– I’m climbing up. Put him, put him in here. – [Dad] Oh my gosh. – I’m gonna get him in here now. – [Dad] Okay, transport him in. – Okay, you do it now. – [Dad] ‘Kay. – [Addley] He’s super nice. – [Dad] He is really nice. (laughing) (laughing) That is a very nice fly. What are you gonna name your fly? – Hmm, rocks. – Rocks?
– Yeah. (Door knob clicking) (Child joyfully screaming) – [Dad] Hello, hi doggie. Hi Nico, you’re so cute. (child play screaming) What are you guys doing? – We’re watching the blog. – [Dad] Oh yeah, how
is it? (Addley talking) – It’s good. – [Dad] It’s great, oh and
what are we doing today? – Look what I’ve got! – [Dad] What, a bug catcher. That is the coolest present ever. – I got a lid with this so I
can, so I can look at them. – [Dad] Let me see, what? – Do you want to see, Dad? – What? – [Addley] Open your eyes. – [Mom] (laughing) Open
your eyes (laughing). – [Dad] Nico, you look
so ready for summer. – When you see some on the ground. – [Dad] Ooh! – This one’s for grabbing
it, and it, and here. – [Dad] That’s pretty cool. – Or, they can go in here
if they’re bigger, huh. And then you close it. – [Dad] We are gonna have to
do some bug catching soon. Family, what’s the plan
today, who knows, huh? – Me, we’re gonna ride the Slip ‘N Slide. – [Dad] We’re gonna ride a Slip ‘N Slide? – (laughing) Yeah. – I want to ride a Slip ‘N Slide, ready? – [Mom] Ready. – Ready – [Dad] One, Two, Three. – [Family] Let’s go! – We’re here! – [Dad] Ah yeah, let’s go. Get that princess dress out of the car. – I’m going to bring this
in nana’s pool, shoot. – [Dad] Oh, a shooter. – Yep.
– [Dad] I like that idea. – I’m going to shoot you. (play
gun whooshes) (dad screams) – Look at papa’s motorcycle. – [Dad] That’s a pretty cool motorcycle. Who’s motorcycle is cooler? Dad’s motorcycle or that motorcycle? – Papa’s motorcycle and your motorcycle. – [Dad] Both of them? – Yeah.
– Good answer. – Boo hoo. – [Dad] She saw your motorcycle. – You did? – Uh huh. – [Dad] It’s cool, huh? Hey Nico bear! (animated chewing) (baby exclaiming)
Is that the vlog? (baby screaming) Woo! (lip smacking) (baby talking) (playful roaring) (upbeat cheerful music) – [Dad] Oh my gosh, you
look Elsa, wait, hold on. – Yep, I’m going here, I’m goin’ here. – [Dad] Okay, babe, that Elsa
towel, adorable, I love it. You in?
– Yeah. – [Dad] Goodbye. – [Addley] I’m a caterpillar. – [Dad] You’re a caterpillar,
okay, metamorphosis. (playful roaring) – [Dad] Presenting the
beautiful butterfly. – I am a butterfly. – [Dad] Fly away. – I’m going to do another one. – [Dad] Oh you’re going to
turn into another butterfly? – [Addley] Uh huh. – [Dad] You’re snapped,
go, go, go, go, go! I bet you can swim so good now ’cause in Hawaii you learned it, huh? – Uh huh. (upbeat energetic music) – Jump in.
– I can swim in that. – [Dad] Okay, we’re going
to put Nico right there. Oh, careful. Hey, I like your boat, bye! – Bye bye. – [Dad] Whoa, that feels good. – I tickled Nico’s toes underwater. – [Dad] Let me see, go under. (calm music) (Mom laughing) – Did you see me? – [Dad] Good job, Addley, try
to swim all the way to me. Good job! Addley, you can hold your
breath a long time! (Gasps) (Addle spits)
Holy cow, girl! (calm music) You made it! – I swam to you! – [Dad] Hi Nico! (laughing)
You chilling. (baby laughing) Whoa! – [Mom] His cute little legs. – [Dad] Get your hair wet, yeah! – He’s all, Dad! – I swam all the way to you. – Again?
– Uh huh. – [Dad] You are like a
dolphin. (dolphin speaking) Are you a nice dolphin or a mean dolphin? – I’m a nice nolphin. – His hair is getting long. – [Dad] Look at that
dolphin swim! (laughing) Babe, look at her dolphin swim. (laughing) It was a really good dolphin swim, Addley. I’m excited for you to watch
the blog tomorrow and see. Addley, pretend my hand’s a dolphin and I’ll pull you underwater. Hey, hold my hands with both hands. And then get a big breath and we’ll go. (water splashing) That was so cool! That’s so fun, Addley held
her breath and I pulled her like she was riding a dolphin. – That’s awesome, good job Addley. – [Dad] I’m so stoked for her to do that in real life someday, Jenny’s done that. Brandon, you’ve done
that, we’ve all done it. (upbeat music) (crowd cheering) – It’s too long, it’s
starting to curl over. – [Dad] He’s like a
humpback whale in captivity. (laughing) That mohawk will never be straight again. Yikes, sorry if that is a bad joke. Don’t write in the comments. Nico’s gonna show you his tricks. Do you want to splash. (water splashing) (baby talks) – [Mom] Nico’s first swimmin’ pool. – Look!
– What did you get? – Something to swim on. – Is that a seahorse? – Yeah. – That’s pretty cool. (laughing) Here, I’ll put Nico on with
you, we’re riding the seahorse. – I don’t want to ride anymore. Nico don’t, you’re riding it by yourself. – [Mom] Yeah he is. (Water splashing) – Woohoo, ah boo! (laughing) – [Dad] Where’s Nico? – Ah boo! – [Dad] Where’s Nico? – [Mom And Dad] Ah! (laughing) – [Mom] (Water splashes) Wee! (laughing) One, two, wee! (water splashes) (laughing) – [Dad] Addley, I want to see your biggest jump into the pool. – Oh, okay, here. – [Dad] Okay, jump in. (water splashes) Good jump, this is Addley’s mermaid slide. Kind of a fall, got it,
oh, that was a fun slide. – This is Nico’s first
time trying watermelon. – [Dad] Look how small it
is, it’s a baby watermelon. Om nom nom nom nom. – [Mom] Eat it. – [Dad] Oh no, don’t eat the green part. Eat the, yeah, eat this one. – [Addley] The green part. – [Dad] Oh is that yummy? – He likes it, babe.
– I think he does. – A piece, I want to have a piece, hmm. – [Dad] Is it yummy? – Yes, it is. – [Dad] This is Nico’s cousin, Benny. We’re on a pizza blanket ’cause that’s what cool cousins do. (laughing) Then we’re eating
delicious hamburgers over here. Mom, I like your pool party. (thudding) – I’m climbing now, put him in here. – [Dad] Oh my gosh. – I’m gonna get him in here now. – [Dad] ‘kay, transport him in. – Okay, you do it now. – [Dad] ‘Kay. – How did he get in my drink. – [Dad] We got him. (tapping) Hurry, shut it. – He doesn’t escape. – [Dad] You saved him, okay,
this is bad water now, blah. – Where’s my looker? – [Dad] You’re what? – Where’s my looker so I can look? – By dad’s leg. – [Dad] Where’s her looker? Addley, let me see your looker. That’s so cool. (laughing) – [Addley] He’s super nice. – [Dad] He is really nice. (laughing). That is a very nice fly. What are you going to name your fly? – Hmm, rocks. – Rocks?
– Yeah. – Mom, guess what?
– What? – [Dad] Addley named her fly, Rocks. – Cool! – Right there by the grass. – [Papa] He’s been swimming. – Yeah! – [Papa] The fly’s been swimming. – Yeah, in the pool. (laughing)
– [Papa] In the pool? – I’m gonna put some
water in there for him. – [Dad] Yeah, he probably
wants more water. Yeah, looks good. – Okay, can you open it? – [Dad] Yep. (water splashing) – Oh. – [Dad] He likes that, get
him back in the middle. Oh my gosh, he’s back alive! Addley was right, she’s a fly
whisperer that revived him! Whisper something, tell him to move. – No, fly, fly, fly! – [Dad] What do flies
say, how do flies talk? – (Buzzing) Wake up! – [Dad] (Buzzing) What are you doing? – I’m going to put some
more water in there. – [Dad] He probably just needs more water. – Whoa, hurry! – [Dad] Hurry, shut it,
he’s back up, he’s crawling. The water really does just
get him going. (laughing) – I’m get him some more water. – [Dad] Addley, you’re like
a fly doctor, good job! – [Mom] Or, you could get him some food. – I’ll get some watermelon. – [Dad] That’s a good idea. Oh cut it. – [Mom] She’s making them smaller. – [Dad] Oh, that’s delicious,
are you making the brownies? Thank you, oh that one can be Sarah’s. Can be brownie troll now, how about that? (laughing) Okay, no more! (laughing) – [Mom] Good job, Addley. – [Dad] What are we
having with our brownie? – Ice cream! – [Dad] Yes! – I want the pink bowl. – Vanilla, no toppings,
what she always says. What do you want? – These. – [Dad] What is that? – It’s vanilla with no toppings. – Do you want chocolate?
– Nope. – [Dad] Do you want vanilla with toppings? – Do you want a brownie with it? – Nope. – [Dad] All she likes
is vanilla, no toppings. – She did not get that from me. – There was no spoon,
I just like to lick it. – [Dad] Like a cat, an ice cream cat? – Now, think about it. – [Dad] Mom, she was not thinking about. Look at some of these sizes. She was not thinking about it. Sarah, think about it.
– Stop. – [Dad] Guys, have you
been missing S’mores Troll? I feel like you’ve been gone for so long. (laughing) Oh I love that S’mores Troll. – One, two, three, four. – [Dad] Sarah, sarah, think about it. – I’m trying. (clapping) – [Dad] What’up boys? (block clacking)
(baby cooing) What’s up?
(baby talking) What’s up, girl? – Watch what I can make Dad. – [Dad] Let’s see, what are you makin’? – A x, whoa Nico. – [Dad] Aw, that’s a cool x. – And then what else I can make. – [Dad] What? – It’s a line. – [Dad] Ooh, a line, good job! (block clacking)
(woman cheers) – [Unidentified Woman] You’ve
got to get that one down. – [Dad] And then their back row? – Yeah.
– You’ve got this, babe. (block clacking) Boo, softball skills. – Oh, that was bad. – [Dad] Brandon, let’s edit
that part out. (woman laughing) (group laughing) Oh! – (clapping) Good job, team! – [Dad] Monday morning meetings. (laughing) (clapping) Good team spirit over
here, good team spirit. (children laughing) – [Unidentified Woman] Oh my gosh. – [Dad] (laughing) You’re
getting attacked by babies. Get her guys. (block clanking) Woo, slick! Oof!
(clapping) (laughing) You’re such
a cool cousin, Addley. (Addley laughing) It’s really fun to watch. (children laughing) (blocks clanking) With a baby, woo! – [Addley] You never feeled me. – [Dad] Good night, that
team’s going down, oh! Good job, girls! (Banging) I ended up on the girls team and the S’mores Troll
ended up on the boys team. That’s just the way it is.
And you guys are having fun? – Yeah! – [Dad] You’re the best cousin ever. Sarah, don’t worry about me filming. Just throw it like you normally would. Whoa, okay! – Shut up. – [Dad] I’ve got a strategy. – [Mom] What’s your strat? (blocks clanking) (group cheering) – Yes!
– Good job. (cheering) – Yes!
– Good job. – We are the best. (all laughing) – Funny end clip, there we go.