( imitating Forest Gump )
Mama always said life is like a box
of gross chocolates. Let’s talk about that.( music playing )Good Mythical morning. We’re continuing
our three-day celebration of love,
and guess what? – Tomorrow is Valentine’s Day!
– Yay. And if that comes
as news to you and you’ve just
crapped your pants because you forgot
to get your bae a gift, don’t worry.
We got you covered. Just give them a link
to today’s episode because we’re going to be
dancing with our dogs and eating food with them, too.
They’ll love it. Yeah, because nothing
says romance – like a link
to a YouTube video.
– That’s right. And nothing says
Valentine’s Day
like chocolate, so we’re about to play
a game that will test the very important ability that you need to have
this time of year, and that is, can you open up
a box of chocolates, or just look at chocolate, and tell whether
it’s going to be good or gross, just by looking at it.It’s time for…Here we are
in the chocolate zone where lazy Susans and
dramatic lighting rule all. All right, Cupid,
bring in our first two items. It’s like Valentine week,
but it’s a séance. Look, it’s tattooed Cupid. Okay. Now, one of these items
in front of us is– Keeps getting weirder
and weirder. …is a good chocolate. The other item
is a bad chocolate. In every round, we’re going to each pick a chocolate
from over here– lot of chocolate– In order to then gain
the power of choice. Each one of these chocolates has
a number on the bottom of them. The higher number in each round
gets the power of choice and decides which item
goes in front of who. Just gonna start with
whatever’s closest to me. I’ll take this one, and my number is four. My number is 11. – Oh, you have the power–
– Significantly higher
than four. …of choice,
so you get to decide, do you wanna keep that
or lazy Susan it around– Hey, take your freakin’
hands off it. – …have the power–
– I didn’t put– I didn’t get–
take your hands off of it! I got– I picked 11.
I get the power of choice. – Okay, okay.
– Control freak. Well, it’s the power of choice,
not the power of spin. Gosh, he can’t help himself. Can I have the power of spin? No, you can’t have
any power right now. I have all the power right now. Hm, ironically,
you still may choose
the nasty chocolate. Yeah, because
there’s no way to know which one’s good and bad. But one is blue. Blue starts with a B. “Bad” starts with a B. ( chuckles ) Okay. – But…
– Silver… – Hold on. You–
– …is valuable. You don’t even have the power
to talk. No, you can– – you can talk.
– Silver’s valuable. I think that’s
purple and gold. Purple and gold,
they’re both valuable. I feel like somebody
was really proud of that one. Purple and gold. Mm-hm. Uh, you know what? Blue is bad, but I’m going
with reverse psychology, and I think
that in this case, blue is good. I’m going to stick
with my choice, blue. All right, so we’re both
going to bite– Get a good
cross section there. These are beautiful,
by the way, guys, beautiful. Woman: Thank you. Dink it. – Yep. Oh, gosh.
– Mm. Mine’s got some sort
of white mint in it. – Mine’s got some charcoal.
– ( laughter ) Oh, that’s good for–
it’ll clean you out. – It’s actually not bad.
– ( laughter ) I mean, I can’t breathe
while I’m doing it. But if I get poisoned,
I’ll be okay. Open your mouth.
It looks pretty scary
in there now. Cupid. Draw back your bow. Here you go. Cupid got a perm.
( laughs ) Also got some spoons. – Whoa, where’d you–
– One for you. – Hold on, where–
– One for you. Where’d you–
where’d you pull those from? Don’t worry about it. – My word.
– So don’t put that in there. Just see it next to it. Okay, now… Let’s see who gets
the power of choice. – Pluck a chocolate.
– I’m coming over to your side. I got a six. I got a 10. – ( laughing )
– Dang it! I got the power of choice, and, as you know, last time
that helped me a lot. None. Wow. So one is… brown chocolate. You’ve got a mousse and I’ve
got, like, a sprinkled pudding. Yeah, I mean,
they both look so innocent. Yeah, but, you know,
there’s a devious underbelly to one of these. Sprinkles versus cherry. Sprinkles make
everybody happy. Yeah, but, I mean, a cherry
and sprinkles are both– You say “the cherry on top”
as usually a good thing. Well, but– you’re guaranteed to
give me something I don’t like if you give me the one
with the cherry. I’m just looking to see
if I can see anything, besides these… Hm… Lots of sprinkles. I think this is bad. And I think that this is good. Certainly is shaky
when you spin it. It’s got a shakiness.
I don’t trust the shakiness. That one’s got a solidness. All right,
just go deep, I guess, or go home. Okay.
I don’t wanna touch. – Oh, crap.
– ( laughter ) I don’t like that cherry.
It’s nasty. But the pudding is awesome! Oh, gosh. Who needs the power of choice? What are you eating, man? It’s the sourest pudding
I’ve ever had. What is that,
malic acid in the pudding? Stevie:Correct.Don’t forget the sprinkles. Wow, this power of choice
thing… – ( chuckles )
– This is why everybody shouldn’t have
the right to vote. ‘Cause some people
make bad choices, just like me. Well, that seems like
a horrible thing to say. Cupid! And here it is. Ooh, cupcake. You’re not helping
me out any, Cupid. I’m sorry. How’s he supposed
to help you out? He’s so innocent, though.
I mean… I felt sorry for him
when he apologized to me. I’ve got to get
a higher number. I want to feel what it’s like
to have the power of choice. Nine. – Two.
– Yes! The tables have turned. And the table will turn. Could spin, actually. Look at this. Over here I’ve got– Oh! A rainbow-ish cupcake. That looks nice. But look at that
dark and stormy cupcake. It’s got some stars on it. It’s a similar dichotomy as
there was in the pudding round. Mm-hm. There’s a dark night where
you can still see the stars, or the daylight
with a rainbow. Which should I choose? The happiness of this. I think I’m going–
I’m going to go
with the scary one ’cause it’s probably nice
on the inside if it’s scary
on the outside. You think that’s scary? Yeah.
Or go with the happy one… that is sad on the inside. You know what? Dark on the inside.
Darkness on the outside. I’m locking it in with a rainbow cupcake. Take a big honking bite, and let’s see who is right. – Oh, gosh…
– ( laughter ) ( laughs )
Mm, happy inside.
Happy outside. Man, last time we did
something like this, you kept getting everything bad. I’m getting everything… ( imitating Rhett )
“The power of choice!” Oh, gosh, what is this? Stevie:
So there’s clam juice inside, seaweed, raw oysters, and squid ink frosting. – Ew.
– Stevie: And, Link– Did you just lose a tooth? Stevie: Link, yours
is actually extra special because your daughter
Lilly made it. – Ugh, did Lilly make this one?
– Aw. I’m coming after you, Lilly. Lilly, you did a great job.
Mm. Cupid needs a coat, man. – You cold?
– No, I’m fine. ( laughter ) Ooh,
we got some, uh… – Cannolis.
– Cannolis? Oh, there’s more sprinkles. All right, let’s figure out
this power of choice. Oh, what’s yours? – 12.
– 13! Unlucky 13, though. Okay, see if you can do it
again, Link. You’re going
for the queen sweep again. Now, over here I see
that this cannoli has a light coloring,
which would be normal, but then the frostiness
on the chips. And there’s gold flakes.
Whoa, that’s fancy. Then over here we got
happy happy, sprinkle sprinkle with some sort of– I think that the cream
is a little bluish. You think the cream is bluish? That scares me a little bit. – Okay.
– Man. Again, am I going with
the happiness of sprinkles has sadness inside? Has there been any logic
to the reasoning so far? I mean, you were right. I haven’t kept track. ( laughs )
Yeah. I erase my memory
after every round. Yeah, I think that
they’re keeping us guessing. Can I just– I’m just going
to put my tongue on– No! No! No! No!
No, no, no, no…. I don’t have the power
of tongue? Not the power of smell either. You can’t get
too close to it. Only the power of choice
by sight. I think those happy sprinkles are hiding
a demented secret. Final choice? But maybe I’m wrong. ‘Cause I choose unlucky 13, I’m turning the tables
on the luck. Do you know which one started
on your side, though? I was going to choose
that one, and now I’m choosing this one. But where did it start
because that would be where the 13 would come
into play. Don’t remember that. All right, here we go. Invisible dink it and bite it. – ( gagging )
– ( laughter ) – ( laughs )
– Not good. What– what is that log? Looks like a frickin’
dookie log in there. Stevie: Those are pig parts.
Intestines, liver, kidneys, snout, and blood. ( spitting up ) Thank you, Cupid. My daughter make that, too? – No.
– Good. Love boy, drop it. Made with love. Oh, so we got mugs
of something. – Okay.
– Not a lot to go on here. Oh, it’s a little heart. Well, I got the one,
so I know I didn’t win. And I got an L. Seven. All right, Link, ball’s
in your court once again. but now we’ve got
some hot chocolate-y drinks. Mm-hm. Mine has a big mound
of whipped cream and shaved what appears
to be chocolate. Hm. And then now, this one– Whipped cream is great
for hiding things. This one’s got marshmallows
on top, of varying color. Hm. They both seem happy. Actually these marshmallows
seem to be dying. They’re just, like,
wilting into something. It’s, like, so sad. That one,
you can’t learn anything. I can’t learn anything
about what’s under this mound. Man, I know this is bound
to be real nasty ’cause it’s – the last one.
– The last one. Yeah, you know how
you can learn something. – Taste it.
– Taste it, exactly. Which one you gonna taste? I think you should take
the one with the marshmallows. Well, Rhett, I appreciate
the suggestion, but there ain’t no way
I’m taking marshmallows ’cause I don’t even
like marshmallows. I’m taking this one. And I’m hoping that’s
whipped cream on top and good stuff underneath. ( laughter ) What is that?
It’s hot! Stevie: That’s hot chocolate
steeped with ghost peppers, the world’s hottest chocolate
inside of it, and drops
of Flashbang hot sauce
to top it off. – No!
– ( Rhett laughing ) Yeah. Mine’s just real nice. Ugh, hot chocolate literally? That’s real cute, guys. Aah! I got some down my throat, too. It didn’t all come up.
Ugh… You fell for it, man. I had no idea
you were going to fall
for that very simple mind trick. You– you didn’t–
you don’t know nothing. I said you should take
the one with marshmallows. You didn’t know what was
in the marshmallows! I knew it was the good one. No, you didn’t. I mean, it is the good one.
( laughs ) Whoo, that’s hot. Ah, you gonna finish that? No, you can have it.
Here. – I’m okay. I’m okay.
– It’s really great. I recommend you try it. All right, stick around
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