your travel itinerary thank you guys for watching if you’d like to know more about the location of shiitake gay and things to do around the cafe check out my blog post and sign up for my mailing list for more lifestyle and Japan related content don’t forget to like this video and comment down below what your favorite Ghibli movie is please please please subscribe and hit the bell icon for notifications I’m also a heavy social media user so follow me to find out more about my life here in Japan thanks for watching and happy travels [Music] [Applause] [Music]