Hey guys! It’s Karina! It’s Ronald! We are from Sis VS Bro and today we are playing the Mystery wheel of slime hands challenge!!!!!! So, this one is an interesting one. *Laughs* We have the mystery wheel, once again. And we have all of our slime options. We’re gonna spin it 10 times We’re gonna put all our ingredients in a bowl, mix it at the end. See what we get, but we’re gonna be adding our ingredients With.. hands So we have all of the ingredients Inside rubber gloves and you’re just gonna have to snip off the fingers and that’s how we’re gonna add our ingredients to our slime Yup, so Let’s get started. We’ll be very mischievous while we do it. Alright, rock, paper, scissors, who goes first? dun dun dun, na na na na na da na na na na na na na na na na rock, paper, scissors, shoo-oo-oo-t So, my awesome handy spin #1. That was a bad joke, I’m sorry. Alright. Purple glue, I got my purple glue! Okay, so you’re gonna just grab your scissors? and snip off the fingers.. I think I should help you. Wait, wait wait HAHAHA! it’s going down. k, next one Yes Getting the hang of this Getting the hang of snipping fingers. And then you squezeeeee. Ronald you also got to do the thumb. Oh the thumb, Yeah. I forgot. Okay thumbs going down! dun na na na na Eww Put in the dumpster! hayaa! it looks like a hat. Oh wow. All right. Now my turn to spin.. Number One Rice! It’s over there. Okay. We don’t actually have any more rice because in our last slime video I used all the rice. Yup. So now we got quinoa instead! Alright, so we’re just gonna snip off the fingers I want it to all go in at the same time Now I’m just gonna dump it!!! no quinoa left behind DONE!! now it’s time for my spin number dos! Let’s get started! Now I’m gonna spin like that cuz I feel like it! SWITCHUP!!?? NOOOOO Alright, now my go!! Switch up??! Again??! Oh my! This is just… this is the best!! Okay for my spin number three, hopefully no food show Yellow orange balls. Okay, so let’s start snipping It’s going, okay! You have the ends of the fingers on the inside of the bowl. I know right. Oh wait, let me take those out Okay guys, now it’s time for my spin number 3! Let’s spin! Blue glue! All right, I got the blue glue right here! it’s very blue. All right okay time for some finger snipping Savage Is so weird-ly, that’s a tactic not to get the fingertips in mmhm My goodness, look how weird that looks!! and it’s gonna squeeze all this out all the gooey insides! Okay, put it in the bin. There you go! Okay, now it’s time for my spin numberrr 4! Let’s get started! Alright! green glitter Yeah, okay so I have my green glitter let’s get something that’s a very interesting combination on yes And then the thumb and now my spin number fourr You’re gonna get some more rice… nah All right, let’s spin No switch up no switch up no switch up Activatorrr Yeah, oh yeah, oh yeah. Oh yeah okay time for that later Ewww The first one just went spreading I’m gonna go get all that juice out and that’s it Okay, so now it’s time for my spin number five. Let’s get started Shaving cream Shaving creme thumb first. Oh, I don’t know how weird that looks Okay smells like shaving cream, how is me, oh My goodness that is Karan pass the dumpster. There you go. Well Looking very shavey my friendly slime Okay. Yeah its now time for our spin number five. I am looking for I think I’ll just want to get the pink blue Lets spin Green and red balls When I got so yeah, I just basically got some green and red balls and I had a very Christmasy slime with some key All right, so I’m just gonna snip these up boom Boom that’s attack last one there now do your squishing Come on get out ya Gotta get out there and shine Like the green in red balls you are The pinky is a little stubborn come on Gonna get out there. Come on. There you go. I am ready for Action now, okay. So now time for round number six or my spin number six activator spin Purple glitter You gotta have a very glittery slime very green and purple. Okay, let’s do it I’m gonna do Karina packet tactic. Ah Just a little bit Okay, I’m just gonna snip it off get down get down Okay Just snip just keep snapping. Just keep snipping How long does it take? Okay, okay You gotta get the thumb too – Oh, yeah thumb, oh my goodness Don’t come over here. We’ll get roasted Okay And pull this out Do my dump thing take that take that put it on the side. So guys, this is my spin number six I’m hoping I’m going to get some pink now because Alan made some purple slime with the blue blue all right now, so let’s cross our fingers for some pink blue knows what job Do we actually just get switch up right after I said that I mean your slimes okay (mocking) your slime is okayy Id rather have mine. Id rather have mine Okay, so unfortunately Korin guys, switched up right after I said crossing fingers for no switch up but anyways it’s my spin number seven Orange glitter… and here you go I’m ready for action. Let’s get snipping. Okay? Okay. It’s going down. It’s going down Okay, it’s going down Okay end up on wrong you keep forgetting the thumb It always hides behind it Stop hiding Okay. Yeah, that’s been number seven. I did not get any pink glue. Yeah, so that’s what I’m hoping for for this round He’s chilling over there waiting for you. Yeah. All right processing guys my friend glue cross fingers for nothing glue But I got activator which is a good one. But it was right there. All right, we’re gonna snip snip snip. All right. Snip It was like a water bomb, split the thumb Winger That’s then and now I have a lake of activator. Okay, guys, so now time for for my spin number 8 Let’s get started Black Glue Black is okay. It’s decent but I would rather pick so crazy. I don’t get it now. I don’t want that black bag. Oh Not forgetting to thumb this time good Karina pass the dumpster. Here you go There you go All right now its my go Oh, yeah, and now its my spin number eight I still want that pink lip. Im gonna grab it before you Alright ive only got two more spins to do this so I better make it quick. Im gonna do it before you Hey at least you get the black There you go my friend you get your awesome black Thanks? Okay so now’s my spin number nine, nine. Lets get started You get the black, I get the pink And I will get this as well Okay Karan pass. Thank you How dare you! So let’s get cutting. I unfortunately have some black on my scissors so I might get it on the pink Okay, just snip snip snip Its going down Best this is the best day ever Karina pass the dumpster. There you go – right now. It’s my go I am going to get the Switch up I am going to get it. Okay Alright I the gold glue but I promise you on my last spin im gonna get switch up Alright here it is Your gonna get shaving cream on your last spin its gonna be great. It’s gonna be so great. Alright, let’s snip away oh yeah, look at that I think its still better It’s nice gold color. Yeah, it’s so pretty. I love it and little fingers are awesome What? gruesome so in the bin you go Your go. So guys now for my spin number 10 final spin. Let’s do this Guy’s I got shaving cream the double shaving cream party right now Okay, Oh shaving cream savageness Looks like snow or whipped cream Okay, Karin bring on the dumpster okay time for my final spin my tenth spin it’s gotta be a switch up I see it right there I gotta get it Nooo….. Oh yess! No switch up, no switch up, bring on the gold glue No switch up, no switch up, bring on the gold glue Okay so i didn’t get switch up So I guess im gonna have to stick with this slime, but I got some gold glue. It’s pretty good, but not what I wanted Okay, time to snip the fingers. I’m so happy Karina did not get a switch up I’m going Yes. Yes Yes, so guys now its time for the moment we’ve all been waiting for, the mixing Alright so if we’re gonna mix up our slimes and see what color our slimes are gonna be but before we mix it up comment below what Color do you think this slime is gonna be. I know what colour my slimes gonna be I think my son is gonna be a very interesting Color, but don’t cheat or else We will find you So I hope I am going to be the winner of this challenge. I hope my color the color on my side is gonna look pretty cuz right now I have no idea. Nothing can beat pink Alright, so I’m gonna mix mine first Oh We got the blue here. We got all the balls there. Yes We got the quinoa, we got the black slime, I mean blue. Its very watery from all the activator? But I have so much glue here So it’s gonna mix up well Ok guys so now it’s time for my mixing I have no clue what Karina’s color is but anyways, I hope I’m gonna win and I am Oh this feels like snow So soft oh the pink is coming up Beware of the pink. My slime smells so bad from the quinoa Oh my goodness. Yes So you guys you better vote for me because like this is going out real well So guys we’re gonna keep on mixing this and we’re gonna go slime reveal in three, two, one So guys these are our finished slimes. Mines turned out to be this goofy green color and I got these balls, green and red balls everywherere Which doesn’t make it look any better. Mine looks a bit rainbow which is actually surprising Got some loose glitter everywhere but its looking decent very stiff and hard though. And mine still smells This is my slime up close. I got lots of gold glitter everywhere which is a good thing, but it makes this ugly green color, which is not a good thing and then I got Quinoa green balls and red balls everywhere. Quinoa makes it smell bad and the red balls Just make it look like vomit. But if you think my slime is the winner then comment down below hashtag Green vomit? Okay, so this is my slime So I would say the only good thing about the slime is a bit of the color and then the bad thing is That’s not good but if you stretch it slowly It still breaks But the only good thing is the color is beautiful And the balls kind of ruin it Oh some glove fingertips here , get away So if you think my slime won comment down below obviously won But you didn’t obviously win. I did obviously win. So guys as you can see both of our slimes are kinda terrible, yeah, I would say so too, but we hope you liked this video, if you did smash that like button and we will see you all next time Goodbye