Hey guys its Karina and Ronald here from Sis VS Bro and today today we are doing the mystery wheel of cake CHALLENGE and we got once agian the wheel of fortune We got a whole bunch of ingredients for cakes right here And were gonna be trying to make a cake of course obviously so basically were gonna get ten spins okay this is my spin number one I really need butter eggs milk Or flour Got milk you got some milk You don’t mix your all right now. It’s my spin number one I’m gonna get no no eggs. No does that count no. No it doesnt happen Yeah, hop again now you got some runoff more milk now, but okay You’re gonna have a very milky kick-outs for that much. That was nice man number two Like just pork there’s another factor this on yes, it’s gonna be the most delicious cake all right. It’s gonna be touched by these Amazing Chocolate chip found the egg, that’s good whoopsies it my spit number three that stuff Thanks, Oh exterior you got is it the one oh, I’m gonna extra chocolate chip. Yeah, yeah Okay, so so I have milk and eggs, I flour to make this a real cake so I better cross my fingers Works all I got was milk and eggs Treat eggs for flowers I’m here. Thanks and guys by the way you are gonna be judging who has the better cake chocolate salad So I’m just gonna dust entire thing in Halfway there, and we are gonna get flour Going off slowly filling out slowly, I need this flour to take over my milk and eggs click some mixa mixa room number Raisins even better even better Karina Dump it on Okay, it’s my turn spin number six. What do I need? I’m gonna get milk in So many I Need more flour and help there so far all has scrambled eggs with flour and I really hope I’m gonna get eggs Milk or butter one of those because those are two actually ingredients to make the cake We didn’t need that continue alright, but in my goal number six Yeah What am I gonna catch mmm butter dinner net Well I guess I could meet some if me and dump it all in we got an enemy that quickly comment down below whose cake New thing is gonna actually turn out to be a cake These never know and read not be a kid. I haven’t flour per Minute you’re gonna have a pretty big cake round That’s why I’m doing Now mine is gonna be a tiny little mini cake it’s gonna be so cute and adorable So this is my spin in number 7. I hope I’m gonna get eggs or milk good thing We have some extras in the house cause Ronald took them all Okay continue all Right so I got some milk exactly what have been helping for Beautiful or Neos milk whatever Now let’s mix it okay guys now. It’s time for my Eight, let’s cross out a few news from butter and number eggs Milk No packing here Smash the bush, but smash mash up alright so my spin number eight. I need the eggs the eggs I need them I just need them guys crush the seniors down below for no eggs or drink now cross your fingers rice Baby there we go all right we got some milk straight from the bottle Okay what so guys my speak number nine GP is here to join the action We are gonna get butter and she is gonna watch your step mother, right? That’s what cheating okay fine keeping this is not for you, okay guys now. I’m gonna spin for y’all Blueberries dizzying eggs She was like going back to her business now you can’t eat eggs all right you have to put Karina you have to put Ally’s hi What’s two packs one for me one for you guys they’re only buying in go the blueberries We get butter freakin a with a challenge so might as well, I don’t know why we weren’t getting better I forgot about their let’s continue Thank you so much the butter goes I need a spoon. They’ll Currently won this challenge like I need more butters, and I’m alright so now it is my final. Spin. I need yes, I Even burn No okay, I’m gonna spit it for real now keep your fingers crossed But if you think I am gonna get the edge believe in these guys coming up a little hashtag we need X or hashtag 3d cheese My husband will keep our fingers crossed and coming down. Well. We need a sweet cheese All right, so I’m gonna spin, it wish me luck We’re gone because like candy ate them, but are still eggs, okay guys This is my last ingredient to make this cake perfect and it’s my key to victory cross your fingers reviewing this on the table In god the eggs And then we’re gonna make you a call to my banker see you guys dead Looks like a perfect cake I Got mine right here, it’s gonna. Just go bright in there scooch in Scooch now I’m gonna put the cake inside. We’re gonna do the cake revealing three. I do drink too much CTR our cakes mine is an inglorious and Myles is looking exact same Villa Clara exact achill, but the insides aren’t so we are gonna have to try deep we got our plates ready scrap your plate rounds Nine first I got a quick take off this bit Which I have no idea how to do I? Think I’m doing it my cake my cake oh No, I did it before you Shoot, why is your capable perfect – completely ruined Okay, it looks like I’m on – look challenge Made by mine’s definitely gonna be tasty so all right you got a slice right there. You got raising that blueberries in there What do you think Missy? I think I want scoop up all that flavor there We go all right here you guys so guys look at this then look at this which way is better. I think sso It’s ninety nine nine nine nine percent sure that’s this one. I think it’s perfect slices perfect You don’t know flavor. I just have cake and ice so I got now let’s try our cakes three two one Good yeah, you can’t blueberry servation stuff. I did yeah. Let it rock try mine. I’ll try yours alright three two one So our sister got new same except without the flavor Doctor play nobody’s amazing know my tastes better My delicious playing perfect cake Mmm. Nothing looks hey guys look – like a cake, but careers looks like a hot mess now This is flavor earthy Mmm. She’s so goodness flavor blueberries chocolate so guys comment down below. Who do you think won the mystery? We love cake? My cake