Typhoon Francisco didn’t hit the peninsula
as hard as many expected, but it brought more than 200 mm of heavy rain to Gangwon-do Province. Yes, and as for the capital,… the tropical
storm actually helped lower the mercury a couple of notches down. For more details, let’s turn to our Michelle
Park at the weather center, Michelle? Good evening guys, Seoul turned out to be
a mild day today under 30 degrees but the rainstorm couldn’t completely relieve the
heat,… especially for the south as it’s still under the heatwave alerts. The atmosphere remains very unstable, so we’ll
be receiving plenty of isolated and sporadic showers of between 10 to 70 millimeters on
Thursday. Meanwhile, the mercury is expected to be on
the rise until the weekend. The country will have to endure more tropical
nights. On Thursday morning, the daily low will hover
around 25 degrees Celsius. By lunchtime, Seoul’s daytime high will be
back at 33 degrees Celsius,… with similar readings in various southern cities, too,
including Gwangju and Daegu. The Korea Meteorological Administration expects
typhoon Lekima to pass Taipei on Friday and head northwest toward Shanghai by the weekend. But if the typhoon takes a northeastern direction,
there is a possibility that it will impact the Korean Peninsula. We should know more on the path, strength
and intensity of this storm later this week. I’ll leave you with the weather conditions
around the world.