hi there I’m Jennifer with the family
budge and today I have a highly requested video for you and that is how
I’m organizing my family’s new car now I say new cars is actually just new to us
because in my family we try not to go into debt for our vehicles if we can we
like to save our money and buy older cars so that we don’t have to go into
debt so yes this car is a little bit older it’s not in perfect condition but
I actually prefer it that way that way if something accidentally
happens I don’t feel so bad about it now I’ve seen a lot of interesting car
organization ideas on YouTube and on Pinterest but a lot of those ideas are
specific to either a minivan or a sedan and in my family we have four kids and
so we can we drive a suburban we like that extra space so a lot of the ideas
that I’m going to show you today will work for suburban without all the work
if you have any other type of car and bonus a lot of these things are very
budget-friendly several of these items came from the Dollar Tree some of the
items also came from Amazon’s if I have a link I’ll leave it down below now I
have a lot to share with you and it’s about 90 degrees outside today I’m going
to try to go quickly I’ll go section by section and show you everything that
I’ve got now starting on the driver’s side I can show you what I have in this
little side compartment now it’s not very big and it’s really not very wide
at all so I can’t fit much I do have my little change compartment here this is a
recycled a gum container actually but it fits change perfectly and I’d like to
keep plenty of quarters in there just in case I have to go 2 meter or something
like that and in here I have a little travel pouch of Kleenex I want to keep
that handy and then right over here I have my microfiber duster
whenever I’m stopped at the gas station or maybe I’m waiting for my husband in
the store I just quickly pull it out and just things off really quickly no
big deal if I keep it handy I’m more likely to use it so I just store it
right in there now in the center section here I’m going to start with my little
phone holder I found this on Amazon and this one’s great because I can twist it
this way if I’m vlogging or I can keep it this way and it fits my phone
perfectly click it in there and it’s ready to go and my son will actually
sync up with the Bluetooth on here too so I can play any music or any videos I
want and it’ll broadcast it to the back of the car now down here I have my
double phone charger often my husband want me to charge his phone at the same
time I use we have a double one and this is a really nice one because it has a
little velcro here that keeps it nice and coiled when not in use so I don’t
have cords and everywhere and then in this section I almost always have my
water with me a little cup I got from the dollar section at Target now I’ve
seen a really cute idea on Pinterest where people will take a silicone muffin
liner and put it down in their cup holder that way when it’s time to clean
it they could just pop out the muffin liner and it cleans up really easily so
this one actually already has a built in silicone liner so they can easily pop it
out and clean it and it looks like I need to I need to do that and now for
the center console I have a lot going on in here now first I have this little
Dollar Tree cereal container this is the perfect way to corral garbage in the car
just open the pop top I can actually leave it open if I’d like you and it’s
just perfectly in there no problem so I can throw receipts or tissues all kinds
of garbage can fit right in there now under a little trash container I have
this little bin from the Dollar Tree just perfectly it’s right in here and it
helps to crawl all with my little packages and my little bag so quickly I
can show you here I have some lens cleaning wipes that are great for
cleaning sunglasses and your own frame my job and here I have some
antibacterial wipes and in here I have some boobie right these are excellent
for your little kids runny noses and things like that and then I can show you
what I have in these pouches in this little pouch I keep my personal sort of
items I have a couple of hair ties my floss the floss that my husband prefers
I have a little make-up cleansing towelettes a little tiny sewing kit
just in case UDON’s a button or something like that I have some nail
clippers a chapstick that I have a little nail file and a teeny tiny pair
of scissors now down in this little pouch I have all of my sort of tech
things extra batteries and charging cords things like that so there’s a
battery backup a charging cord backup and I like to use these little silicone
cord keepers it just keeps them nice and organized with another battery pack my
ear buds I also like to use one of these little cord keepers to keep that nice
and neat and then I just have some extra batteries for our remote and a little
wall charger so wherever I go I can charge as well Sophia tells just fit
perfectly right down in there and then I can go ahead and return my little trash
keeper and now on to my cups I found these really cute little teal cups at
the Dollar Tree and you actually got four for a dollar but Mike center
console will only fit three but they’re nice and deep and long so they’re
storing all kinds of things in this one I have extra backup pair of sunglasses
and also one for my husband you can see me there hi in this one I have my
favorite lotions that I like to keep in the car
and this use eyes this is actually an in-car oil diffuser so let me show you
really quick just works just like your oil diffusers that you might have in
your house but just plug it in there it has a little paper right here so you can
drop your essential oils in there any kind you want stick it in there and in
your whole car will smell like your essential oil one of my favorites is the
lemon I love to diffuse lemon in the car I’m also peppermint and really good on
things like that so I like to keep those right in there then I also have a little
stair hairbrush stuck in there and then in this I have the remote to our DVD
writer a pen and a sharpie if we were going on a road trip this might look a
little bit different but this is what we have for right now now moving on over to
the passenger side I also have a very narrow small compartment over here but I
do like to keep a notebook and a pen right in here because I need to write
anything down or have any ideas pop into my head I have that there right here I
have a package of wet wipes to take care of any messy schools or stingers and
then I also have a Kleenex package on this side as well so that I
don’t need to ask my husband for one he doesn’t think ask me for one we each
have our own thing of tissues that we can easily grab ourselves and then over
here I have my sunblock now this sunblock is okay to leave in the car as
long as the car doesn’t get above 120 degrees so I like to keep that rate fair
I just have to show you this really quick it’s not really for organizing but
I do love it this is from Bath and Body Works and
it’s an air freshener isn’t that pretty with the sparkles it just fits right on
there and right now I’m smelling I think vanilla smells really good and
now it with the glovebox I try to keep it pretty simple in here I have a little
organizing thing that they got from the Dollar Tree and in here I have things
like my registration and my proof of insurance
and then right here I have a box of disposable bag through their little bags
perfect if you have a blowout diaper or if one of your kids stinks are going to
be carsick they just pull right out there so I can
grab them quickly if I need to I have an emergency flashlight and I have some
cords this one actually hooks up to the DVD
player so I can play things off of a stick and then just another audio cord I
stored that in there okay moving on to the next section I like to keep my
diaper bag right here behind the passenger seat and this will actually
contain a lot of our emergency essentials as well
it can extra change of clothes of course diapers things like that and then over
here in the middle I have this bin from a Dollar Tree and it’s if it’s really
snugly in there so I’m not worried that it’s going to go flying around or
anything like that it’s really nice and sturdy right here and here I have a
couple of toys for the baby and then have all of the Bluetooth headsets for
the in-car DVD player and I try not to let the kids watch anything unless we’re
going for more than an hour in the car and then here we have our case with all
the DVDs and the CDs and this is right next to Mackenzie seat my 7 year old
because she’s actually in charge of all of these things she can run DVD players
he can hand out the headphones that’s her responsibility so yeah she sits
right here and she likes to keep her sunglasses right there and as of right
now I don’t have anything in the pockets if we were going on a long car trip the
kids might bring some books but I’m trying to keep it pretty minimal now on
Jackson’s side he just has his sunglasses and he’ll store his water
bottle over there and the same thing on Lilly side she had her sunglasses and
she puts her water in there between my two car seats back here I have this
little basket it’s from the Dollar Tree to fit
perfectly in there and I’ve actually looped our seatbelt
right through the basket so that the basket can’t move it can’t go flying
around or anything like that it’s nice and secure and safe and in here the kids
can put their books or whatever they’re looking at right in there so they can’t
drop them in keeps everything nice and organized
back here so that is it for this section pretty minimal if you were going on a
road trip it would definitely look different but with this new car we’ve
eliminated food and crayons from from in the car they’re no longer allowed to
have those things and that has saved a lot of mess now to show you what I have
in the back I have quite a lot going on here but it’s really nicely contained
back here I have a hanging organizer and I really like the hanging organizer
because it keeps a lot of things off the floor as you can see I still have room
for a stroller in here or if I needed to change a diaper I could do that here put
groceries and all of these things can stay up and out of the way
in this compartment I have my first-aid kit in this middle section I have my
baby carrier this is an Ergo right here I have a shopping cart cover this will
also work for a highchair if we go into a restaurant and then over here I got
this at Walmart pull that up pull that out of there
this is an emergency roadside kit so it comes with everything you might need for
a roadside emergency and this one actually comes with roadside assistance
this is only about 20 bucks at Walmart we keep this in the car at all times
tucked in this corner I have our picnic blanket this is a really nice one that
zips closed you keep that right over there and then this you guys this is
probably my favorite storage system for the back of the car now it fits
perfectly in my car but if you had a smaller car you could just maybe use
three bins or you can actually reconfigure this and I will show you
that in just a second but these are from the Dollar Tree so I
got four of these plus some binder clips and they each hold different things over
here I have all of my reusable shopping bags right in there in this one I have a
extra diaper changing station and this has a diaper and a pull up and white and
also opens up into a little changing pad so everything can be nice and sanitary I
also have an umbrella stuck back in there and then this one’s actually empty
right now but I could put extra clothes jacket blankets they could go in there
and then in this one I have my emergency food things so if you are ever stranded
anywhere you have some food in the car for emergencies things like freeze-dried
fruit crunchy granola bars raisins and some juice boxes all things that will
stay good in the car or quite awhile not forever I will have to change it out but
at least I know we do have some emergency food in the car a batch of
these curds bins you guys I have seen car organizing systems that are similar
to this for like $20 on Amazon but this only cost you know $5 for the bins and
for the clips and the awesome thing about doing it this way is that I can
remove this clip and I can reconfigure this any way I wanted so as you can see
here my rectangle has become a square and now I have even more space over here
for larger items that I might need so yeah you can totally take this apart and
make it any configuration you want and when they’re not in use obviously you
can collapse and back down and store them in the garage yes I love this
system it was so quick and easy and affordable and you guys need to come
in all different colors pink black gray this is probably my favorite storage
system for the car okay friends thank you so much for joining me today if you
like this video please give it a big thumbs up and let me know in the
comments down below what your favorite car organization tips are thanks for
watching it up