There’s a bad rumor going around
after you went looking for her. Do you like Do Hana? (Is it true that the new
transfer student likes Do Hana?) (I envy her. He’s so handsome.
Written anonymously.) Which class is Do Hana in? (Episode. 4
I Wasn’t Expecting That) What? Do Hana. You don’t know her? How do you know Doha? Oh, she’s a friend
from the academy. Academy? Oh, the art academy? Doha is in Class 2. Why are you telling him that? Because he asked. Shouldn’t you help him out
as the class vice president? Do Hana. Hey. What are you doing here? I told you at the academy
yesterday. That I’ll see you tomorrow. I thought you meant you’d see me
at the academy. I meant school. So why are you here? I’m a student here now. Did you transfer here? Move. That’s my seat. Oh. Okay. Right. Are you going right away
after school today? To the academy? Yes. But I’m not going to go
with you. -Why not?
-Because she’s going with me. Okay. Hey, Jooha. We have to go to another class.
Let’s go together. Hi, Doha. Siwoo too. Hey, did you guys
hand in your homework? Oh, hang on. Here. By the way, he’s the new
transfer student, right? From your academy? Yes. From my art academy. That’s so unusual. To transfer
schools when he’s a senior. -He’s so good-looking, isn’t he?
-I know. I thought he was an idol star
when he walked in here. Here. Hold on. Let me write this down. -What are you doing?
-This… looks like you. The mock exam is next week.
Let’s stay focused, okay? Okay. Boram, what did the teacher… What? Why? It’s nothing. Keep studying. (Day of March Mock Exam) -Hello.
-Hey, Hana. -Do you have an exam today?
-Yes. You really do eat almonds
during the exam period. Hey, Min. What’s with this coffee
all of a sudden? -What about milk?
-Why? Can’t I drink coffee? No, you can’t. People shouldn’t suddenly
do things they don’t usually do. I copied Hana today because
it’s the day of the mock exam. I’m curious to see if coffee
will help me get a better score. It’s my first exam
as a natural sciences major. You know this is my jinx. You do well wherever you go,
so don’t worry. I heard he changed his major
to natural sciences. Is he crazy? He’s a senior. Whatever. I guess it doesn’t
matter since he’s so smart. It’ll be fun to watch
his grades drop though, right? You’ll do well too. You have five minutes left. Fill in your OMR cards. I made a mistake. It was an unexpected mistake. Well, if I’d seen it coming,
I wouldn’t have made a mistake. (English Exam) Anyway, I made a mistake today. (A-TEEN 2) Oh, my gosh. I’m so full.
My buttons are about to pop. Again? Do you want to get beaten up? No. Sorry. By the way,
about that transfer student. Is it true
that he likes Do Hana? No way. Doha has Siwoo. That’s right.
Don’t be ridiculous. I don’t think he’s a bad guy. Who knows? You never know what will happen between people
until it actually goes down. You’ve become an oldie,
hanging out with Jiwoo lately. I didn’t like that dude
from the beginning. -He’s annoying.
-He’s good-looking. Aren’t you saying that because
he seems close to Boram? No, I’m not. Gosh, what a loser. Kimha, did you do well
on your exam today? You look really happy. I think I did okay. You’re coming to
the group study session, right? Yes, I should go. About that group study.
Can only the top 15 join? No, I think it’s the top 10. Hey. Then will my two friends… be the top students
in each department? Right. First in liberal arts
and the natural sciences. I doubt I’ll be first place. Then you’ll come in
second or third. For smart kids, no matter
how much their grades drop, it’s not much of a difference. What I really don’t understand
is that regardless of the rank, their scores are similar anyway.
But they compete so fiercely. Because they have to come in
first place. Hey. -Can’t you keep your mouth shut?
-What? Why? What? Ask him. Hey. You really want to learn
how to play this game? Yes. What if… he reaches the highest rank
as soon as he learns? Hey. I’m a Silver rank player. Do you really think
that’s possible? What do I have to do first? Oh, well… I’ll invite you in. You need to click
the ‘Accept’ button. -This?
-Yes, the button there. Welcome to the Summoner’s Rift. (My Boyfriend
Is A Silver Rank Player) (My Girlfriend
Is A Diamond Rank Player) (Ha Min of Class 5) This way. Which character are you? Hey. Get me a leash here. A leash? Hey. Over here. Come here. Come here
and kill the monsters with me. Okay. Hey, you can’t go like that. We’re doomed. Hey, where are you going?
Come here. Hey, fight! -Don’t fight.
-No, come back. -Stop overreacting!
-Don’t fight and come back. What happened? Gosh, come on. The screen turned gray.
I think I’m dead. Can you come back me up here? I can’t do this by myself. I’m still on the third level. Because of him. Did I do something wrong? Hey, wait. Finish with your last blow. What do you mean? Hit the minions
with your last blow. -What are minions?
-Those little moving things. Oh, right. Okay. What’s a last blow then? You don’t even know that? Gosh, how would he know
what that is? I thought he was smart. Where should I go? -Just…
-Just fight. -No.
-Stop fighting. -I’ll just fight.
-Where are you going? Hey, watch out. We died again. Hey, a weird guy in armor
is chasing me. Run away. Hey, a fish is chasing me
this time. You have to run away. -Run away.
-Again? Isn’t he on our side? Hey, Jooha. I just said hi. -Hi.
-Why are you here? Jooha, come here.
There’s an empty seat. Oh, you don’t know Min, do you? This is Ha Min from Class 5. He’s a transfer student
in our class, Ryu Jooha. -Say hi.
-Okay. Hi. Hey. Do you live nearby? Do you come here often?
Are you good at games? Aren’t you going to play? I am playing. I heard you went
looking for Do Hana. Yes. Why did you? What? When something unexpected
happens, anyone can make a mistake. There’s a bad rumor going around
after you went looking for her. What rumor? A rumor that you like Do Hana. Oh. That rumor? Do you like Do Hana? No. Then why are you worried
about her? Because she’s my friend. Her boyfriend is my friend too. I see. (Mom: Where are you?) Don’t worry. Girls like Do Hana
aren’t my type. Then stop acting like that. There’s someone else I like. Hana. I wasn’t expecting that. Kim Hana. Our class president. Which means… I made a mistake. (Mom: Jooha, how about lunch
on the 6th?)