(upbeat music) – [Together] Welcome to Crafty Girls! – Today we are doing the mystery wheel of dessert pizza challenge. – We are so excited because
you know I love candy, you know I love pizza, but this time, instead of pizza crust, we have a cookie! – Sugar cookie. – So on our last video, we
put a poll in the corner and asked you guys, which
video would you wanna see more? Dessert pizza or edible slime? – Most of you in the
poll said edible slime, but more of you asked for
dessert pizza in the comments. – So we’re going to do
both videos this week, and that’s good for me ’cause that means I get to eat more candy. If you’re new to our
channel, I’m Annelise. – I’m Rachel. – And I’m Julia. – They’re fraternal twins
and I’m their older sister. – We would love for you to
hit that subscribe button and turn on your notifications. – If you do, you’ll be
part of our C.G. Family. – So let us know in
the comments down below if you’ve done those things, and you might get a shout-out at the end. – [Together] Let’s get started! – We’re gonna take six spins
each, and whichever we get, we have to put onto our pizza. – Immediately. – I’m going first. – Sour Starburst. – Alright. – Purple or green? Purple. – Wait, it landed on blue,
so I’m gonna do purple, because that’s closest. – Oh, yeah. – Oh, Rachel, that’s
actually really pretty. Oh, she ate one. Well, okay. Marshmallows. I mean, it’s okay. – I’m gonna put some more on. – Because she only put a couple on. I’m gonna put these all
over, no pattern needed. – They’re like little pepperonis. – Okay. Marshmallows! – She wanted those so badly. – I know. – My turn. – Marshmallows. – Julia. – You gotta be precise. – Okay, I have an idea. I’m gonna move these off and I’m gonna put this on as my cheese layer. – (gasp) Oh, so when it melts,
you have a cheese layer. – Mmkay, my turn-y. Sour Starburst, and it landed on blue, so, and you know, my purple’s
my favorite color, so. Woo! It’s a par-tay in the house. With marshmallows, because
I wanna cheese layer. More marshmallows, we need ’em. Alright. – Chocolate chips! I was so close to Dots! – My turn. M&M’s. Oh wait, I gotta put these back on. – Alrighty. – Wait. – Chocolate chips. – Wait. – So far, Julia has a s’mores kind of, okay Julia, that’s more than enough! – Okay, it’s called candy pizza. – For a reason. – Gummy bears! – My turn. Chocolate chips. – My turn. Gummy bears! I wanted gummy bears so bad. – My turn. Nerds! – Gummy bears. – Sprinkles. – Shut your eyes. – [Both] Purple! – Sprinkles! Oh, sorry. – Cover your eyes, and the bag. Yeah, she’s good.
– I already got it. Oh geez, oh, orange! – Alrighty. – This is our last turn. – [Together] Nuts! – Oh, nuts on a pizza,
that’s gonna be delicious. – Nuts! So far, three nuts. – You give the camera a– – You two are like twins. – So, our last ingredient for both of us was the worst ingredient. – My turn. – Our pizzas only have one difference. (groaning) – Craisins!
– Craisins! – That’s, when we were
like, getting ready, she was just like, “Aw,
I hate Craisins so much, “I’m not gonna get them.” And she got Craisins,
so we all got one thing that we didn’t want on the last round. – Mm, I would have rather taken nuts. Putting the very outside. That was a lot. This is very depressing. ♪ I’ve made mistakes ♪ ♪ Crashed and burned ♪ ♪ So many chances ♪ ♪ No time to learn ♪ – Our pizzas are ready
to go into the oven. – I am really excited to see
how these are going to bake. – I really wonder how these
candies are gonna melt because, some of them don’t
really melt, like Nerds– – Like sprinkles, sprinkles
don’t melt, do they? – Yeah, no, no. – [Annelise] Here is my pizza. – [Rachel] Here’s my pizza. – [Julia] And here’s my pizza. – We’re gonna bake ’em,
we’ll be right back. Okay, so our pizzas are all baked, and they look, actually amazing. Satisfying music, please. (calm techno music) – I have never been so
excited to taste a pizza! – This is going to be the best pizza I’ve ever had in my life. Let’s dig in! (joyful music) – It, well, that’s a bummer. ♪ I’ve made mistakes ♪ ♪ Crashed and burned ♪ – Look at this. – Yes, I have a slice,
look how beautiful it is. – I have edible slime. – Ugh, help, let’s eat it, on three! – [Together] One, two, three. – Mm, mm. – This is, um. – Our (mumbles). – Interesting. Okay, so we all like ours,
and we’re going to try each other’s pizzas and
see which one is the best. Rachel, all I have is
marshmallows and chocolate. – There’s a gummy bear on there, too. And there’s some nuts. There’s no Starburst, though. – Scream, okay we’re good. – (gasp) Alright. – [Together] Three, two, one. – Um.
– Um. – This is weird. And I was (mumbles). – Oh no, hers is really good. – (laughs) This is so weird! – But, you got the exact same ingredients. Other than M&M’s. – Ew. – Mmkay, so, that’s. – Mm, that’s actually good, okay, I haven’t tried Julia’s pizza. – I’m gonna take your pizza. – Okay, I have a slice pre-cut-out. – Thank you. – Yes. Julia, you get the one
with all the Starburst, that’s dripping and falling apart. – Disgusting. – I’m humiliated, I
dropped cookie dough on me. – Okay, this one has gummy bear on it, so I’m just gonna quickly… – Now, I’m trying Annelise’s. – I’m trying Julia’s. – And I’m trying Julia’s. Okay, let’s do this. – Mm, mm-mm, mm-mm. Julia’s comes in third place. There are hard chunks in it. – Annelise’s comes in 12th. That is absolutely disgusting. – It’s like chewing chocolatey rocks. – I’m sticking with mine. – I’m trying to, like, get
chocolate off my hands. – It’s stuck to the roof of my mouth. – But instead. – We made a huge mess. – Trying to, like. – Hey! – It was a joke. – And we think the winner is, – Me!
– Rachel! – Wait, me, me! (laughs) – Julia, I’m sorry, but
yours was disgusting. – Yeah, we’re sorry. – You guys are cruel.
– Yes, Rachel won. – Hers was in 90th place,
hers was in 1000th place. – There weren’t 90 pizzas! (Rachel laughs) (Julia laughs) What, do I have something on my face? – More than just something. – Big time! – I used to love chocolate,
but now I don’t know if I ever wanna eat it again. – Ow. (Julia laughs) – Now it’s time for the
not-my-arms challenge. (grunts) Oh, yeah! (singing) That was really fun. – And disgusting. – Now let’s do some shout-outs. – Emily Jackson. – Fatima Ashraf. – Slimes and glitter rainbows. – AmazingDiy Crafts. – Manisha Kamdar. – Unicorn Lover. – Gamerkyle_yt. – Acadia Grouns. – And Maverick J. – And we have a special
shout-out for Shania Vaz. If you remember a few weeks ago, we did a Kano street
art competition video. – She’s a member of our C.G. Family, and she entered the competition. – And she won! – Congratulations, Shania! – Let’s give her a round of applause! (applauding) We hope you enjoyed this video. – If you did, please
give it a big thumbs up. – We love you guys so much. – [Together] Bye! (fun techno music)