hey guys welcome back to my channel it’s
national dessert day but we don’t need an excuse to eat dessert do we but of
course in moderation but anyways I have two fantastic desserts for you
they are not healthy let’s not trip but they are super easy to make and they’re dessert this is made to be eaten and enjoyed in moderation so let’s start
the first one is magic bars and these are magical they are super easy to make
you literally take the list of ingredients that I give you and layer
them in that order bake it boom you’re done some hot tips
one is to spray with cooking spray the baking dish because if you don’t it’s
going to be hard to get them out hot tip number two use a good knife you need a
good knife for these and you can head to BrieOCD.com to see the ones that I
have they’re super easy to cut if you have a good knife if you don’t your
biceps are gonna be bulging from all the cutting that you have to do hot tip
number three it’s going to look like there’s burnt edges and you can head to
BrieOCD.com to see the image it’s going to look like it has burnt edges
this is not burnt people this is the good stuff this is like the condensed
milk goodness of the edge I used to like try to cut it off then I tasted it in one
day I’m like what am i doing am i nuts so burnt edges they’re not burnt and
then next up gluten free folks all you have to do because there’s graham
cracker at the bottom use a gluten free graham cracker and I have again a photo
on BrieOCD.com they’re easy to make and what you do if you don’t buy the
crumbs you just put the graham crackers in a ziploc bag and smash em boom you
have your crumbs and people you can do that too if you don’t want to buy the
graham cracker crumbs already made just do it yourself
put the graham crackers in a bag smash them up boom you’re done super easy
super delicious next up rocky road treats these are kind
of like a rice krispies treat again super easy to make
no bake and little really takes about 12 minutes prep and then you shove them in
the fridge to cool off for about a half hour like really really easy to make
gluten-free folks just make sure these are gluten-free just make sure your
marshmallows if you don’t buy jet puffed just make sure that the ones you buy are
gluten free because some companies will put wheat starch in their marshmallows
so just a word of advice a hot tip is after you throw in the cereal and mix it
up let it cool for a couple minutes before you put in the marshmallows
because if not it will completely marshmallows will melt and you can head to BrieOCD.com to see a picture of when they melt versus what
they’re supposed to look like so just give the mixture a couple minutes before
you throw in the marshmallows and stir and don’t over stir so that the
marshmallows stay in there semi whole form instead of being melted in and that
is it these are two fantastic desserts super easy to make because that’s what
we’re all about and in honor of national dessert day maybe have two instead of
one okay so I hope you like my channel give me a thumbs up and subscribe please
tell your friends let’s go happy national dessert day peace