Hey everybody. It’s Heather from Cysterwigs,
bringing you another coffee fueled weight loss update. Total I’ve lost 64 pounds,
which is pretty awesome I think. It’s been really slow though. Lots and lots of plateaus,
which as far as I can tell, in and from everything
I’ve read on message boards from people’s experiences,
especially women with PCOS, this is super normal. Because, you know how it is,
weight loss is hard, full stop. It’s just hard. Especially lots of weight
loss, and, you know, sustaining it. All that is pretty difficult. And when you have PCOS,
your body just really loves storing fat. It just really really loves it. So that makes it really difficult. So I thought I’d give you a
little update and let you know, it does go down, it does. The scale does move. Check it out. Right? My highest weight was 272, 272. And, my surgery date weight was 255, which means since the
surgery of lost 47 pounds, which may not sound like a lot. But you’ve got to remember,
my BMI was not really super high to begin with. I am so happy right now, so happy. Cause, oh, just, yeah, it
feels like a total victory. You know, do, I’m gonna
do a little happy dance in my Pusheen t-shirt like, it’s
gonna be a good day I think. And so, I thought that I would
talk to you a little bit more about how my diet has shifted
since this journey began 19 weeks ago. Because I actually did the count, and it’s been longer than I thought. Because I had surgery on September 9th. So, I start the day the same way. I was having a lot of
difficulty figuring out how to make just make a
cup of coffee, not a pot, or a half a pot, but a
single cup of coffee with my big coffee maker. I was over shooting all the time. Then all that coffee would go to waste. My mom got me a Keurig, which is great. So what I do, I’ve got a whole assortment of Leo themed mugs, but this one. Every day I start the day with my version of a half-caff coffee. I mean, I don’t wanna
have too much caffeine. I’m super sensitive to it now, so it doesn’t really take much. I start with one K-Cup on the low setting, so like six ounces of the Cinnabon flavor, because that’s delightful, and it doesn’t have any sugar in it. And then, I take one of
those Chai Latte ones that has 5 grams of sugar in it. And, I put that on the 6 oz setting too, and I mix them together, and it’s great. I mean, I’m getting 5 grams
of sugar, I know that, but it’s nice and it doesn’t
leave the funky after taste in my mouth. That’s all I need for the
day in terms of coffee. And, it’ll take me like half
of morning it to drink it, and I’ll probably nuke it a couple times. But, it’s nice and I also
have a protein shake. It’s either one of these,
which I’ve talked about before, the Premier Protein, or it’s
Adkins Cafe Caramel Shake. I really like those. But they have half the protein of these. A Cafe Caramel shake only
has 15 grams of protein. So, I try to do the Premier
Protein, but sometimes it’s just nice to have a change of pace. There are so very few
flavors of these things I can actually stand. Speaking of which, I have
done so much experimentation trying to figure out
treats that I can have. Because I’ll have this, I
have the fluids basically for breakfast, and then for lunch, I have something very small usually. Yesterday I had, and this
is not a political statement at all, it’s just their the
only place that offers them, I had, for instance, a Chick-Fil-A
grilled chicken nuggets. They have the kids portion
that is four nuggets. That’s perfect. That is the perfect amount. One time I accidentally ordered
the smallest adult side, which I think is eight
and I couldn’t even, you know I ate four of
them and then was like, “Why did I get all this extra stuff?” And then I have a dinner. Yesterday for dinner, for example, Nigel made pork chops and
gravy, and it was really great. I mean it was the really lite gravy, like a turkey gravy that was
kind of like, cut with broth. But it was great. They were very moist. I can only eat one. And forget side dishes, because this was a pretty decent size pork chop. It was great. I tried to make sure I take
a multivitamin everyday, because, you know, obviously, vegetables, they compete with
everything else for space, and I need to still focus on protein. So even my snacks have protein in them. And that’s what I wanted
to share in this video more than basically anything. I want to talk about what I
eat for treats these days. Are you going to join me? – Yeah, if you like. Yes my sweet. – We’re gonna review these things I guess. – Hello, hi. – That’s Nigel. – These are the things that I like. I think my favorite thing, and
one of you guys recommended this to me, and I want to say thank you, are these Powercrunch bars. I like the, the two
flavors I like the best are the Chocolate Mints
and the Salted Caramel. They have a really nice texture to them. – These two, they are tasty. They’ve got a good crispy texture. They’ve got a bit of an
artificial sweetener after taste. – All these things do, with the
exception of the Pork Rinds. – But, these two aren’t bad at all. – No, and the texture is great. The other thing is that they don’t have a ton of sugar alcohols in them. Because after you have
gastric sleeve surgery, or any kind of bariatric
surgery, sugar alcohols are hard. If anything’s got like
sorbitol or maltitol in it, they do, they make you pass wind. – Flatulate? – Yes, when you– – Flatulate. – Yes, the sorbitol and the maltitol. And for me it’s even
worse because the sleeve, like, any gas that
generated in your stomach has no where to go. I’m always trying new
things and I tried this, I’m trying to remember what I twas called, it was like a protein crisp
or something like that. – Oh, the Rice Crispies for brahs. – Yes, yeah, yeah, brah. – Brah. – Yeah. No it was, it tasted nice. It was like a toffee pretzel thing, but it had a lot of sugar alcohols in it and the whole night my stomach was like, blub, blub, blub, blub, blub, bluuu, blub, blub, blub, bluuu. Like, I was just belching up a storm. – You were in discomfort, weren’t you? – It was awful, so, I’m not
going to be getting those again. But these don’t have
any of that stuff in it, and they’re great. And they have 13 grams
of protein per serving and they’ve got 5 grams of sugar. So, according to the
American Diabetes Association a single serving of
carbohydrate is 15 grams. So I just kind of use that as a guideline. This is a Lenny and
Larry’s complete cookie, and this is actually two servings. So, it’s a little deceptive,
cause it’s not like as gang busters in terms of macros as the packaging makes you believe. Because, you’d have to
eat the whole cookie to get the 16 grams of protein. Adm newsflash, I can’t
eat one of these whole, in a sitting without
substantial amounts of pain and discomfort, because it’s just too big. So, he ends up eating the rest of it. – Oh darn. – Yeah, i know. I end up splitting all of them with him, but, this one, did you know,
if you’re familiar with these, they make single serving sized
versions of their cookies? – Makes me wonder why they bothered to do the double sized one anyway. – Right. Like, who needs this huge thing? This like– – Guys who ask, “Do you even lift?” – I guess. But, and the answer is yes, I lift. But no, you do too now. – Brah. – Yeah, beefcake. But this one is a single serving size. You can get a better idea
of what that size looks like and how much protein,
sugar, blah blah blah. And in terms of sugars, this has quite a bit more sugar in it. It has 11 grams of sugar,
so this is not something I can eat everyday, obviously. But a, you know, it’s nice
to have on hand for when you actually feel like
you want actual dessert. This is about as close as I want to get to an actual dessert most of the time. I like these, and at least they’ve got a little bit of protein
in them, this eight grams. So, that way it’s not just pure junk food. Again, you can’t make a lifestyle of it. You can’t live off these things. Nor can you really live
off of these things, because aside from protein,
they’re really made to be treats. And then the other thing
that I eat for a snack, I love these things. These are Garlic Thyme Pork Clouds. Like, some of these things are vegan. Complete Cookies are vegan. And these are certainly vegetarian. This is obviously not. This is for meat eater people. But I like these. They’re not as like hard and
chewy as chicharrones are, and the flavoring is nice and light. They’ve got more of a
thyme flavor than garlic. And even though it says
that it is not a significant source of protein, it’s got
12 grams of protein per bag. So, hi, I like that. That makes me happy. – They’ve got several
different flavors too that are very nice. It’s a sort of cinnamon sugar one. – That ones actually weirdly good. – Which is surprisingly good. – Yeah like porky cinnamon
sugar, who would have thought? Actually it’s not sugar,
it’s just porky cinnamon. – They do a habanero one as well. Which if you like spicy
food, is really good, but if you have a sensitive– – I can’t eat them. – Post operation stomach,
it’s not so good. – I still can’t do spicy food at all. Like I try, baby steps. My stomach is so sensitive
that I can’t even do black pepper easily. I can’t even do basic seasoning. Going out to eat is still sort of not the most fun experience. If I stick with like eggs, or brunch food, usually it’s okay. As long as it’s not like french toast, or something like that. But I mean, every time I go out to eat, I can still only eat a few bites. And then I just sit there
the rest of the meal, watching other people eat,
which I thought wasn’t that much fun when I was pre-sleeve, and I definitely don’t
think it’s that fun now. I just, yep, you’re still eating. Yep, you’re still chewing. Oh yeah, you still get to drink
with your meals, you know. Oh my goodness, that the other thing. Every time I go out to eat,
the wait staff basically wants to fight me over,
“Can I bring you a water?” They’ve, okay, we have
to be proactive here. I want to educate any,
waiters, waitresses, servers out there, cause I was one. And I actually had to learn
about it from somebody who had the gastric bypass,
because he came into my section and all her wanted, cause
this is when I worked at the Macaroni Grill way back in the day. All he wanted were stock mushrooms, but without the balsamic drizzle. He didn’t want any water and I was like, “Why don’t you want water, oh my gosh.” but then he told me, “Hey,
I’ve had this surgery and I can’t eat and
drink at the same time.” So I feel like I’m giving that
sermon basically every time I go out to eat, because unless
I do, they sit there and go, “Are you sure? “Are you sure I can’t get you
something, not even a water?” – Every time they pass by. – Every time. – Every 5 minutes. – And it’s mind blowing. And then their managers
will come over sometimes and be like, “Are you sure
you don’t want some water?” I’m not gonna die if I don’t
drink this cup of water that you keep offering
me with this meal, trust. I will drink some fluid. I start the day with fluid. I start the dat with fluid intentionally so I don’t get dehydrated. When I get this thing down
and drink a little bit more of my half calf coffee,
I’ll switch to water. I drink a lot of fluids at
the beginning of the day, so that way at night, I
don’t have to try to cram it in there because it
literally feels like cramming in there. And then, you end up peeing
halfway through the night. So I like to drink most of
my fluid in the morning, than you very much. But yeah, it’s one of those
things where I don’t think they’re gonna get it,
so we just kinda have to spread the word ourselves. – Repeatedly. – Repeatedly, if someone says
no to a beverage, chances are they’ve had some kind of
bariatric surgery, or some kind of medical condition that makes it so that they can’t eat and
drink with their meals. So, I mean, I understand with waitresses, cause I was one for like
10 years while I was doing the school thing, and the living thing. You do kind of get into a
rhythm, where you’re like, right, get drinks, boom. Take order, boom. Bring food, boom. Check on the people two minutes
or two bites later, boom. Check, boom. Bye, bye. That’s your rhythm. – Yeah. – And by not getting the drink, it’s not that they’re worried about me. It’s that I’m screwing up
the rhythm of their service. But we gotta be adaptable
as restaurant employees. That’s where I’m at. Did you want to add anything? Did you notice anything that you wanna? – Well, lets see. You’re getting a lot
better with eating meat. You’re getting better with
eating solid food as well, cause used to be you were
just happy to have shakes and coffee throughout the day, maybe begrudgingly a protein bar. But you are getting better
at eating solid food, and as you eat real actual
food from actual animals and plants, you are a bit healthier and you’re energy levels are a bit up. – Oh well, that’s because the
inflammation around my sleeve, because it’s been several weeks now, had finally tapered off. So, the restriction
isn’t quite as intense, so I can actually get more food in. That scares a lot of people
when they first encounter it with the sleeve,
because they start to think that they’ve stretched it out. No, it’s not that. It’s completely normal. It a normal part of this process. You have a lot of inflammation at first, and then once your stomach
basically is healed, that restriction loosens
up a little bit and you can actually eat more. But that means that you
have to be twice as diligent about what you’re eating,
because just because you can eat something, just
because you can get it in there doesn’t mean that you should. It means that you have
to be really deliberate about the food choices still. Which is something that
you know, I’m still trying to hammer home to all of my friends. – And me. – And to Nigel, because I
think we get kind of complacent about that and we do this
mindless snacking thing, guilty. I did that for most of my life. Yeah and so you start to realize
how self defeating that is. Oh weird thing, I had an
epiphany with Nigel the other day where I was just like, “Whoa.” like mind blowing, it
just kind of came upon me. Because I’d been kind of
depressed and I didn’t know why. And then I started to
think about it, I was like, “I’ve lost a major coping mechanism.” I’ve lost my number
one way to self soothe, because I don’t smoke cigarettes. I don’t really drink that much. Now I don’t drink at all,
but I was never really that big of a drinker to begin with. So, it’s like, I didn’t use
any other things, other than really food to make me feel
better when I was depressed. And now I can’t do that. I don’t get the same
sensation from the food, though I’ve heard that
that changes a few years down the road. You’re brain and your
belly start communicating a little bit more effectively
and then the cravings start to return. I’m waiting for that to happen. But right now I’m still
in the Halcyon days of gastric surgery
experience where my stomach and my brain are not communicating
properly, blissfully, therefore, no cravings,
or any of that stuff. I’ve been reading up on it. I research everything to death,
and I’ve been listening your stories that you’ve been sharing with me. So, I know kind of, I
hope, what to expect. But, it think that’s why it’s so important to lay the groundwork for
the good habits while you’re in the sort of golden period right after your surgery. Because the surgery
itself is not gonna solve all the problems, at least not long term. It’s a tool, and you just
gotta keep reminding yourself that it’s a tool. You gotta work it. You gotta use it, but it’s not gonna do all the work for you,
and if you don’t learn these habits now, you’re
basically gonna have a rebound. Though I have heard that most people who have any kind of weight loss surgery, after they get down to
their lowest weight, they typically regain about
a third of that weight back that they’ve lost. I’ve heard that from science
journals and podcasts, and from some of you. So, I’m no gonna put too much
weight on what the scale says, but I’m gonna keep on
keeping on and see how well I can do before any of that
stuff starts mucking things up. – Yeah, well you’ve just
started losing again. You had a little plateau. – Yeah. – Going back down again you’ve
lost what, three pounds? – Yeah, well. – In a couple days? – It was 212 for almost a month. – Yeah. – And then all of a sudden, boom. – Back down to 211. – And now it’s 208. – And then 210, 208. – Yeah. – So it’s like three pounds
in like a couple days. – Yeah. It does that with the surgery, especially if you keep doing what
you’re supposed to do. It’s like, nothing, nothing, nothing, nothing, boom, nothing, boom. So it’s like, rapid weight loss, plateau, and the plateaus come on real
fast and they last forever it seems and then they finally taper off. – Yeah, I was noticing that
too, and I was just doing the regular old diet thing. I would lose a fair amount
of weight and then plateau, and then plateau, and then
plateau, and thinking, “Where is this going?” And then all of a sudden a
few more pounds drop off. Persistence pays off. – Yes, so , my recommended
snacks if you’re looking for good high protein
snacks, my first choice is usually a shake. I’m not gonna lie, I do
a lot of supplementation with the shakes, just
because some days are harder than others still and I need to make sure I get my protein in. So, it’s always good to
have some of these on hand. Just find a brand you can stand. I find that chocolate’s
usually a safe flavor in most brands. And like I said, the Atkins Cafe Caramel and their Strawberry one is
actually pretty good too. I like these Powercrunch bars. Again your guys recommended these to me. And you are geniuses. The people who recommended
these to me, they are wonderful. I have these every other
day at night sorta thing. I’m not eating all these at once. It’s usually one of these, you know. But I wanted to disclose just
in case you were interested in trying things without
spending a small fortune, like I did to figure out what tastes good. So the Chocolate Mint is nice, and the Salted Caramel is also very nice. And then I also really like these. They’re Pork Clouds, but
really any pork rind will do. These I like because they’re garlic thyme. They’ve got an interesting
texture to them. – They’re very, very, very, light. – Yeah, these are. They’re really light. I really like these Lenny
and Larry’s Complete Cookies, but again these have quite
a bit of sugar in them and not a whole lotta protein. So you can’t, I’m mean, these
have to be like a treat. I probably have like on of
these maybe twice a week, of the single serving size. Because remember, they do make
single serving size versions of their cookies, and the
only two flavors I like are the Snickerdoodle, it’s lovely. That’s probably my favorite one. I like this Pumpkin Spice one, which was like a limited edition one. Apparently they do spice cake well, because these both have
a similar flavor profile. But this one’s really big, it tastes a little bit like gingerbread
though, which is nice. That’s a limited edition thing, so improbably gonna have
to wait until next October to get those again, but whatever. The Snickerdoodle one’s
an all year round thing, and at least they come in
the single serving size, so that’s nice. – Snickerdoodle is a funny word. – It is isn’t it? – Yeah. – Why are you making a face? Are you judging us British man? – No. – Cause I could through down
some choccy biccy action. – Heather, I love you . Don’t make me hurt you. I’m just saying, snickerdoodle
is a funny word and I wonder how they came across that. – [Heather] Rumbledethumps much. – That’s Scottish. – [Heather] What about bubble and squeak? – Well that’s the sound
it makes when it cooks. – But it’s still a funny food name. – Of course it is. Of course it is. But I mean, snickerdoodle,
I mean, bubble and squeak, that’s a sound it makes when it cooks. Snickerdoodles, they’re not. – What if I’m going to snicker
while I doodle and my mom brings me these cookies and then I’m like, “Why don’t we call then
Snickerdoodles, mama?” maybe that’s how it got it’s name. I just created a whole
lore for snickerdoodles. Thank you so much for watching. We’re gonna call this one a night, because I just spent the last
half hour making this video and I gotta edit it now. So, hooray. But, thank you for watching. Thank you for coming along
on my gastric sleeve journey. I look forward to making
more videos, hopefully, as I lose more weight. Yay. Okay. – You’ll do it. – Team us. – Have faith. – Yeah. And so, until next time,
have a great night, afternoon, or morning. Bye. – Later.