nankhatai is the traditional indian biscuit ingredients & quantities are listed in the description box here they are all purpose flour, sieved powdered sugar clarified butter. this should be at room temperature cardamom powder sliced pistachios for garnishing we will prepare the dough for nankhatai. add the all purpose flour, powdered sugar & cardamom powder to a large mixing dish mix till it combines well add the clarified butter & mix by hand to make a soft dough. you do not need to knead the dough. just mix the ingredients the dough is ready. take a little dough roll into a ball & flatten a bit to make a peda. the baking tray was greased with some clarified butter & the oven was kept for preheating at 180 deg C for 10 minutes before we started making the peda press the top with the thumb to make the pit & then keep the peda in the baking tray. prepare all the pedas in this way all the nankhatai (peda) are ready. garnish the nankhatai with a few sliced pistachios as shown the nankhatai peda are ready. put them in the preheated oven & bake them for about 20 minutes or till done at 160 degrees here is the ready nankhatai. it took about 25 minutes of baking keep the tray for cooling on a wire rack then transfer to an airtight jar & store it in a dry place the nankhatai has cooled we will remove them to a plate do try preparing the nankhatai & share your feedback if you like the recipe please share the video & subscribe to our channel and press the bell icon to get notified about all our uploads. thanks for watching