Hi! I’m Rene. I want to share my story of how my own sister
almost killed me while she was trying to hide her own secret. I guess I’d better start over and say that
I was not born into an ordinary family. When my parents met each other, both of them
already had children from their first marriages. My mom had my sister Rachel, and my dad had
my brother Clark. He, I mean, my big brother, adored me from
the very first moment I was born. But he couldn’t find common ground with
Rachel. There was hardly a single day where they didn’t
yell at each other and fight over something. Since Clark was the oldest child, our parents
thought he was supposed to be the more responsible and grown-up one. Besides, Rachel had a knack for pretending
like he had hurt her. She could literally burst into tears like
a true Hollywood actress. So, as usual, Carl would get grounded for
any of their fights. But I knew good and well that Rachel was the
troublemaker. Honestly, now I think that she just needed
to be abusive to assert herself or maybe she just naturally had a nasty temper. But back then I was too small to come to any
conclusions, so, I just felt sorry for my beloved brother and tried to support him whenever
he got punished. When, for example, he was sent to his room
without dessert, I would manage to sneak something delicious out of the fridge so that my mom
wouldn’t notice me and quietly bring it to him. When the time came for Clark to go to college,
he promised to keep in touch with me and he actually did. From time to time he would send me numerous
photos of his life there, and as soon as he found a job and began earning some money,
I started receiving sweet little gifts from him. Apparently, this made Rachel so jealous, ‘cause
she got nothing from Clark, and she started being really mean to me. Well, it’s not that we were ever friendly
before this – we were not even close, but since then she was harassing the heck out
of me. There were even a few times when she tried
to frame me in front of our parents. I’ll give you a vivid example. Once, Rachel was grounded for having failed
her math test. I had started dating a guy back then and we
were supposed to go to our first school dance. But because she was mean and envious, she
got mad at me and threw a pack of cigarettes in my purse. And when Steve, the guy I was dating, came
to pick me up, and our parents gathered at the front door to take a photo of us (you
know, the kid’s first dance thing), and Rachel rushed to me saying that she urgently needed
my perfume, which she knew was in my purse. And yep, she did this on purpose, to make
me reveal that pack of cigarettes to everybody. Of course, it fell out and nobody believed
that it wasn’t mine. Anyway, I was not only grounded and had to
stay at home for the whole week, but Steve said he didn’t want to date a smoker, duh! So he never showed up again. There was another case, which perfectly showed
that my sister was not only mean, but also revengeful. We were helping our mom with housework, as
we usually did, and as a matter of fact, we were arguing with each other while polishing
silverware and cleaning the porcelain from the cabinet. She wanted to borrow my blouse but I wouldn’t
let her, ‘cause she was a little bit bigger than me, so to speak, and I didn’t want
her to stretch it out. Oh, I wish I had just given this blouse to
her… at some point I got so annoyed with Rachel that when I decided to put another
cup away that I had finished polishing, it slipped out of my hand and got broken. I know, you’re probably going to say it’s
not a big deal, but I didn’t want to make my mom upset since that cup came from a set
that was given to our parents on their wedding day. I begged Rachel to not say anything about
what happened because I knew I could find the same cup somewhere at a flea market or
on the internet. And I could just replace it as soon as I found
it so that nobody noticed anything. But because of the fact that I told her that
she was too fat to wear my clothes, she decided to, sort of, get back at me and she immediately
told my mom what I’d done to that cup. Except she said that I did it on purpose,
you know, that I just threw it on the floor because I got really annoyed with all the
cleaning stuff. Well, as I said, she had always had a talent
that made our mom believe her and not me. Later that day I was supposed to meet my friends
at the cinema, and of course, after Rachel tattled on me, I was grounded, and couldn’t
go anywhere. I guess now you see that Rachel was not that
into being close with me. But recently the worst thing she could’ve
done to me happened. Remember, I told you that from time to time
Clark sent me nice little presents? Once it was a pair of cute earrings, and another
time – it was a book that I had wanted to read for a long time. But he never sent me any money. That’s why the day when I received another
envelope from him, I got really surprised to find 200 bucks in there. And the letter attached to it was not really
nice… let’s put it that way. Clark reprimanded me in this letter for the
fact that I should be more careful to not lose my things anymore and also that I should’ve
told my parents about everything. What? I had no idea what he was talking about. I was just standing there re-reading that
letter, when Rachel came up to me really fast and snatched everything from my hands, saying
that this was for her. Oh, this was the biggest fight we ever had! Of course, I demanded explanations from Rachel. When she refused to tell me anything, I tried
to call Clark and ask him, but she took my cell phone away. She rushed to her room, shouting at me that
this was none of my business, and I followed her shouting that if she didn’t explain
to me what it was all about, I’d go and tell our parents about that letter. She said that I wouldn’t dare or she’d
hurt me and she started punching me and we were about to fight, literally. And then I suddenly tripped and fell downstairs. I’m not sure what happened next, because
when I opened my eyes I found myself in a hospital bed with my left leg in a cast and
a terrible headache. Rachel was sitting next to me with a swollen
and tearful face. As soon as she noticed that I was awake, she
rushed to me and started jabbering something about how sorry she was and begged me not
to tell our parents what had happened between us. I remember that, at first, I couldn’t understand
what she was talking about, but then I remembered everything – the money, that nasty letter
from Clark, Rachel’s mad face, and me falling down the stairs. Then our parents came in – it turned out
that they had gone to the cafeteria. Of course, they rushed to me and started hugging-and-kissing
me, and my mom said how worried they were and what a relief it was now that I was awake. But I couldn’t take my eyes off of Rachel,
who was standing beside them with that begging and pitiful look. It turned out that my leg was broken in two
places and I had a mild brain concussion. And then my mom said that Rachel had already
told them that she was in her room when I fell down and that I was lucky that she was
at home at all and hurried to call 911. I’m not sure whether it was the medication
that I received, or that I just got really outraged because Rachel did this to me and
lied (again!). But I couldn’t help but tell our parents
the truth, or, at least, what I knew about that money, and the letter, and stuff. This time Rachel had no opportunity to escape
from her wrongdoing. She had to confess to everything. It turned out that she had gotten pregnant
by her boyfriend, and they agreed to collect some money to, you know, un-pregnant her. For obvious reasons, Rachel couldn’t ask
our parents for the money. She knew that Clark had money and that he
could help, but they were not in that kind of relationship, you know. So, her boyfriend helped Rachel hack my account
and she wrote to Clark as if she were me, making up a nonsense story about a stolen
bike and lost school books. Imagine, how well she thought everything out. To avoid the fact that I might receive any
unnecessary texts from Clark that could’ve revealed her plan, she told him that I’d
been grounded and that mom had taken my cell away. That’s why she begged him not to write anything
to me until I got my phone back. You know, so that mom wouldn’t find out
anything about what had (assumingly!) happened. Everybody was in shock when they heard all
of this. Even though Rachel was crying hard, it seemed
to me that neither dad nor mom really felt sorry for her. Frankly speaking, both of them looked pale
and pretty distant. Well, if even I was in shock, knowing the
fact that she had come up with such an>brilliant plan and being aware of how sly
and mean she’s always been, I can only imagine how my parents felt, who never knew that she
was the one who tried to screw up our sibling relationship all the time. When they all left home, I called Clark. Of course, he already knew about me having
to go to the hospital, and now I wanted to tell him everything I’d just found out about
Rachel. He said he always knew that she was a strange
kid, but he never thought that she was that lonely and miserable. I left the hospital after a couple of days
and once I got home I found out that Rachel had already gone. Our parents, being totally disappointed in
her, sent her to live at our granny’s house for a while. They purposefully told nothing to me and Carl,
as mom said, so they wouldn’t upset us. But I guess that they did this because they
finally understood that she was not a good person and that she really deserved her punishment. It’s been a whole week since she’s been
there and we still haven’t talked to each other. Honestly, I’m not sure I want to. And yes, nobody in our family supports abortion,
so Rachel is getting ready to become a mom in a little more than 6 months. I’ll be waiting for your opinion about my
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