You know what’s hot? Yo-
-consisten…cy I’m trying to flirt with you and you just never let me flirt with you (>_IT’S SO HOT aaaAAAHH In the river I was swimming in yesterday, like the river water, was 80 degrees- EW I don’t know we parked. We parked in th- maybe let’s not stop in the middle of the road. Okay, oKaY People who leave their shopping carts in the parking lot are the ones who end up going to prison. I’m no printer just fax… That changed your life, that comment. *repeats* I can’t stop saying and now that I’ve heard at once. Oh My GoD! It’s so hot- a/c *agressive clicking* Please please please please please please please please. Oh my god it is it’s cuz i’m really kool You can say that again! My God look at this raffle she is stunning today. Hi It’s not raining. I don’t know why I just put on my windshield wipers. can we go to the lake one day? Yeah, sure. We know them? Yeah, we definitely know them. yup… we know everyone here. Remember- remember two days ago We were getting Dairy Queen and we were sitting at the red light and those guys yelled at us. It wasn’t yelling He just like it feels like, “eeh” I’m not gonna screech here, yeah your windows are down. It’s sounded like he was saying “hey” But it wasn’t. He was like.. “AYEHEHEH” The first time he screamed we were Talking. It was just weird? We were just like talking really loudly about something that was really stupid. Yeah, and then… we didn’t realize that like: our window’s down. It was a private conversation that ended up in a public setting. Yeah, and then we heard the scream and we were like Hello? Cameras please? Cameras please? and it was a really dark outside and I kind of turned around there like a little bit behind us so I don’t really see them at first, and I thought we knew them we thought maybe that we knew who he was and they were like.. HeY?! We like looked back and we were like “ha-” And then it was like a 27 year old man in a truck And we were like…UUUHHH He was trying to keep a straight face and it was just really uncomfortable so uncomfortable! And they like sped up really fast. We like rolled up our windows and i just started screaming. It was so uncomfortable and we just didn’t know what to do. And then we met up with him at another red light (in sync wtf) And then their windows were still down and the guy in the passenger seat had his arm like out the window and we’re sitting there and He just …like winds up and just like slaps the side of the truck as hard as he possibly could. he was attacking the side of his car… he’s like “WAH WAH WAH”- really bizarre he was really going at it and we don’t know why, he had some anger. I don’t know what was happening in that truck, but it sounds like a good time There were those people who we had our windows down again and it was that other car that- the mini van? Oh, yeah, there was a mini van Old guys? Yeah, we were really uncomfortable ’cause we- like they were kind of just like staring. Yeah, they weren’t say anything which made it Almost worse. Yeah, I would rather he just screamed at me. I peel out of this red light because I’m uncomfortable and, he doesn’t know how to drive, and then they just start racing us! So we’re racing a minivan. Full of old people. Down a road for no reason. I’m like, I’m not trying to race you, I’m just trying to go home. It’s been a weird Texas trip, and we’re eating like chocolate dipped soft-serve from Dairy Queen at like 11 o’clock at night. It’s just been a weird trip, DOOGS! What are you doing in there you silly goose? Ashley, would you like to introduce the new member of our family? hello 🙂 Welcome to our home Yeah This is Ruby. She’s a new member of our family. We found her on the streets of LA and now she’s living it good. She’s a bad person yeehaw She’s playing hard to get! She’s playing so hard to get. She knows that she is too good for me Here is- ah- ah fRiCk we forgot the cake pan There we go For those of you guys who are unaware what the “Ash & Cone Cooking Show” is it’s where me, ash and you, Cone Where me, Cone, and you, Ash cook… various items with no instructions Yeah, we’ve realized we just cook things and it almost always works out perfectly. We have a superpower. You know like some people have superpowers like… flying? Wh- our superpower’s We can cook things without instructions and it always turns into a food. It’s always turns into something edible I don’t mean to brag but like we’re pretty gifted yeah, um today we are making something that we have made many times. Twice? Twice. it is a gigantic ice cream cookie. Approximately this big and this Tall, um, we actually just made this because we were like: what’s this cookie gonna look like? Yeah, we might handcrafted this We’re all like hammer and sheet of metal. Yeah, uh we 3D printed This DIY will make a tutorial for this later, later. It’s later… it’s secondary. Stop yelling You will need a cookie dough from the tube, but it’s STRAIGHT from the cookie dough cow. Yeah, you can’t make it yourself You have to get the tube. Yeah, that’s like half the fun. You’ll also be needing Bluebell, homemade vanilla. The star of Texas, Bluebell ice cream. This is what Texas was founded on. It did give us Listeria like a couple years ago, but we’ve forgiven, we’ve forgiven. Yeah, we’re a gracious nation. Yeah, we decided that she’s done so much for us and like wasn’t really her fault. It wasn’t her fault It was- y’know someone else gave her Listeria not her. (we still love her) so of her first things first, we preheat the oven to 350. Yeah, and then step two is we need to change clothes ah
We almost forgot we almost ruined because number one as you can cook you show is that you can’t wear normal clothes you have to wear pajamas. Food doesn’t work, right. We made a pizza yesterday and then didn’t turn out that well It’s just we weren’t wearing pajamas. The only reason why didn’t do well we’re gonna go ah, You just like really miss her at the situation yeah the ice cream you’re gonna want to leave it out because it has to thaw and kind of get a little bit melty and we Discovered this the hard way the hard way real hard really hard. It was literally too hard to get out of the thing. Also if you like, let it melt a little bit. Let it thaw and then put it back in the freezer. It gets harder. Yeah, don’t do that. No, actually maybe put it in the fridge so that it like- yeah i’ll put it in the fridge. Why did it just get so dark in here? i don’t know. i think it’s going to rain today or something? Anyways (is that a prom picture?) Remember when, the boy must not be named, would take prom pictures with me every single time they did anything Yeah, I like 12 of them on my phone. Yeah, we won’t- we won’t name him we’ll call him… Boiiiii no i like saying that word. We’ll call him- eeAAHH! *screams* Should we just like Try to crush this and or cut it should we cut it? Cuz like isn’t it nice when you can pull it up? Yeah, maybe Oh I have an idea, i do too. is it the same idea if you’re like cutting little Slits in it so that it’ll fold correctly. That’s what i-. Yeah, why are we geniuses? i dunno. I love you thank you :3– sToP fLiRtInG wItH mE, pLeAsE This is this is strictly professional. We are married, but we are in the workplace, please Do not flirt w/me. We like to keep our private lives- Are you trying to flirt with me? *snip* Anyway, so, I guess I’ll just like So it’s gonna be like that you even want to line the bottom with parchment paper because it’s really hard to get it right here It’s really hard to get a cookie out of the pan And because this is a square and it’s supposed to be a circle We’re cutting the side, it’s like a cylinder. it’s helpful to cut little tabs in it so that it’ll like fold over Yeah And be flat. we love the skinny parchment paper. basically just find a way to line the bottom of the pan by any means possible Yeah, because your cookies will get stuck and they will are gonna be a pain in the butt to get out. We learned that the hard way just kidding and we do everything perfectly the first time. Thank you any big mistakes Everybody makes mistakes, everybody gets that way everybody knows Yeah, yeah, yeah. Peel it like a banana. Bananas and cookie dough are closely related Oh, yeah, and so really they’re a good substitute for each other So I’m here making banana pancakes just make it up with like, cookie dough. We need to eat bananas for potassium reasons. You can also you cookie dough Just like that! You’ve gotta smush it down real good. You don’t want to make it too thick trust me We have made that mistake before as well. This is our third time making this if you make it too thick, it’s Impossible to cut it. Is it possible and it usually doesn’t cook through. Thank you. I love it when you do that to me 😉 thank you, you’re welcome. We’re very polite in the workplace. I suppose we do love each other at heart. Oh, yes. Absolutely puppy, stop sniffing- oh wait he’s not even there just like goes dog to sniff my leg and i… got scared Cone’s house is actually haunted, my house is haunted. “Ashlee & Cone Rennovation Show” It’s gonna happen. too bad TV is dying- WAAA (bless this lovely friendship) twelve to thirteen minutes. We’re gonna finish Mama Mia today. Mama Mia *sings* Okay, go cook this for 12 to 13 minutes and keep an eye on it. Yeah It probably will take longer. Just cook it until it’s cooked all the way through stick a tooth pick in it make sure it comes Out clean. buttery crispy flake. Don’t eat the cookie dough. Like I’m about to do because salmonella. Live fast die young! our cookie is done. Eskeet, hezuuck It looks at ameeezigue After you take it out of the oven, let it cool for a bit so it doesn’t get all wibbly-wobbly and break on you Sweet tea is a necessity of the Texas experience. cheers person i feel like people should like taste-test tea the way they do wine with that level of seriousness this notes of *clicks* Lake water. Look at our janky family. we love each otherr Used to be so small. I love him. We’re gonna try to take this out here. grab it like as much it’s like as much of it as you can. it’s only a little bit cracked. that worked. now we just have to redo the whole process i was on the all star by smashmouth team MAMA MIA ThAt’S a LoT! *giggle* (THE GIGGLE) INTO THE OVEN! Let’s find out if it’s actually cooked, probably not. Probably not. Oh, yeah it looks cooked. No, it’s just like kind of mushy, wet. So now you got to put one cookie at the bottom of the cake pan *wot Basically we’re just trying to align like -could you not be so obnoxious? Look it! It’s all detached on this side again. Why is this happening? Okay, wait, what if we went like this and just lined it like this, you know, yeah You can try it and then we’ll cut out like a perfect circle for the bottom. This is really extra. Well, we just want it to be good. Yeah, it’s not too much to ask? ehhh sometimes. I don’t think it’d be extra if we knew what we were doing and we didn’t have to do all the other stuff first. This isn’t that ridiculous it’s just the fact that we did all the other stuff first Okay, we’ve made a few mistakes, but I will admit we’re not following a recipe… and we have no idea what we’re doing, so. And I will admit that we’re very ill prepared Even though we’ve done this two times before but with that being said, I believe in us!